Football: Bears to hold 1st scrimmage Saturday

Cal will holds its first scrimmage on Saturday during the second half of practice that is scheduled to run from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

As always, practice is open to the public.

I’m in Las Vegas covering various college basketball tournaments, including the Pac-12 starting next Wednesday. We will have a reporter at today’s practice.

Here are some highlights from coach Sonny Dykes’ Friday night post-practice interview:

— Updating situation with senior QB Allan Bridgford, who left the team earlier this week to decide on his future after being told his reps were beating reduced: “I haven’t had a chance to speak to him. We’ll know some more this weekend and see what happens by Monday.”

— On the progress of the rest of his quarterbacks: “I think they are getting better. I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing daily. I think they’ve all improved. Most of them are cutting down on their interceptions. They’re doing a better job in a lot of different ways — understanding the offense, running the offense, making better decisions. They still to learn — all of them, I think — to take completions, not to force the ball down the field, to be happy to dump it down to the back, make the easy throws, complete the easy passes. That’s kind of what makes this while thing work. I’ve been pleased with all of them honestly.”

— On the progress of running back Daniel Lasco, who is being held out of contact this spring after underdoing offseason shoulder surgery: “He’s probably doing a little bit more (than expected). He’s responded well, he feels good. The more we can do with him the better, but we’ve got to keep him out of any kind of contact.”

— On cornerback Stefan McClure, returning slowly after missing all of 2012 following two major knee surgeries: “Stefan’s had a really good spring. He’s very competitive, very physical, runs good. I thnk when he gets back completely 100 percent confident, he’ll be an even better player. He’s playing with a lot of confidence right now.”

— On tight end/receiver Jacob Wark, who played right field and was 1 for 2 at the plate in Cal 8-1 baseball win over Fresno State on Friday afternoon, then came to evening football practice: “Pretty amazing. He must have played pretty good, then he came out here and had a good practice. He’s really done a good job of handling all that this spring. I’m really proud of him. I’m glad he’s playing baseball. I think it makes him more competitive, makes him a tougher kid.”

— Said Wark, who has started all 14 games for the baseball team and is batting .298: “It’s pretty tough being out in the sun all day at baseball, playing a nine-inning game and then heading to football afterwards. But I love football and I love baseball, this is what I love to do, so there really isn’t any stress in my mind about it.”

Jeff Faraudo