Football: Bears release 1st spring depth chart

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Coach Sonny Dykes released his first spring depth chart today. But dont get excited — not much is definitive or carved in stone.

First of all, quarterbacks Jared Goff, Austin Hinder and Zach Maynard Kline are listed in alphabetical order, with the word “or” between each of them. (Pardon my brain-freeze — too much Las Vegas hoops).

Dykes said last week that no firm decision was likely on a starting quarterback this spring, that players would compete into two-a-days in August.

He reiterated that after practice Monday.

“We’ll see how it plays out. There’s a lot of bridges that have to be crossed and a lot of things that have to happen before we name  starting quarterback and between now and the end of August,” Dykes said.

“When it becomes obvious one of them is the guy, then he’ll be the guy. Right now, they’re all doing good things, all giving us reason to believe they can be the guy.”

Dykes said all the quarterbacks have been better than he anticipated.

“They seem to pick things up faster than I thought they might,” he said. “They’re all talented,  they’re all smart. They’ve started to develop a better sense of timing — that’s the most critical
thing playing that position. The sense timing and understanding space.

“For three guys who’ve never played a down of college football and hadn’t gotten that many reps, I feel pretty good about where they are.”

Dykes said he wasn’t even aware of the order the three QBs were listed on the first depth chart, but Goff got a majority of reps on Monday because “we probably felt like he had the best scrimmage Saturday. … That’s really not going to be any indication, really.”

Asked if it’s realistic Goff — who was attending high school three months ago — could actually win the starting job, Dykes conceded, “It’s not most of the time, but he’s given us reason to think it would be.

“I’ll be honest with you, when I found out he was graduating early, I thought, `Poor kid could have gone to the prom and had fun his senior year, that sort of thing. Now I’m kind of glad he made that decision.”


The running back position, with Darren Ervin listed as the starter, is without returning veterans Brendan Bigelow and Daniel Lasco — both recovering from surgery this spring — and incoming freshman Khalfani Muhammad of Sherman Oaks.

Ervin was nursing a sore hamstring Monday and didn’t play much. Instead, the Bears moved sophomore wide receiver Joel Willis into the position and “he was doing some good things at that spot. He’s kind of been an all-purpose guy for us so far.”

The current projected starting offensive line: LT Freddie Tagaloa, LG Jordan Rigsbee, C Matt Cochran, RG Alejandro Crosthwaite, RT Bill Tyndall. Dykes said he’s been pleased with the progress of Cochran.

Bryce Treggs is listed as the X wide receiver, Jackson Bouza as the Y, Kenny Lawler as the Z. Maximo Espitia is penciled in as a H back. Dykes said he likes the Bears’ depth at the position.

On defense, the front looks like this: DE Todd Barr, NG Deandre Coleman, NT Mustafa Jalil, Rush end Dan Camporeale (ahead of Kyle Kragen). “I think that defensive line is going to be a strength of ours,” Dykes said. “It’s becoming a position that has a chance to be really good, especially when we get Brennan Scarlett back, Chris McCain back.”

At linebacker: Jalen Jefferson is the SAM, Nick Forbes the MIKE and Khairi Fort the WILL.

The secondary: Stefan McClure at LC, Avery Sebastian at SS, Michael Lowe at FS and Cameron Jackson at RC.


Jeff Faraudo

  • ondal

    Zach Maynard is in the running? Noooo!! Seriously, though, I think you mean Kline.

  • Hungry

    Zach Maynard … lol

  • 1brsfan

    We can’t shake Maynard! It’s like a bad dream!

  • daredevilfan

    Maynard….I crawled into fetal position…

  • Juancho

    Cannot be a good omen.

  • Larry

    Depth chart:
    Longshore, Boller, Maynard, & Ayoob

  • Larry

    Didn’t you guys know? His full name is:

    Zach Maynard Kline.

  • stunning–2 deep defense has 3 seniors; 2 deep offense has 4 seniors. this year we learn; next two years we dominate.

  • Raf

    who the heck are SAM MIKE and WILL?

  • rotfogel

    Really liking the thought of the 4-3. It’s funny though, when we had the 3-4 I was really excited too and initially it worked really well.

    But with the defensive line talent we have it just seems perfect. Coleman should be a great NG and Jalil a great DT. Really excited about the potential there. They will free up our fast LBs.

  • ScottyBear

    Whatever happened to Viliami Moala?? Or however it’s spelled. He was supposed to be the man in the middle.

  • Steve W

    Two walk-ons on the two-deep for receivers plus Jackson Bouza as a starter? Something tells me the wideout two- deep is due for big changes in the fall……hopefully.

  • rotfogel

    I think the depth chart will be fairly fluid up until game time with a few exceptions. As far as the WR position, I think it’ll be deep.

    I honestly thought Kenny Lawler was the most talented guy coming in last year so I’m happy he is mentioned. I’m sure that Chris Harper will shine as well, pretty talented group all together, young but talented.

    If the OLine can come together and be decent the bears could surprise people as I’m confident whoever the QB turns out to be will have a good year and won’t be THE problem with the offense.

  • Juancho

    Moala has been hurt all spring.

  • c98

    Not sure if the Sam, Mike, Will question is a real question but just in case:

    Mike=Middle linebacker
    Sam=Strongside linebacker
    Will=Weakside linebacker.

  • covinared

    I am biased, but something tells me Bouza would fit in well with this scheme.

  • Steve W.


    Are you speaking code and saying maybe there is room in Sonny’s offense for a slow of foot white guy who runs precise routes and has good hands? I wasn’t a Cal fan when his father was playing, but I am rooting for him. I am also rooting for young Treggs because I was a huge fan of his father. That 91 team was the best I have seen at Cal. Just my opinion.