Football: Kline, Hinder speak

Two of the three players competing for Cal’s starting quarterback job did post-practice interviews on Monday. Here’s what Zach Kline and Austin Hinder had to say:

Zach Kline

On what he saw on film from his Saturday scrimmage performance: “Definitely I have a lot of work to do. I’ve got to just be quicker — this offense is about tempo — keep listening to the coaches, keep going at it, keep progressing.”

On what he makes of the initial spring depth chart that shows all three quarterbacks even: “Really haven’t even thought at all about it. Just go out here and tried my hardest. Whatever happens happens. Obviously, I want to be leading the Bears out there on Saturday. We’re all trying and it’s pretty intense competition, for sure.”

On how the competition will make all three better: “Competition makes the guy better. It’s definitely making me find the extra gear. There’s no days off. It’s pretty amazing, pretty cutthroat. It’s amazing to see all of us working together, all help each other. We’re all friends.”

Austin Hinder

On his approach to competing for the job: “Every day you just got to come out and be consistent. The most consistent quarertback is going to get the starting job. It’s getting out of the habit of trying to make the big play. Take your check downs when they give it to you. That quarterback is going to get the starting job.”

On how he’s adjusting to the no-huddle, spread offense: “I’m a lot more conforable in this system. It’s all about speed and tempo instead of really trying to pick apart the defense’s scheme … trying to get the ball in your athletes hands and let them make plays.”

On whether he keeps track of all of his throws in practice: “I have a mental note of all the plays I shouldn’t have done, the plays that are going to hurt me getting the starting job. Those are the plays where I’ve got to go back:  What was I thinking here? Why did I do this? What could I have done to be more successful in this situation?”

On Allan Bridgord leaving the program: “It’s kind of sad to hear. He’s a good friend of mine. I wish the best of luck to him. He’s a great quarterback.  Maybe he’s going to find a system he likes a little bit more. Hopefully wherever he chooses he’s going to have success.”

On when he expects a starter to be named: “The fact is, even if they name a starter, there’s a long time before that first game. Anybody who gets that job, it’s not going to be gauranteed. It’s going to be a competition all the way to that first week. It’s not over.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    Anybody brave enough to ask these guys if they’ll stay with the team if they end second or third?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Intense competition, whether in the classroom or on the field/court, MAKES YOU BETTER. Whoever becomes the starting QB, and I figure this goes for all the other positions too, is going to be WELL-vetted and seniority/loyalty/etc is not gonna get you playing time; execution and talent will.

    My favorite quote: “get the ball in your athletes hands and let them make plays.”

    That, my friends, is something that has been hard for Cal to do recently. I remember Rodgers got MacArthur 1500 yards in 2003, and I swear that 500 of them were on passes that went horizontal to the line of scrimmage. Rogers got the ball there really quickly and accurately and Geoff did the rest.

    We’ve always had the receivers, backs and ends to score, but our QB play has been shotty. How good were the Bears last time they had good qb play? 2006, I’d say NL was decent to good, some poor timed ints really hurt that year tho. And we all remember 2004…

    The talent is there, I think Sonny and co. know that, I think the players know that. This program is gonna rise VERY quickly with this new leadership and focus.

    August 31st is gonna be a glorious day in Berkeley! How excited are we all gonna be waking up that morning?? Go Bears!

  • rotfogel

    Can’t wait to put a big beatdown on Ohio St! Go Bears!

  • daredevilfan

    anyone know why Matt Anderson was not on the depth chart at K?