Basketball: Walton zings Bears, Monty

Courtesy of the Pac-12 Networks, here are a few “Waltonisms,” random remarks by analyst Bill Walton made during the broadcast of Cal’s Pac-12 tournament game vs. Utah.

At the bottom, check out his rather direct criticism of Cal coach Mike Montgomery and his team’s execution at the end of regulation against Utah:

“Fantastic pace to this game. Shot clock not a factor, refs inconsequential; Players soaring like eagles here over the desert sky.” – Walton on early pace of the Cal-Utah game.

“I love guys that shoot without dribbling. When I watch basketball, I say, ‘what has happened to this game?’ All it is these little guys dribbling incessantly, aimlessly, without purpose, only to draw attention to themselves. Please save us.”

“You have to have the attitude that everybody’s watching every play. That’s what your youth coaches teach you, that’s what your college coaches teach you…Every play is critical on every level.” – Walton on players responding when on a national stage.

 “(Jordan) Loveridge used a stiff-arm, Rick Neuheisel is here; He’ll appreciate that one, but this is basketball.” – Walton on Utah F Jordan Loveridge.

“Cal has got to get going again and stop thinking the world is against us. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and start playing ball. You had a chance to win and you couldn’t turn him (Jarred DuBois) back and you didn’t commit a foul. It would have been an easy one to finish off right there, but you let a left-handed guy dribble to his left and hit his own shot. DuBois has been doing that pretty much all night, pretty much on command all season.” – Walton on Cal’s response to Utah forcing overtime.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Picard

    Walton’s an idiot.

  • Gobears49

    I think Walton is great. Probably one of the smartest minds in basketball. And brings a human element to his announcing.

  • Joey

    He’s pretty much spot on.

  • wehofx

    Been going back and forth all day Jekyll and Hyde/Schizophrenic like the the team A) Hot shooting team. Shoulda won. Not that bad a loss. B) No heart. No stones. False sense of entitlement.
    A) B) A) B)

    Guess we’ll find out who the real Bears are in the tourny.

    Gotta agree with Walton’s last graph, at least for the last 2 games and during the losing streak I thought we were whiny and sulk prone.

    But I have faith they’ll find their Heart, Stones and, most importantly, their ferocious D in the tourny.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Waxing poetic a bit too often, sometimes making a valid point unclear, sometimes making a questionable point sound like a stereotypical stoner (which is such a slander towards true potheads – I’m looking at you Snoop LION, why not BEAR!).

    Dubois was definitely too comfortable on the last shot. I bet it was the exact one he shot 10,000 times in his driveway.

    I miss Tolbert doing “horrible” Walton impersonations(680 is static here at the house, rarely hear him, if he’s even there anymore).

  • Dan

    Wehofx – you either have stones and heart, or you don’t. We don’t. That’s been demonstrated over and over and over … This season.

    Even if the Bears miraculously win a first game (they won’t) it would be because they land the most favorable of match ups and/or they just have one if those days where everything goes their way and they can’t miss shooting the ball. Still won’t change the obvious … No stone, no heart Bears.