Basketball: CBS’ Jerry Palm projects Cal as No. 10

Jerry Palm, who has been making NCAA tournament predictions for nearly two decades, projects Cal as a No. 10 seed in Philadelphia with an East Regional game Friday against No. San Diego State.

The winner of that game, according to Palm, will face a likely date with No. 2 seed Duke.

Palm isn’t as excited about Saint Mary’s, whom he has playing Mississippi in one of the “First Four” games at Dayton, Ohio, with a No. 12 seed into the Midwest Regional on the line.

Click here to find Palm’s full bracket at CBSSports.com.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. IN that first match we certainly could beat San Diego State and then in the next round take care of Albany (assuming they beat Duke of course LOL)

  2. a great matchup. We could take duke, too. They’re the biggest tourney chokers of all time, and they can’t win on the road. Philly is too close though. I think we’re going to be a 12 seed in San Jose. A dude can dream.

  3. Check out this link:


    The composite among 86 bracketologists:

    Cal – 11 seed – Round of 64

    St. Mary’s – 11 seed – Round of 64

    Last 4 in (Dayton) – Boise State, Middle Tennessee, La Salle, Mississippi


    Interesting but useless factoid: ZERO schools from the State of Texas will be in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament this season. ZERO. Stephen F. Austin State had the best chance of getting in but blew it against its geographic rival Northwestern State (which is located only 10 miles away.)

  4. @ Rollon-
    I, too, think we can beat duke. Don’t agree that they’re the biggest chokers of all time though.

  5. We just lost to utah and suddenly think sweet 16 is possible? This team is too inconsistent to win more than one in the tourney. And one is a steetch. San diego states pace would kill us and wed be in foul trouble early.

  6. Pay attention to the Mississippi vs Florida game. A victory by Mississippi would bump another team into the FIRST FOUR in Dayton. That team could be Saint Mary’s, Cal, Villanova, Boise State, Oklahoma, or Wichita State.

  7. Palm updated the bracket after Ole Miss won. We are now facing VCU which lost its tourney title and moved down to a 7. Next up would be MSU in Auburn Hills IF we can get by VCU which is highly doubtful.

  8. Oregon getting a 12 seed has me nervous. Hopefully, the Ducks were dropped a slot for regional purposes. Otherwise, we may be chanting NIT. Two brackets to go still.

  9. A 12 seed, I like. In San Jose, I love. Against UNLV? Seems kinda odd. A guy said a tenant was the teams wouldn’t have rematches. I guess it could not be avoided.

  10. So much for me winning any bracket contests. I don’t think I can have Cal lose before the sweet 16 in this bracket. UNLV, Syracuse, and Montana are all beatable. Then, I’ll be in daydream mode, picking them to go further. My bracket will be busted by UNLV, in all likelihood.

    I’ll make a BANG type named ESPN group (sometime tonight) for all to join should they so desire. Name to be posted later, I’ll do something other than “Gang BANG,” which drew criticism last year. Suggestions will be appreciated.

  11. Haha! Lunardi had us at everything BUT 12 since mid season. Rosy Palms was closest, but this is why I laugh at Lunardi’s picks. I like our chances. Finally, a home game. Go Bears!

  12. Lunardi got ALL 68 teams correctly, including the “Last 4 In” correctly.

    That’s why the guy keeps cashing his freelance checks from Disney.

  13. OT -not sure if your factoid was meant for me. I have Cal and Indiana to root for and they are my top priorities anyway. UTEP Sam HOuston or North Texas just didn’t deserve a bid.

  14. YESSSS!!! we got the 5 seed in San Jose!! I mean the 12 seed… 😉

    This was absolutely the best case scenario. Even winning the pac12 tourney would not have gotten us a better matchup. This is great! Cannot wait til Thursday. Tickets?? Gametime?? Go Bears!!!

  15. Wow! We caught a BIG break. I like our chances against unlv. A lot.

    Wisdom, how about Bang Brackets?

  16. PAC 12 got no respect with the seeds.
    Need to make some noise to gain respect.
    I like our team and think they come out playing well across the board.
    Need to upset unlv!
    Go Bears!!!

  17. How hard would it have been to switch Oregon and Cal to avoid a rematch?

  18. Anyone notice when UNLV was announced as the #5 seed, they all cheered happily (CBS had a camera on the squad). Then, when Cal was announced as their competition, all the smiles went away.

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