Basketball: 20 years after Kidd stole NCAA stage

Check out columnist Monte Poole’s interview with Jason Kidd, looking back 20 years to Cal’s 1993 upset of two-time defending national champion Duke and the Bears’ run into the NCAA’s Sweet 16.

Without any doubt, the biggest moment in Cal basketball since the Pete Newell era.


Jeff Faraudo


  1. I was a junior in HS, living across the street from a park with 2 full-courts, falling in love with the great game of basketball…Kidd to Murray is one of the THE GREAT college connections of all time.

    I was watching that game, no doubt, with my father in our living room – going absolutely apesheet. RIP Dad… Go Bears!

  2. As a freshman who waited for hours in line at old Harmon so I could get front row seats, that was a magical year.

    Annoyingly, after this win the expectations for the 1993-1994 team were so high, and that loss to Wisconsin-Green Bay was crushing.

  3. Still remember it like it was yesterday! A sophomore at Cal at the time I thought Cal Basketball would always be this good. I had no idea how lucky I was to see Kidd and Murray for a couple of years.

  4. Yeah, Kidd to Murray. What a team. And 93-94 was crushing.

    From Wisdom Cow:

    >>>ESPN Challenge is up. Come one, come all, and enter the group “BANG Bracket” to go against other regulars.

    I just posted my picks. Cal making it to the Championship is probable. Right?

    C’mon, JF. It’d be great if you posted your picks.

  5. Cal making the final four is not that ridiculous . . .

    in the women’s bracket.

    Although, I did run a scenario where NC State beats Indiana, where Cal could conceivably get very deep.

  6. I was 8 years old. Which just so happens to be klines number. Klined of an eerie coincidence ?

  7. Without a doubt one of the great moments in Cal sports history (which perhaps is a bit sad since other schools may measure such moments by championships). I keep a picture of the subsequent SI cover on my computer desktop at work, “Jason Kidd and Cal dethrone Duke” showing Kidd shooting over Hurley. I remember how high everybody was for the Sweet 16 game against KU the next week. When Kidd stole a pass early in that game and went in for the score, I thought for sure we would win that as well. Alas…
    Then the following year taught us that a team apparently needs more than 2 NBA lottery picks to beat 5 guys from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had an early morning neurobiology/microbiology (?) class that AM and rushed back to my apartment at the time to watch that disaster.

  8. I took a very cute coed out of town that weekend. The car ride was kind of quiet, almost awkward.

    We turned on the Cal-Duke game when we arrived. As the game went on we got louder and louder. By the end we were screaming and jumping around.

    Oh my. That turned into a very good weekend.

    Thank you Basketball Bears.

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