Basketball: 20 years after Kidd stole NCAA stage

Check out columnist Monte Poole’s interview with Jason Kidd, looking back 20 years to Cal’s 1993 upset of two-time defending national champion Duke and the Bears’ run into the NCAA’s Sweet 16.

Without any doubt, the biggest moment in Cal basketball since the Pete Newell era.


Jeff Faraudo

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I was a junior in HS, living across the street from a park with 2 full-courts, falling in love with the great game of basketball…Kidd to Murray is one of the THE GREAT college connections of all time.

    I was watching that game, no doubt, with my father in our living room – going absolutely apesheet. RIP Dad… Go Bears!

  • Eric

    As a freshman who waited for hours in line at old Harmon so I could get front row seats, that was a magical year.

    Annoyingly, after this win the expectations for the 1993-1994 team were so high, and that loss to Wisconsin-Green Bay was crushing.

  • 1brsfan

    Still remember it like it was yesterday! A sophomore at Cal at the time I thought Cal Basketball would always be this good. I had no idea how lucky I was to see Kidd and Murray for a couple of years.

  • wehofx

    Yeah, Kidd to Murray. What a team. And 93-94 was crushing.

    From Wisdom Cow:

    >>>ESPN Challenge is up. Come one, come all, and enter the group “BANG Bracket” to go against other regulars.

    I just posted my picks. Cal making it to the Championship is probable. Right?

    C’mon, JF. It’d be great if you posted your picks.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Cal making the final four is not that ridiculous . . .

    in the women’s bracket.

    Although, I did run a scenario where NC State beats Indiana, where Cal could conceivably get very deep.

  • Juancho

    I was 8 years old. Which just so happens to be klines number. Klined of an eerie coincidence ?

  • clonedoc

    Without a doubt one of the great moments in Cal sports history (which perhaps is a bit sad since other schools may measure such moments by championships). I keep a picture of the subsequent SI cover on my computer desktop at work, “Jason Kidd and Cal dethrone Duke” showing Kidd shooting over Hurley. I remember how high everybody was for the Sweet 16 game against KU the next week. When Kidd stole a pass early in that game and went in for the score, I thought for sure we would win that as well. Alas…
    Then the following year taught us that a team apparently needs more than 2 NBA lottery picks to beat 5 guys from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had an early morning neurobiology/microbiology (?) class that AM and rushed back to my apartment at the time to watch that disaster.

  • Mitchie V

    I took a very cute coed out of town that weekend. The car ride was kind of quiet, almost awkward.

    We turned on the Cal-Duke game when we arrived. As the game went on we got louder and louder. By the end we were screaming and jumping around.

    Oh my. That turned into a very good weekend.

    Thank you Basketball Bears.