Basketball: Which Cal player needs to deliver big?

First, my picks for the all-time five-man teams (plus one reserve) at Cal & Syracuse:

CAL: PG Jason Kidd; SG Phil Chenier; SF Lamond Murray; PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim; C Darrall Imhoff; 6th man Kevin Johnson.

SYRACUSE: PG Pearl Washington; SG Dave Bing; SF Carmelo Anthony; PF Derrick Coleman; C Rony Seikaly; 6th man Billy Owens.

So, is there anyone on the current team poised to deliver the kind of performance Saturday that will earn him a permanent place in Cal lore?

I want your vote on which player will have to muster an extraordinary game for the Bears to upset the Orange on Saturday evening:

— Allen Crabbe

— Justin Cobbs

— Richard Solomon

— David Kravish

— Tyrone Wallace

— Robert Thurman

— Someone else

I’ll be curious to get your consensus.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Crabbe. If he doesnt score 30 we dont win.

  • Pasadena Dave

    Allen Crabbe. I know that’s expected, but if he has the type of game that he did against Arizona (and Cal pulls it out) he will go down as one of the Cal greats. I think the Arizona game is where Crabbe changed the trajectory of the conf. POY race. I think with a 30 point-plus game and a win against a signature program like ‘Cuse, we’ll be talking about Crabbe for a very long time.

  • ken1w

    Crabbe. And he might do it against a team that is not familiar with Cal, and with little time to prepare. Plus, if they play zone all the time, does that mean they won’t have ONE player assigned to continuously harass Allen?

    Crabbe is my vote, but I want Thurman to have that “extraordinary” game (like double Thursday). He seems REALLY hungry for the next game to NOT be his last game. I think he wants to keep winning more than anyone else on the team…

  • c98

    Zach Kline.

  • SteveNTexas

    Crabbe is my guess too – he has a bunch of experience under his belt and should be improving every game.

    Looking at your past lists – Ed Gray is the Cal Player of whom I had the most confidence to knock down a shot when necessary. I thought he would be a great pro.

  • Uh Huh!

    I know it’s the common answer, but I’d also have to say AC. We need him to have an incredible shooting night to spread the D and allow others a chance to get going. I don’t see it happening the other way around. Even 6 Thurmonator dunks probably can’t save us, and he won’t get those looks again. We need everything to go, not one player, but hard to overcome a poor AC shooting night. He’s too big a % of our offense and what w do.

    Separate thought: what’s the record for most dunks in a half?

  • Eric

    All of them. No one cannot avoid having a big game.

  • covinared

    lotta focus on offense in the comments. the turnaround with this team came with defense. if we play very good team defense, no one should have to`over achieve on offense. right?

  • Will

    Juancho dropped the ball here, but C98 picked it up.

  • wehofx

    J Cobbs. exceptional play from the 1 is critical to breaking down the cuse zone. jc has gotta keep driving and dishing to the bigs like he did against unlv. He also has to hit his open shots. (crabbe gets his usual 20+) cobbs goes for 15+ with, more importantly, a positive turn over to assist ratio, we win.

  • Juancho

    Changing my vote to the gopher that determines when spring begins. Zach kline. Thanks c98 and rope guy.

    Steventex i also though ed gray when i saw that list.

  • milo

    Crabbe is the natural choice and if he can hit the J and trey, outside of the zone, it could happen. However if they double Crabbe, it will have to be Cobbs.

  • gobears49

    Would like to list all three of our big guys, since I have read that is a strong point for Syracuse, but if I have to choose one, it would be Soloman. He has to score some, get a lot of rebounds, and not get in foul trouble, as he is prone to Really, everyone has to play well if we are going to win this game, but I think we really need an exceptional game from Soloman to do so.

  • Uh Huh!

    Well, we got the game out of Solomon, but nobody else. Thoughts on that?