Basketball: Howland reportedly to be fired

Media sources are reporting that UCLA coach Ben Howland will be fired, likely on Sunday.

The school released a statement on Saturday night saying Howland had not been fired.

Here’s the latest from ESPN.com. Stay tuned.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho


    Now that our season is over. What football season would you compare it to?

  • Juancho

    Reminds me of the first year post rodgers. Where longshore got hurt. An up and down year that probably left most of us feeling like things went well overall. And with the feeling that NEXT YEAR this could be special b

  • David Swartz

    I wish that someone would fire Mark Purdy. His columns about Cal basketball have been awful. He should stick to his usual practice of ignoring Cal sports.

  • gobears91

    The (impending) dismissal of Howland has been likened to the dismissal of Tedford. From the perspective of a casual, outside observer, one would think he was a great coach based on his first 4-5 years of service (3 Final Fours). Similar to Tedford’s early National Rankings and record in bowl games. Upon closer review, however, you see that he’s lost touch with his players and regressed the last 4-5 years (0 Sweet 16s), similar to Tedford’s recent slide.

  • gobears91

    Jeff: do you know what the buyout situation is for Howland? How many years on his deal and how much is owed? Thanks-

  • clonedoc

    In this 20th anniversary of the great Jason Kidd taking over the NCAA tournament (and putting us on the basketball map), is anyone checking out Brett Comer of Florida Gulf coast against San Diego state right now? This guy is a wizard with the ball, Kidd-esque. Warm memories are flowing back right now.

  • Juancho

    Howland made the final 4 three times. Tedford never made the bcs which i would offer is the equivalent.

  • Eric

    Juancho – agreed. Had it happened here, Howland’s three straight final fours would have guaranteed him a 20-year contract. And the dude won the Pac-12 this year. Shows you how high basketball expectations are at UCLA.

  • Dan

    Eric- and how low expectatons are in Berkeley.

  • Eric

    When it comes to basketball, pretty low. I doubt most people expect to legitimately compete for final fours.

  • Gobears91

    So then, dld Howland deserve to be fired?

  • milo

    Victim number two, Curse of the UC Athletic Renovation.

    First Tedford, now Howland. Both compensated for the risk. Both hit by the risk. Also both bald, control freak types, BTW.

    To get the backing to do the renovation you need a very good, winning coach. The trick it seems is surviving the disruption as the Head Coach. Lets see if Sark survives at UW.

  • milo

    p.s. not that Sark is very good because he’s not. In 4 seasons Sark is a game or two above .500. In the 4th season Tedford and Howland were in the middle of consecutive winning seasons, very good records, hot.

  • joey

    USC should snatch Howland. They won’t get a better coach and it would be great revenge against UCLA.

  • Eric

    @Gobears 91

    If Howland were coaching Cal, then no, he shouldn’t – getting to three consecutive final fours might result in a statue in Faculty Glade, versus getting fired. If he were coaching UCLA, the expectations are such that I am not surprised, but I think there are other issues Howland faced – he was recruiting in the Kentucky mode of one and dones when that isn’t his strength.

  • Gobears91

    @ Eric – all good points. Did he want to recruit the one-and-dones or did they force his hand? We may never know. Either way, that may have been his downfall. Now the question is where do they go from here? I don’t particularly care for UCLA hoops, but the conference is better when they are playing at a high level.