Football: Marshawn Lynch’s cameo TD run highlights Bears’ modified spring game

Ex-Cal running back great Marshawn Lynch injected a surprise lift for the approximately 5,000 fans who checked out the Bears’ spring game on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

Lynch, now with the Seattle Seahawks, scored a 22-yard “touchdown” before the current Bears got down to showing what they’ve worked on the past four weeks.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    Well, Lynch didn’t run BEFORE the bears got going, it was actually in the middle of the scrimmage. I was there.

    Players who looked good. #22 Nathan Brousard played ILB and looked fast and powerful, I like him there, he was all over the place. #91 DeAndre Coleman: he found his calling playing on the inside. #78 Freddie Tagoloa: that dude definitely looks the part of a first round pick at LT. Darius Powe really looks good, big, fast + moves and hands.

    All QBs looked good with Kline, because of his improvistation skills, looking the best. Awesome play by him in the first TD drive with a big pass. I like the QBs we have, Goff really looks solid for a senior in high school, Hinder really can run…and fast.

  • Juancho

    Brethren am i sensing we are unifying over a klineservative platform?

  • 66Bear

    I agree with Rotfogel. There was much to like in watching the 2013 Bears’ spring game. Although it’s hard to say with a short-handed, banged up defense, I thought that our equally short-handed corp of running backs also looked good. And even at this early juncture, our offense looks much better organized and led than they have been for years. Great start. Go Bears! 🙂

  • 66Bear

    I forgot to say, kudos to Marshawn Lynch for showing up to encourage the team and entertain the fans. The man certainly has a big heart and a generous spirit. I recall watching a televised Bear game, during which Marshawn had performed his usual heroics, and the sidelines TV announcer interviewed him by the bench, and instead of puffing up himself, Marshawn spent his airtime praising his understudy, Justin Forsett. I am thankful that Marshawn has been rewarded with a wonderful professional career, and that he chose to be a Bear. 🙂

  • BlueNGold

    I can remember Marshawn commandeering the electric cart after the end of a game and taking it for a spin around the stadium. Not only does he seem to have a big heart, I think he has a knack for entertainment and might consider that once his playing days are over.

  • BlueNGold

    All those 5,000 fans must have been sitting on the west side. All the camera angles seemed to be from west to east, and the east side stands including the student section looked completely empty. Weird to watch.

  • 66Bear

    There was a fair crowd on the west side of the stadium, BlueNGold, but since most were sitting in the shade near midfield, you had to look hard to see them, even when the camera was shooting out of the sun toward the west side of the field. I think that there would have been a lot more True Blue fans there if the basketball Bears hadn’t been playing in San Jose (where there was a full house of Bear fans trying their best to find something to scream and holler for).

  • Will

    Kyle Boehm for President, just to spite Juancho.

  • wehofx

    Per twitter, seems like there were a lot 4 star juniors at the Spring game inclu Joe Mixon.

    Having Marshawn hanging out w them has to be a huge plus for recruiting. Esp w Joe Mixon. East Bay represent!

    Like all of the above posts, I was very pleased by what I saw on both sides of the ball. Nice to see wilkerson healthy. and yeah, seems like Inky is going to be the starting qb. How can Sonny D and Tony F resist using an nfl gun like that to challenge opposing D’s.

    But. Did anyone else notice how many high/errant snaps there were? Unacceptable. Coach Yenser has got to get that straightened out.

  • Larry

    I was at the spring game too. I thought the turnout was good. 5,800ish fans, not bad. Noticed Marshawn walking around decked out in a Seahawks beanie and #24 Lynch Seahawks jersey, that was hard to miss. Good to see NFL alum back around our program. Would have LOVED to see Aaron Rodgers and Tony Gonzales there too.

    I thought the QBs weren’t that good this time out. What I do like is that I honestly don’t know which QB will be the starter. With Tedford you would have known, Bridgford-SR,Hinder-JR,Boehm-SO, Kline-RS/FR and Jeff would have Redshirted Goff, in that order. With Sonny, he has me guessing and second guessing. Hinder seems the most comfortable and best wheels. Goff appears to be intelligent and would be a nice, clean-slate for Sonny. Kline has the rocket arm and intelligence too, so I’m not sure who it will be. My gut says Kline, but my brain’s not sure.

  • Larry

    Oh yeah, I noticed some kids I would guess were recruits. One kid was freaking huge. Must have been an OL recruit. I hope they had a good time there. I know I did. Nice warm sunny day. Couldn’t ask for more.

  • 707 Bear

    The spring game has come a long way towards becoming an event that you place on the calendar.

    The west side area had a nice buzz before the game and the weather was great. A quick suggestion: allow fans to sit on the east side in the beautiful spring sunshine.

    Go Bears!

  • a second to Wehofx’s comment. The snaps were consistently way high. Got to the point that I was wondering whether SD planned some of that to see how the QBs would deal with composure under stress. But then the high balls just kept happening. On one Goff had to leap to grab the ball. If this is a pinpoint timing quick pass offense the high snaps will guarantee 3xo all day. Yenser has got to run a D guy over the center in drills until they are all sick of it and get them to the point where the ball goes exactly where it should every play. No excuses on this one–misfire and the play is over before it can start.

  • s1lverngreen

    We went from having a ton of depth in our linebacker core down to 3 linebackers. Wilkerson (poor kid can’t catch a break) is on the shelf for a while is my understanding…Barton went down with a leg injury. Let’s be thankful that we have some time to heal until fall camp.

  • rotfogel

    I also saw a ton of high snaps…it’s something I thought was inexcusable during the Tedford regime and seeing it happen over and over again really ticked me off. Please practice shotgun snaps! It’s embarrassing to continually make the same mistakes.

    Another player whom I thought stood out…the freaking punter: Cole something or other. That guy will be all pac 12 this year, he can kick it far. Hopefully we won’t see him very often however.

  • BTW–what the deal with Boehm? No mention of any action during the spring game or practices leading up to that. Is he being retooled or is he packing for another gig (after he graduates, but still with a year of play time left if he sits out 2013-14)?