Jeff Faraudo

  • Hungry

    Jason Kidd is my hero, but this video is pretty lame lol

  • Juancho

    Im not a traditionalist. I hope the new uniforms are that and not minimalistic updates. The current uniforms are pretty lame.

  • Raf

    The current uniforms are terrible. They weren’t cool when they were new. I’ve been hoping we’d see a change. The Jason Kidd video is pretty bad. He didn’t even seem that excited. I’d actually guess he didn’t like them. It’s like when your gf/wife asks if you like her new hair cut. What are u supposed to say?

    Also, I love Oski, but if they wanted to retire him, I wouldn’t protest. He looks like he’s about to retire anyhow. A buddy went to a Cal game for the first time and asked if our mascot is a “Walmat greeter.”

  • rob bear

    More worried about the guys in the uniform.

    What you see in Jason Kidd is Jason Kidd. That is about as fired up as he gets. A laid back hall of famer with no need to show emotion to anyone. His last line was the best…

    As per Oski, he needs a ferocious looking, buffed out sidekick named “Golden” to put the fear of God on the visiting team and fans and get the faithful fired up.

  • Picard

    I love J-Kidd, but why do we have a hoops star doing this video? I know Marshawn would have done it. What about A Rodg? Has he turned his back on Cal now that Tedford is gone?

  • rollonubears

    Maybe they did, and they said the uniforms sucked, or laughed or something. That would have been funny.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Jason Kidd with the monotone exuberance! I, really, like, those.

  • Bobsac

    Agree with Raf it’s time to consider an Oski update. Years ago the Ducks got permission from Disney to use Donald Duck . Would be great for Cal to get permission from the rights holders to “Ted” the talking bear of current Movie & Academy Awards show fame to have Ted be our bear mascot. Ted would have spectacular appeal to the 18 year olds being recruited & the 16 & 17 year olds starting to think about where they might want to play football.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Leave Oski alone.

    Ted? C’mon.

    It’s one thing to have a drunk inside the Oski costume. It’s another to base the bear on a drunk.

  • BlueNGold

    Maybe Oski should retire? The current trend in mascots is toward the fierce, mean look. Oski looks like he is stuck in the 50’s. If you are going to have a person dress up in a bear costume, which look do you prefer? I know this is heresy and contrary to long long tradition, but maybe people should think and talk about it?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Don’t mess with oski. The rally committee just needs to make sure they have a badass, drunk, punk-rock allstar who can fight in the suit at all times – there has got to be a few frat boys or women field hockey/rugby players who fit that description.

    Remember when oski threw pies on parents of the oregon basketball team in oregon? I do. Remember Oski instigating a throwdown with the tree one big game and kicking its azz? I do.

    Oski needs to get back to his old drunken swashbuckling ways…starting August 31st…Go Bears!

  • drizzlyboy

    Wasn’t Oski suspended for hitting Gary Payton’s mother in the face with a pie when OSU came to town? I suggested updating Oski to my brothers (also alums) a couple of years ago, nearly got beat up for it.

  • Bobsac

    If we convert the Bear from outdated Oski to state of the art Ted, with good coaching & recruiting, we get a top 5 recruiting class every year.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    “I tell you. I was on the fence. It was a toss up, really. Cal had the degree, the facilities, and the offensive system, but UCLA had them too, and better weather, and girls, lots of girls. Then, I saw the new Cal mascot. When they ditched that old rat pack looking, funky walk character for that new animatronic Ted, and I knew I was a Bear.”


    DON’T MESS WITH OSKI! Put the idea away. Just let it go. It’s just wrong.

  • 1brsfan

    The unis don’t look that exciting. Looks like some minor upgrades.

  • BlueNGold

    Not just new uniforms are being unveiled, but also a “streamlined visual identity”. What the heck does that mean? A new logo? A new graphic to identify Cal athletics? After trying to look at those fuzzy pics of the new unis in the video, I wonder if this will be another fiasco like the redesign of the university seal? I guess we will have to wait until 4/10 to find out.

  • Wyoming Bear

    Why don’t we take a trip to the Oakland Zoo and ask the zoo keeper if we can use an actual real Grizzly Bear as our mascot. That would be so sweet! Imagine something more fierce than a big ol’ Grizzly standing on two feet growling grrr grrr grrrr (insert song Big C) The Trojan would crap his pants. Talk about intimidation! Boom!

  • BlueNGold

    I watched last part of Oregon getting beat by Louisville yesterday, and noticed that its team is now the ‘Fighting Ducks’. Maybe Cal could start calling themselves the ‘Growlin’ Golden Bears’ or the ‘Fierce Golden Bears’ or something else that sounds a bit meaner.