Basketball: Crabbe on why now — `I’m ready’

For Cal junior Allen Crabbe, the decision to enter the NBA draft came down to one thing:

“I’m ready to make the jump to the NBA — that’s the reason,” Crabbe said.

The Pac-12 Player of the Year said he spent the week of spring break discussing with the issue with his parents, listening to input from agents who have talked to NBA front office personnel, then made his decision.

He said it had nothing to do with the Feb. 17 incident in which Cal coach Mike Montgomery shoved him during a timeout.

“Not at all,” he said. “That really has nothing to do with my decision.”

Cal’s Allen Crabbe said he has no doubts about his decision to enter the NBA draft. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

April 16 is the deadline for underclassmen to withdraw from early entry into draft, but Crabbe said he expects to hire an agent by the end of this week, at which point his decision would be irrevocable.

“Me coming back to school is not likely,” Crabbe said.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Raf

    Him leaving is the best option for all parties. We are too crowded at the shooting guard position. There is only one rock. His numbers would definitely go down if he stayed, plus next year’s draft class will be better. His stock can’t go higher. Cal will be better served to let Bird fly. That will also help Bird’s stock the following year.

    I’m more worried about not having a true point guard. Having two 7 footers coming off the bench will be adequate replacements for Thurmand.

  • rollonubears

    Watching the mcd’s all american game, we are not looking at a one and done with bird. He’s going to be great, but he will be here two years. The next two years are gonna be fantastic.

  • Mitchie V

    Bird looked kinda small out there! He certainly wasn’t as tall. Is he really 6’5″? And he is thin.

    He was really quick. Nice shooting stroke. He turned ball over a couple times, maybe trying to do a little too much.

    Overall he seemed a little smoother/more fluid than Crabbe. But he’s not as big.

    Good luck, Allen. Welcome, Jabari!

  • Juancho

    I think Jabari is the type of player that doesn’t showcase well at a game like the Mcdonalds All America game. That game was basically a street ball slam dunk fest.

    When I saw Jabari’s team play Aaron Gordon’s team this past year, in an actual game – with offenses being run and real defense, Bird way outshined Gordon.

    Bird is probably the best natural shooter on the west this year. And unfortunately the Mcdonalds game is more so for the dunk masters to shine.

    In a real offense, Bird will put up 30 with ease. Mark my words, if Monty starts Bird out of the gate, he’ll average over 25 PPG.

  • Gobears49

    Agreed, Juancho. Not much defense was played last night. About 75% of the shots Gordon made were dunks, and about 25% of those were not contested at all, so you can’t judge how good Gordon is from this game.

    Bird actually put up some good numbers considering he played less than almost every player on his team.

    I was not watching closely at all, so I can’t be upset that it seemed they never showed Bird or mentioned his name. I could have easily have missed that.

    Check the earlier “No Surprise” blog article for 20 or so comments, some interesting, concerning Crabbe.

  • kasaja

    Nobody averages 25ppg in college basketball anymore. Maybe two or three guys in the entire country might but that’s it. Bird will be a terrific addition for the Bears but anybody who doesn’t think we are going to miss Crabbe’s offensive production is out of their mine. Hope AC does well in the draft. We need depth more than anything else next year. Seven players are not going to get it done. The conference will be weak again. Arizona will tower over everybody else. They will still lose three or four games in league.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    There is no doubt the Bears will miss AC’s offensive production IF the other players don’t improve in that area. But I expect everyone will get better there.

    But there is absolutely no doubt that the Bears will NOT miss AC’s continual pouting on the court – it is very distracting and extremely selfish. Solomon seems to have completely rid himself of this and he now looks like he might get to play pro all of a sudden.

    I loved watching Crabbe fill it up and rebound the ball. But I will always wonder how good he could have been, and the team by extension, had he solved his motivation problems. And I always will question a guy who’s twitter handle is Calsfinest23. Finest what?

    Welcome Jabari, Sam, Jordan, Rooks and (big guy who is yet unsigned…)

    Go Bears!

  • Gobears49

    We need a third big guy next year more than anything else, as now we only have Soloman and Kravish. For the most part, you need two big guys on the court at all times and you can’t expect to have Soloman and Kravish play the whole game. Despite what another person said, the loss of Thurman will be huge.

    So, for players that are 6’9″ or taller, we are left with Behrens, who scored only five points in seven games last year before he got hurt, and Rodriguez, Frid, and Rooks, all who have not played a minute for Cal. We had a more well-rounded team coming into last season than we will have the next, even if we get lucky and Crabbe returns.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Now that a scholarship is freed up I should we expect Monty to sign another player for the Fall?

  • Gobears49

    Good point. Maybe he can get a good and big JC transfer like M-Frison so he can play right away. We’re really hurting for a 3rd big guy, and probably should play four of them to give them proper rest.