Basketball: Ducks to get lift from transfer Moser

Forward Mike Moser, who grew up in Portland, Ore., began his college career at UCLA, and spent the past two seasons at UNLV, apparently will play his senior campaign next year at Oregon.

Moser told the Oregonian he plans to transfer to Oregon, and will be eligible to play immediately if he completes one online class to finish his undergraduate degree.

This is a huge boost for the Ducks. Moser averaged 14 points and 10.5 rebounds as a sophomore in 2011-12, then struggled with elbow and hip injuries this season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ConcordBear

    This is just another example that Oregon is not a college but a amateur/semi pro minor league for any player that can help them win.
    Do they have any academic integrity at all?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Obviously Moser is NOT going to ore for the academics…he already transferred OUT of the 2nd best academic school in West. Will he go to his “graduate” classes next Spring semester/Winter quarter in Eugene? Will he actually *earn* his graduate degree?

    If I was a university admin I would create asap a special 1-year *graduate program* just for *students* like Moser. And then very aggressively recruit *graduate students* who have some eligibility remaining to your *graduate program*.

    In basketbal, adding a 5th year 23 year-old to a squad can be a massive difference maker. And in football, adding a couple of massive 23 year-olds each season can only help…

    I think that if a school accepts a *graduate* transfer, like in Moser’s situation, and that student doesn’t earn his graduate degree within a reasonable amount of time, that school loses 2 scholarships for a 2 seasons.

    This poaching of players who are looking to “earn” a graduate degree is ridiculous and only makes the NCAA sham that much more obvious.

    Moser “will be eligible to play immediately if he completes one online class to finish his undergraduate degree.” One *online* class? Let me guess, Angry Birds 101? LOL.

    But, on the other hand, why wasn’t Cal offering him too? We’ve got a schollie available… Someone needs to get that Cal admin to create a special transfer-only *graduate program* so we can add some 23 year-olds to our squads too…

  • Mike

    Cal is a real university unlike Oregon and will not whore out its academic rep. Oregon has no academic rep to protect

  • The Wisdom Cow

    There is a very good point to be realized by Blake’s comment.

    The guys Cal can and should be going after are for graduate programs are not the Mosers of the NCAA, but imagine a Thurman or two getting added to the roster each year for one season, a guy that can play decent to plus basketball up front and do some grunt work.

    There have to be a number of them each years, guys with very solid frames at age 22-23 that have a year of eligibility remaining. They get to use basketball as a means to gain access to world renowned graduate programs, because these guys probably are done with basketball. Cal gets a banger that has already put on wieght and matured a great deal.

    The same argument can be made for football lineman. There is much production that be be gotten from older, more physically developed and intelligent, players in the college game, even though those players simply do not stack up to players at the next level.

    In my opinion, such players would be fantastic to root for, knowing they chose Cal for the degree. So, while I don’t advocate trying to abuse the rules and set up an easy one-year graduate program, I would love to see players that can help be given a chance to earn access to some of the best graduate programs around.

  • Juancho

    I have no issue with this. Given our football woes we should be the last fan base pointing fingers. Last i checked crabbe didnt graduate either.

  • ConcordBear

    Dude, if Cal told players they did not have to go to class and they could still receive a college degree like a lot of schools like Oregon do we would not be in this situation either.

  • Mike

    Cal graduate level programs are real. The demand is very high. Not too many, if any basketball players will/can qualify for admittance, unlike Oregon.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Mike, exactly. That is why Cal needs a new *program* for just these types of athletes. Oh, I don’t know, maybe a “Sports Technology” MA or something where you learn how to assemble sports equipment?? whatever. I just know it would be sweet to add a few of these old men to the squads each year…Go Bears! 😉

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The University of California at Berkeley Athletic Department is proud to announce a new field of study being offered for post-graduate students – Advanced Structural Metrics.

    Advanced Structural Metrics is an exciting new opportunity for graduate education in an area of great importance to our growing international economy. Graduate students will have one year to Master (see what I did there!?!?) the assembly of all IKEA products, English directions included, of course.