Basketball: Crabbe interview at pre-draft camp, plus NBA analysis by Draft Express

Here’s a 3 1/2-minute video interview with Pac-12 Player of the Year Allen Crabbe, conducted last weekend at the NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago, courtesy of www.DraftExpress.com.

Als0, DraftExpress provides a detailed analysis of the former Cal star’s game — strengths and weaknesses.

Click here for both the interview and analysis.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    Monty is stocking up on guards. Nice article about ’14 commit Ahmad Rorie transfer


    Here’s hoping AC falls to the Clips at 25.

  • Gobears49

    The DraftExpress.com article is a good one in describing Crabbe’s strengths and weaknesses as a player and I strongly recommend reading it. Consistent with what I have said from midseason, the article describes Crabbe as a very good to great catch and shoot player, with the commentary giving some very good data, which I did not think existed, as to how Crabbe fares when he has a hand in his face and when he doesn’t. On this point, the article points out that Crabbe was closely guarded in college, particularly his senior year, and he will be more open as a pro since teams will not key on him, allowing his shooting percentage to go up.

    But also, as I said and others followed, the article mentioned that Crabbe is not a good create your own shot off the dribble player, at least not yet.

    I don’t exactly recall what the article had to say about Crabbe’s defense. I think it was not that positive.

    From the positive evaluation in the article, it looks like Crabbe could go first round.