Football: Bears get fourth commit from Texas DE

Isadore Outing, a 6-foot-3, 215-pound defensive end from Andy Dekaney HS in Houston, Texas, has committed to Cal, according to multiple recruiting websites.

Outing is rated as a two-star prospect by Rival.com. Scout does not rank him.

The Bears now have commitments from four players in the class of 2014.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    A 2 star recruit this early is fine. Its the guys who still have 2 stars this time their senior year that worry me.

    I bet this guy is minimum 3 star by this time next year.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’m not betting on anything anymore. It’s apparent the new regime has ties to Texas and Louisiana, but there is no indication they are doing much in CA. I’m hoping for the best, but beginning to suspect the mediocre, until/unless they get production on the field as Bears.

    I’m thinking many of these early recruits are former L.Tech recruits. Hopefully they measure up, both on the field and in the classroom.

    I’m just feeling like the guy that agreed to buy a new car, but now is sitting in the dealer’s office being nickeled and dimed on extras while the new car smell has faded from my clothes. I’m sure the enthusiasm will come back when the car is back in front of me, but right now, I’ve got some buyers remorse.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Wisdom, a game has yet to be played…let’s save the gloom and doom until its warranted. We are talking about a single recruit for the class of 2014, there should be 20 more to go…

    And for a comparison to how you are feeling: I am feeling like the guy who gets out of jail come August 31st, couldn’t be more excited/optimistic about the future, is it kickoff yet??!!

    Go Bears!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Sorry BSB, but the recruiting game has been going on for a while now.

    I am hoping for the best, but objective evidence of successful recruiting in CA is limited. Sonny opted to go with all his L.Tech coaches, and that makes for a much more difficult time trying to recruit in this cycle.

    Most depressing, I read an ESPN recruiting update that said Tre “passed on WSU, Utah, and BYU to join the Bears.” Think on that one. The perception is that WSU was passed upon to instead go to Cal.

    Again, it isn’t doom and gloom, it’s about things not being as wonderful as many think. Sonny will need some real tangible success on the field this year, IMO, in order to make any impact in the next two on the recruiting trail. With this year’s schedule, that is not going to be easy even if the team makes great strides.

  • Juancho

    To add more doom our top recruit koa farmer committed under the tedford regime.

  • SteveNTexas

    Houston Chronicle Neighborhood Edition North Suburbs-

    “Isadore surprised many by passing on offers from Prairie View A&M and Wayland Baptist to attend a college in California” “It’s a long way from home but I wanted a place where I could start immediately. I’ll be back because we get to play Texas State and UT San Antonio” ( Whoops wrong school wrong conference.

    LOL this is as excited as I could get with a two start recruit.

  • SteveNTexas

    Houston Chronicle Neighborhood Edition North Suburbs-

    “Isadore surprised many by passing on offers from Prairie View A&M and Wayland Baptist to attend a college in California” “It’s a long way from home but I wanted a place where I could start immediately. I’ll be back because we get to play Texas State and UT San Antonio” ( Whoops wrong school wrong conference.

    LOL this is as excited as I could get with a two star recruit.

  • SteveNTexas

    Houston Chronicle Neighborhood Edition North Suburbs-

    “Isadore surprised many by passing on offers from Prairie View A&M and Wayland Baptist to attend a college in California” “It’s a long way from home but I wanted a place where I could start immediately. I’ll be back because we get to play Texas State and UT San Antonio” ( Whoops wrong school wrong conference.

    LOL this is as excited as I could get with a two star recruit. I’m not sure a two star recruit in Texas is even a starter on his high school team.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve, where did you get that quote? That can’t be right.

    Could Rivals have gotten the wrong school? Or does our new boy think Cal is SJSU?

    And start immediately for Cal? A 215 lb DE?

    I gotta see that quote for context. You gotta link? My search skills blow.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Just guessing, but that is L.Tech’s conference with Texas St. and UTSA. I’m thinking he was a Sonny et al target from the L.Tech with a sales pitch of returning to Texas twice a year, and the change of leagues may never have quite been made clear afterwards. I really want to read that article.

  • Calduke


    Glad you posted 3 times. I think we get the point.

  • 66Bear

    What do people who whine have in common? They’re whiners.

    Me, realizing that the Bears are going to have their best quarterback on the field (whoever that turns out to be based on performance instead of whatever has been going on for the past two years) and using a playbook with thirty plays instead of five hundred, I’m very happy. (Not to mention hearing rational observations from the head coach.)

    Go Bears! Silence the whiners! (If that be possible.)

  • SteveNTexas

    Im so sorry for posting it 3 x – All I did was backspace to correct errors.

    My apologies! Yes it was a facetious comment but barely worth one posting.

  • milo

    I agree with Wisdom Cow on this. Yes Dykes has ties to Texass but this is CALIFORNIA and he should be spending time here because kids in California know Cal and are way more likely to stay in state.

    I could see using the schollie on a 4-star but a 2-star DE who weighs 215? Doesn’t make a lot of sense unless he has a secret like he can fly. Yes he might turn out to be a great player but doesn’t make sense on the surface.

    I want to give Dykes the benefit of the doubt but this isn’t helping. Not gloom and doom but considering what this has cost Cal in total, dumping Tedford and paying Dykes and his two coordinators salaries ($500k each) suggests he needs to do better. And why a 2-star so early? Seems like bad strategy.

    On a serious note, who is Cal’s recruiting coordinator and what are his ties in California?

  • covinared

    guys put on weight in their teens. perhaps Isadore fits the athletic profile of the DE in the scheme. I don’t care if the players come from North Korea if they can play. If Sonny’s advantage now is currently in Texas, he should use it. Lighten up guys. This guy may decommit anyway. Its too early to predict doom and gloom over something as subjective as rankings of high school juniors.

  • Juancho

    Government if youre reading this i do not want to recruit north korean spies to play for Cal.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Milo, don’t get me too wrong, just as Juancho pointed out early, there could be something they really like about this kid. I’m a big believer in the early signing of a kid that other coaches have yet to discover. The early acknowledgement tends to build some loyalty that can keep later schools from stealing them. But I totally agree that it is an issue when the new staff has to start building recruiting ties almost entirely anew.

    I don’t buy “Sonny recruited while at AZ” as much of a CA foundation. His offensive numbers as a HC do way more than his time in AZ.


    That said, I was expecting to be “in the mix” for many more highly touted players at this stage, not necessarily landing them, but getting highly ranked recruits attention. That helps build a program’s reputation, especially in the Twitter/ADHD recruits of today – the more they see Cal associated with top talent, the better. Hopefully Cal’s offense will put up numbers that get guys interested.

    I’m just surprised that Sonny’s L.Tech numbers have not gotten more guys to be “considering” Cal, even if at the bottom of a long list. There are some, but I expected more.

    Last, while I do approach all problems from the angle of identifying the bad facts (it’s a defense attorney thing I’ll never shake), the only “whining” I see on this page is from the hypersensitive that cannot read anything that isn’t blind exuberaton as whining.

    “We havn’t played a game yet!” = whining.
    “What do people who whine have in common? Theyโ€™re whiners.” = whining.

    Is there no place for reasoned discussions on these boards? Or is it only okay to disagree about just how amazingly fantastic everything Cal is?

  • Gobears49

    For those of us who are not as “in the know” about Cal recruiting, maybe someone can post a list of where the four players are from that have committed to Cal in 2014 and, if it is public knowledge, the location of the recruits we are pursuing but have not committed for 2014 (I realize that is probably not public information).

    It would be interesting to hear about how well a coach from the South did in recruiting players from California when they took the coach’s reins for a west coast school. Only recent example I can think of is Mike Leach at WSU. Did WSU’s production of getting guys from California go down compared to the California players committing to WSU for years prior to when Leach arrived at WSU?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    As you stated Wisdom, this crew has ties to Texas and Louisiana. And what exactly is wrong with that? Those kids know about Cal out there too. Imagine when the California recruiting pipelines start revving up as well…I’m thinking positive, but I am definitely not a defense attorney. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I totally agree with you about negativity, it should be allowed and encouraged if civil, like your well stated comment. I am sorry for criticizing you for the “gloom and doom”, my bad. I was as negative as it got around here for the last few years of JT.

    Go Bears!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    No worries, BSB. You’re one of my favorite reads, and there is nothing wrong with optimism.

    Without optimists, who would buy my half empty glass of water for full price?


    GoBears, I was looking at nearly such a list on ESPN’s site. The problem is that we do not have definitions for “Considering” and “Offered.” Then, you also have to factor in “ratings,” which has issues of it’s own, though still clearly guiding on some levels.

    CA has more than enough players for just about any school anywhere to load up on with 80% of their roster, but you are probably looking at a ton of marginal 2 stars.

    My concern, which I think milo got at well, is that there is a set of CA players, highly ranked, where Cal has a chance simply because of the league and the school and the location. Those factors, plus Sonny’s system, I cannot believe would not have gotten many righly ranked CA players at least thinking about Cal, yet you won’t find many in the “Considering” category, even now before lists get pared down.

    And BSB, those same factors work against you in Texas and Louisiana. Of course you want some ties there, but for us, right now, it’s ALL the ties, and Cal won’t be able to sway players from SEC schools. We’ll get the next tier of players, some of which will succede, some won’t. Yet, the top tier CA talent is suprisingly thin on the CA radar. A few CA coaches on the staff might have changed that in a big way.

    Not the end of the world. A good season, with some good stats, and things could snowball here in a hurry.

  • milo

    I’m all for ties to Texas and getting good players. That said a 2-star just doesn’t seem like a player we can’t get in California.

    Any way, my point is that this is California so we better recruit well in our own state or we’re done. California produces the most NFL players and the likes of ARodg, Tom Brady, etc. We simply can’t fall behind here and let the UCLAs, $Cs, ASUs and UWs stock up on CA players that have a natural interest in Cal.

    Ultimately however the deal is this – our best chance at success will come from California recruits. It’s like buying Aussie wine, yeah it’s okay and you can get some deals/gems but you what, we have plenty of excellent local product. 20-30% of players should be from out of state but the bulk should be from California. It’s as basic as this – you play to your strengths.

    If Texas is our strength right now, that’s a EF up.

  • Dave

    This recruit was injured his junior year as I understand it, so missed out on a lot of early recruiting season hype. He had a very good Sophomore season. If he’s still ranked low after the summer camp circuit (assuming he participates) then there’s a problem. But word is he’s quite an athlete.

    I agree about mining CA for talent and I’m sure the coaches are doing everything they can to build the necessary relationships. But the fact of the matter is that Sonny et all have been in contact with a lot of TX and LA recruits for years, so they’re ahead of the curve with them. The CA recruits haven’t seen Sonny’s teams play and probably don’t know him very well yet. That will change in the next 6-12 months as he gets through his first season, gets to know the coaches and players (including Sophomores and Juniors) in CA.

    The most important area for us this year is the Bay Area. And we already have one recruit from El Cerito (Jalen Harvey) who is highly ranked. In addition, we have the RB from Corona Centenial – a pipeline school in So Cal – and Farmer from ND in So Cal. But most recruits are going to wait until they see Cal FB in action this year before they pull the trigger.

  • Bobsac

    Rather than blaming the new coach who has yet to lose a game, the team only had three wins last year, & some awful blowouts. Not a great platform for recruiting success.

  • Eric

    California State track preliminary results:

    Khalfani qualified #1 in both the 100 and 200, and qualified the 4×100 team into tomorrow’s finals.

    Takkarist just missed qualifying in both the 100 and 200. The 100 results are below (for those who like to doubt times, query whether you should add a tenth of a second, or maybe a whole extra second, just because).

    CIF Southern Section had the top four, and top five out of six.

    1 Khalfani Muhammad 12 N Dame(SO)ss 10.40Q 1.5 1
    2 Myles Valentine 10 Upland /ss 10.42Q 2.0 2
    3 Morgan Simon 12 Loyola/ss 10.51Q 1.5 3
    4 Cyntrell Smith 12 Highland/ss 10.61q 1.5 3
    5 John McDonald 10 West. Ranch 10.62q 1.5 3 10.612
    6 Darren Andrews 12 BishopAmt/ss 10.62q 1.5 1 10.617
    7 Sike Azu Irondi 12 N Hlywd/la 10.63q 2.0 2 10.625
    8 Austin Mitsch 12 Jesuit/sj 10.63q 1.5 1 10.627
    9 Joey Sanfilippo 12 Bellarmine/cc 10.66q 2.0 2
    10 Takkarist McKinley 12 Richmond/ nc 10.70 2.0 2 10.691
    11 Luis Matos 12 Golden Valley 10.70 1.5 1 10.692
    12 Robert Ellis 12 Antelope 10.70 1.5 1 10.699
    13 Spencer Danner 11 San Juan Hills 10.71 1.5 1 10.705
    14 Evan Whitlock 12 Madera/ce 10.71 1.5 3 10.710
    15 Lee Lawson 12 Dorsey/la 10.73 2.0 2
    16 Christian Corbin 11 Novato/nc 10.80 1.5 1
    17 Myles Speegle 12 Castro Vy/nc 10.83 2.0 2
    18 Charles Wheeler 11 Edison/ce 10.86 1.5 3 10.853
    19 Antony Ardis 12 La Costa/sd 10.86 1.5 3 10.860
    20 Julius Elzie 12 Aragon/cc 10.88 1.5 3
    21 Paul Doan 11 St Agstn/sd 10.90 2.0 2 10.897
    22 Brandon Lucas 11 Poway/sd 10.90 1.5 3 10.898
    23 Lavon Washington 11 McClymnds/ok 10.91 1.5 1
    24 Ben Duncan 12 Taft/la 11.12 1.5 1
    25 Preston Leung 12 Lowell/sf 11.26 1.5 3
    — Eli Penick 12 Chico/no FS 2.0 2

  • Gobears49


    Love your wine example. I am concerned, as you are and others as well, that if cannot tap into probably the best reservoir of high school football players in the nation (i.e. in California), we will be at a disadvantage. Since I think most of the recruits coming in were Tedford’s (someone correct me if I am wrong about that), then we will have to wait until next year to see how Dykes does in recruiting the best vintage (to continue the wine example) of California high school football player. So the jury is out on that. But if he can’t entice California’s best to come to Cal, we are at a supreme disadvantage. So Dykes has to prove his “cred” to California players this season with a winning record, an exciting brand of football, and support from his players.

    I was hoping someone would know how Leach did in his transition from likely primarily recruiting in Texas to recruiting in California, a state I believe WSU has relied upon heavily in the past to fill up its roster.

    Don’t know how many guys we have on our staff that have spent most of their coaching career in California and/or recruiting California players. Maybe somebody in the know can fill us in on that info. A key is the background of any guy, if any, we hired to do the recruiting. All I have to say is that we once had somebody who knew the California high school football landscape very well and we let him get away.

  • 66Bear

    Dear BlakeStreetBear and Bobsac:

    Thanks for your concise and accurate observations. I share BSBs excitement about the upcoming season and can’t wait for the Northwestern game. Whiners should recall that notwithstanding that Coach Tedford and his assistants left us with some great players, the coaching staff left with an underachieving team and declining record, notwithstanding the talent that they put on the field (and left on the bench). The buck stopped with Coach Tedford, and everything that I’ve seen so far indicates that Coach Dykes is an excellent head coach with a fine record.

    As someone above said, the quality of Coach Dykes’ recruiting will ultimately depend on the success of the team. IMO, the coaches and the team will have better success backed by fans who support them and applaud their effort, commitment, sacrifice, teamwork and sportsmanship. In doing so, those fans will experience the joy of the competition, the satisfaction of participating in the tradition, and rooting on a team to which you are attached and committed. Great rooters make a great difference to the team’s success, IMO. Go Bears! Beat Northwestern! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. To Whiners: Why don’t you go to the Oregon State website and tell Mike Riley that he’s a sucky coach because some of his 2014 recruits don’t look good enough for you. I know he’ll take your advice to heart, as I have.