Football: Sonny Dykes’ Aug. 31 opener vs. Northwestern set for 7:30 p.m. kickoff on ESPN2

New Cal coach Sonny Dykes’ Aug. 31 debut vs. Northwestern at Memorial Stadium has been set for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff. The game will be shown on ESPN2.

The Pac-12 announced TV information on the season’s first four games.

Here’s the rest of what we know about Cal’s dates:

— Sept. 7 vs. Portland State, 2 p.m., Pac-12 Networks

— Sept. 14 vs. Ohio State, 4 p.m., Fox national

— Sept. 28 at Oregon, Pac-12 Networks, time TBA

Television selections and start times for the remainder of the schedule will be announced either six or 12 days in advance of each game.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. thanks! in the calendar. the Hinder Lasco era begins.

  2. @Convared…whoa there…hold your horses buddy.

    I think you mean the Goff/Mohammed era!

  3. @ both of you guys.

    We all know it’s Kline/Bigelow

  4. Juancho’s gonna blow a gasket — we all know it’s the Boehm/Coprich era.

  5. Still BS that we can’t get Pac-12 network on AT&T. Thanks for nothing Larry Scott!

  6. Rich Campbell/Paul Jones? Joe Roth or Steve Bartkowski/ Chuck Municie? Pawlawski/ White?

  7. @ScottyBear

    I agree. Uverse has so many channels, why doesn’t it have Pac12? It has the Longhorn channel but not Pac12?

    So lame.

  8. 80 Strong is what we need. Give ’em all you got Sonny Boy! A new era that begins with a beat down of the Big 10. WIth EXTREME PREJUDICE! Go BEARS!!!!!

  9. I’ll be there, but c’mon man, returning to the 707 near 1AM is a bit much for this old bear.

    Must everything be about money?

    Would the world end if there were two slots for games: noon and 3:30?

    Go Bears!

  10. Brethren i accept your collective apologies. Kline needs to resolve this issue with the pac 12 network and the satellite.

  11. Good news
    Memorial is a tough place to play when packed
    Night game
    Fans will be lubed up from a nice long tailgate and ready to go
    Has the makings of a very good first game in the new era
    Go Bears!

  12. Switch to Comcast. It carries the Pac 12 network in both SD and HD.

  13. I just noticed that someone on Bear Insider is trying to organize a campaign to get the Pac 12 network carried by DISH. The conference put out a message to Dish subscribers who want to watch Pac 12 games urging them to contact Dish to let them know. If you are in that category, and/or know of others who are of like mind, you can call them at 888-926-5451, email or Tweet Dish.

    Apparently an issue with these cable or satellite companies is wanting to know there is a demand for the network before they commit to putting it on their system. So if you have a different provider that does not carry Pac12, you might want to consider organizing your own campaign to show viewer support for carrying it.

  14. So frustrating to go through all the sports channels when Cal is playing and there is Rice-Tulane on 3 channels, Akron – Slippery Rock on at least two others and so on. We had Comcast before for their entire home package but their internet sucked and we switched to AT&T. Everything is great except the Pac 12 being missing. Why doesn’t Larry Scott expand the revenue base and have additional carriers get access to the games? You’d be surprised how many bars & restaurants in my area (Walnut Creek) don’t carry Pac 12, and those that do carry it have 8 other games going the same time and you can’t hear shit. Hard enough to even see it when it’s one of 8 games on TV’s hanging 10 feet up in the air.

  15. HOLY MOLY IT IS GONNA BE A MADHOUSE COME 7:30 8/31!! I plan on being on the hill by about 4:20, 40-water(s) in hand, and “funny” cigarettes alight! Come join me, I’ll be the one with the beautiful lady by my side and the really ugly male friends…can’t miss us!


  16. I also like the 10:30pm eastern start time, the wildcats will be sleepy…

  17. Actually its only 9:30pm central time, but whatevs…

  18. @17 BluenGold:

    Not sure what you saw but it isn’t Dish Network. I have Dish and we’ve had the Pac-12 Network since last September. Sure you don’t mean DirectTV?

  19. SR Mike- I just know what I read on a post on Bear Insider and it definitely referred to DISH. It was in the non subscriber section, so feel free to check it yourself.

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