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  • Eric

    7-6. With this schedule, going .500 and a bowl would be a major success.

  • BlueNGold

    You have to wonder where Sandy and the AD were when academics were on the down slide. I hope the problem gets fixed. It is definitely an embarrassment.

  • GldnBear71


    I agree with your assessment of the piss poor performance as shown in the APR results. Do you feel that Sandy should be given notice and/or terminated?

    It isn’t as if the football players are enrolled in difficult classes or degree programs. How many engineers other than Igber have we had during the Tedford/Barbor era?

  • discdude

    Yeah Will, Kidd was probably destined to be an NBA coach, not at Cal or any college, for that matter.

  • BlueNGold


    I do not think Sandy should be fired, but I think there should be some very public steps taken to improve the situation. Just as she did in firing JT, she needs to act decisively or she should have her head on the block. As with the team itself, I would like to see the approach taken by coach Dykes and the effect it is having before being critical or passing judgment. But, there needs to be measurable improvement fairly quickly or the criticism, and perhaps calls for termination, will come and will be justified.

  • Juancho

    Let the era of dual threat qbs begin. We got a commit. A three star this early will be at minimum a four star in a years time.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    You cannot say that with certainty, Juancho. He put up 3,000 passing 1,000 rushing last year.

    It looks to me like he’s an insurance QB. His high school is running a system similar to Franklin’s and he’s a good student. He could develop into a starter (his ceiling unknown), but a good mind and experience in the system already, his floor looks like a dependable back-up, which makes him a great pick-up, IMO.

  • rollonubears

    Regarding the APR, consider that the entire team, save a few recuits, are JT guys. Many of them might be barely hanging on as it is. If Dykes lays the smack down too hard, academically, and too fast, the number actually might get worse. I don’t expect to see immediate improvement, but will expect things to be turned around substantially in 2 or 3 years. It’s a really tough spot for SD.

  • GldnBear71

    If raising up our academic performance was one of the reasons why SD was hired then I think it is fair to ask what was a comparable academic university to Cal? Texas Tech? Arizona? Lousiana Tech?

    The players under Tedford could not have taken any less difficult degree programs. American Studies, Social Welfare, Sociology, Ethnic Studies just don’t fly off of the page as being hard programs compared to many others.

    I will just say “Good luck to Sonny” and “it was nice knowing you” to Sandy Barbour if this doesn’t turn around.

  • JimInChico77

    Here is a good SI story on Brendan Bigelow. Looking forward to what SD can do we these speedy backs!

  • wehofx

    S/O to M Kim in 13th place w +3, 4 shots behind the leaders.

    Juancho, #47?

    #56 kid has got a gun.

  • Juancho

    This research comes courtesy of your brother Juancho. And I bless this post in the name of Kline.

    One of the topics we often debate on this blog is, what the true value of “elite recruiting” is. Over the years it seems like this comes up. Everyone remembers Tosh-Gate as well.

    On one end of the spectrum are individuals like myself who feel that top talent is correlated to significant performance improvements for programs. Not at a 100% clip – but nothing is a guarantee. On the other end is the side of folks who often site Alex Mack who was a two star recruit.

    Recruiting is a gamble. But I wonder what these gambles have been like at the highest levels of recruiting, i.e., the Scout 300 list. As you brethren (you are all my brothers) know – Scout has an annual 300 list that is the top guys in the country. You are probably immediately thinking of Cal guys that were probably on it. Yes, Desean was. Yes Keenan was. No Maynard was not. Below is the top 300 class guys Cal has had over the past few years.

    HERE IS THE DISCLAIMER. I am including guys from Tosh-Gate that were almost ours, but were lost throughout that really troubling time. Do not read the rest of the post if that is going to ruin your day. You will see how much value we lost by losing one assistant. Of course this is recruit value. I’m not taking into account academics or anything else. But our academic ratings for sports still suck. So you can’t say Tosh was the problem for that. It’s obviously bigger than him.

    2008. The number one player this year was Terrelle Pryor. Boy was he hyped up. He was supposed to be the next Vince Young. He had a pretty good college career, but ended it on a down note thanks to that scandal, and as all of us Raider fans know – he’s pretty bad in the pros. But look at this list of guys who were in the top ten this year: DaQuan Bowers, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, AJ Green. Not bad eh ?

    I know what you’re thinking. How many of the top 300 did Cal get this year?

    Marvin Jones # 150
    Tyler Rigsbee # 209
    Covaughn Deboskie # 217
    Spencer Ladner #220
    Trevor Guyton # 268

    Got to say – all those guys underachieved / weren’t developed to match the expectations. Except for Marvin Jones. +1 point for the guys who say recruiting ratings isnt’ that big a deal.

    2009. Top guy was Bryce Brown who went to Tennessee. I don’t even know who this guy is. # 2 though was Matt “Little Leinart” Barkley. Manti Teo is the only other guy in the top 10 that panned out in college. And hey, who amongst us has never lied about a girlfriend?

    Cal guys this year:

    Mark Brazinski # 195
    Steve Williams # 204
    Allan Bridgford # 228
    Desarte Yarnway # 237

    Busts except for Steve Williams. Oh boy. I’m hoping the trend here isn’t going to just make me feel bad about how bad our coaching was over the past few years. So far looks like whoever was in charge of running backs and O line did a poor job. Maybe losing Gould isn’t bad afterall. Did he lose the touch after Jahvid?

    2010. We had a world cup this year. And your brother Juancho enjoys soccer. So this was a good year. Top player this year, an O lineman named Seantrel Henderson who went to Miami. Who the heck? Notable top 10 guys, Robert Woods, Keenan Allen (# 5), Sharif Floyd, Marcus Lattimore, Chris Martin (Almost a Cal guy).

    Cal guys:

    Keenan # 5
    Cecil Whiteside # 126
    Dave Wilkerson # 216
    Alex Crosswaithe # 221
    Gabe King # 286

    Keenan is and was a stud. Whiteside was a great player, but the off field things got to him. Wilkerson also a stud, but never healthy. Crosswaithe another bust o lineman. What was going on with the development of our O line during this time? Gabe King another bust.

    This is the year Tosh shot to stardom in terms of recruiting. He helped land the Keenan / King / McCain trio. On that note, McCain who is now gone from the team – is more proof that maybe our program was so screwed up that even if we had great talent we were so messed up inside out it didn’t matter. This is when Dan & Eric were the anti-Tedford guys, and even myself was still defending him & the staff.

    2011. A delicious year. The top player in the country was Jadeveon Clowney. He’s projected to be the top player in the draft next year. So he’s panned out. Who else was in the top 10? Cyrus Kouandijo, DeAnthony Thomas, Isiah Crowell.

    Cal guys:

    V Moala # 14
    Stefan McClure # 69
    Moose Jalil # 89
    Todd Barr # 119
    Daniel Lasco #170
    Jason Gibson # 171
    Brennan Scarlett # 208
    Jordan Rigsbee # 247
    Kyle Boehm # 276

    This is when Tosh proved he was a star. And Washington and others realized they either needed to buy his services, or accept that Cal would eventually become a perennial Rose Bowl contender on potential alone.

    We know what happened.

    Boehm is the only one of this class that looks like a bust. But even he may see a turnaround with the fresh staff that will consider him at another position. Tosh really filled the cupboards this year.

    2012. The year of pain. We were the # 3 recruiting class at a point. That fell apart. Washington realized they would never catch us if we kept recruiting like a national power. Tosh made us recruit way above our on field results. We were up there with programs like Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Alabama – when on the field we were mediocre.

    Top player was Dorial Green-Beckham. So far this guy hasn’t lived up to the hype. Other top 10 guys; Arik Armstead, Shaq Thompson, Stefon Diggs.

    That’s hard to type. Before Tosh-gate those three were coming to Cal. Armstead was ranked the #2 player in the country, Shaq #3, Diggs #6. Wow. That’s the Tosh impact just in terms of the TOP 10 PLAYERS IN THE COUNTRY.


    Cal guys, including what I would consider “Tosh losses”. We will never know for sure, but the Tosh losses are guys we thought were probably coming to Cal, but after Tosh gate did not.

    Arik Armstead # 2, went to Oregon – Tosh Gate
    Shaq Thompson # 3, went to Washington – Tosh Gate
    Stefon Diggs # 6, went to Maryland – Tosh Gate
    Darius Hamilton # 20, went to Rutgers – Tosh Gate
    Ellis McCarthy # 23, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    Bryce Treggs # 43
    Ishmael Adams # 81, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    Jordan Payton # 95, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    DJ Foster # 104, went to ASU – Tosh Gate
    Aziz Shittu # 191 went to Stanford – Tosh Gate
    Michael Barton # 194
    Christo Kourtsidiz # 258 went to Florida State – Tosh Gate
    Kenny the Jet Lawler # 277
    Cedric Dozier # 293

    Interesting to see all these names a year later, and see guys that were difference makers as freshman like Shaq & Foster, and Payton & McCarthy.

    Two things jump out at me looking at this research.

    # 1 the upward trajectory of our elite recruiting is undeniable. You look at the 2011 class and all but Boehm are expected to be key contributors. You look at 2010 though and you think to yourself our program was toxic.

    # 2 the huge jump in top 300 guys that was coming in 2012 was too much for our competitors to stomach.

    But – if Tosh was able to do this while our program was losing. I feel that the new staff can match this and surpass this.

    Why? # 1 the new guys are young and go-getters. They even tweet as our minister of social messaging Wehofx can confirm. # 2, Tosh put us in the upper echelon of recruiting while our program stank. Imagine what these young guns can do when the Sonny Money man turns this around and we’re having fun and winning?

    Juancho wishes all his brothers and their families are a happy fathers day.

  • kotempman

    Juancho, thanks for the magnificent research you put in to give the brethren the best Father’s day ever!!! I had no idea that Tosh-Gate effected us to that level. But, I have always said that coaching is 60% and recruiting is 40% by using the continued success of Boise St. (average 2-star).
    I feel that the mojo that Sonny has brought along with his assistants are just what we needed at a critical time. For example, I listened to Sonny on the radio show you posted and what a difference in personality than from the stoic Tedford. Sonny is a guy you want to have a pizza and a beer with and tell the wives we will be home when we get home. I think we will know a lot more real soon before kick off in how Sonny handles this tricky quarterback situation, anyways I’m off to the dollar store to get more pins to stick in my voodoo Tosh doll!

  • kotempman

    Brethren, you can catch Cal coming in at #95 in nation in countdown of college football in the USA Today sports section. Gives a thorough analysis of Cal and very eye opening. Note to Juancho; Do not read this article!!!!!!

  • kotempman

    Excuse me, I mean you have to scroll back to #95 to see Cal…today is #87 Iowa.

  • BlakeStreetBear
  • 1brsfan

    Juancho- very impressive research that made me feel worse about Tosh-gate! I do agree that with if the team does well on the field that our current coaching staff can get us back on the right track in recruiting. As Cal fans we all know that there’s always next year but right now it feels like it’s been longer than a year! is it August yet?

  • ConcordBear

    Golden Bears looking at a top recruit to commit to Cal very very soon…
    Go Bears!

  • ScottyBear

    Juancho my brother, you are impressive!

  • wehofx

    Juancho, you the DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!

    Excellent analysis. Esp agree w your optimism in the future of recruiting w Sonny D and his Young Gun Coaches.

    Speaking of Twitter: P Ingram tweeted a hint of an upcoming rb recruit yesterday.

    Per twitter: Vic Enwere rb, Tx, ’14 committed. 3 stars. 6’1″ 213. Finally a big back to replace CJ.

  • Juancho

    A three star before the summer camp circuit will be a four star.

    Riddle me this. Does this mean joe mixons out of the question now ? 1. Would be to get mixon. 2. If we dont get him make sure Tosh doesnt.

  • Juancho

    Brothers, prepare for additional research inspired by the Joe Mixon situation.

    How has Cal fared compared to others in terms of recruiting the top Bay Area guys ?

    Happy June Kline-teenth to everyone.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Juancho, you forgot some lemon juice . . .

  • Juancho

    As you brothers know, Sonny Dykes has gone out of his way to say that we are first and foremost going to recruit the top local guys and keep them home. Well, how realistic is this compared to historical results?

    Top local guys this year.

    # 9 player in the country Eddie Vanderdoes, committed to Notre Dame, then changed his mind and will now sit out a year, and play for UCLA in two years time. In other words, there’s a good chance this kid is ruining his own career. Don’t be surprised if this is another one of those top recruits who never pans out. To keep pouring lemon in the wound, this is another Tosh-loss. He was seen as being part of that next class. I used to see big V at the Cal baseball games. He’s also a top pitcher.

    #29 running back Justin Davis from Stockton. Cal was heavy on this guy. He chose USC.

    #87 Elijah Qualls from Petaluma, another Tosh loss, who committed to Washington.

    #109 and another Tosh guy, Michael Hutchings the top LB from De La Salle. Who committed to USC.

    #234 Jared Goff from Marin Catholic, he of course chose Cal. Both of his parents are Cal alumni.

    So there were 5 local guys in the top 300 this past year. We got one of them.

    2012. Two of the top 3 players in the country were local guys. Arik Armstead and Shaq Thompson. Of course those guys didn’t stick with Cal.

    #2 Arik Armstead out of Elk Grove, went to Oregon.
    #3 Shaq Thompson from Sacramento, went to Washington.
    #123 Zach Kline out of Danville, of course went to Cal.
    #149 running back Byron Marshall out of San Jose. Went to Oregon and contributed this past year as a true freshman.
    #155 QB Bart Houston from De La Salle, chose Wisconsin.
    #191 Aziz Shittu out of Atwater, went to Stanford.
    #194 Mike Barton, De La Salle chose Cal.
    #267 CB Marcus Rios out of Elk Grove, chose UCLA.

    This was a really rich recruiting year locally. Of the 8 guys in the top 300 nationally, we got 2. Not bad.

    #14 V Moala out of Sacramento, Cal.
    #140 RB Amir Carlisle from Sunnyvale, USC.
    #199 DE Dylan Wynn from De La Salle, Oregon State.
    #247 Jordan Rigsbee from Chico, Cal.
    #256 and former and current teammate of Shaq Thompson, Safety James Sample from Sacramento – Washington.
    #276 Kyle Boehm from Archbishop Mitty, Cal.

    Cal shot 50% for keeping the top local guys home this year. It came back to bite us that Shaq’s best friend James Sample chose Washington over us. Made it a little bit easier for him to choose purple.

    2010. Lean year locally.

    #216 David Wilkerson from Danville, Cal.
    #231 S Erick Dargan from Pittsburg CA, to Oregon.
    #253 QB Brett Nottingham from Danville, Stanford.

    1 for 3, and the one we got was the top local guy.


    #81 Zach Ertz from Danville, Stanford.
    #192 RB Usua Amanam from San Jose, Stanford.
    #237 RB Dasarte Yarnway from San Francisco, Cal.
    #280 LB Michael Clay from San Jose, Oregon.
    #289 WR Diante Jackson from Walnut Creek, Oregon.

    1 for 5.


    #66 OT Matt Meyer from Stockton, USC.
    #203 LB Dewitt Stuckey from Stockton, Oregon.
    #209 OT Tyler Rigsbee from Chico, Cal.
    #273 Safety John Boyett from Napa, Oregon.
    #278 DE Armond Armstead from Elk Grove, USC.

    1 of 5.

    A few interesting things jump out at me.

    1. Washington became a player for the most part thanks to Tosh. James Sample I believe is the only top local guy they signed since 2008. That says something about how valuable this guy may be.

    2. The bay area is not as talent rich, or even close, to other areas in California. On the one hand you can win a press conference by saying you want all the top local guys to stay at home and play for Cal. But realistically this area pales in comparison to LA, or even Fresno / central CA in terms of top talent. Marshawn Lynch’s and Jahvid Best’s don’t grow on trees.

    Keenan was great, not local. Desean was great, not local. Alex Mack great, not local. Justin Forsett great, not local. Namdi Asomugha great, not local. I didn’t think this until I did this research. But now I think, local or not local, who cares. I’d rather we recruit great players who fit our system both academically and athletically.

    Today’s committment of that running back from Texas also makes me think this. I couldn’t help but think of Stanford when I read an article on him, where his coach talked about how Cal has to be on the shortlist for any elite player who also has high grades.

    Stanford doesn’t prioritize local recruiting, because the market doesn’t offer the volume necessary to sustain this. I can’t help but think this is where Cal will go too. I think Sonny Delight might have put the cart before the horse when he made a big deal about recruiting local during his first few days. That may still have been the La Tech mindframe, where they had to keep local guys to sustain their program. But this isn’t LA Tech, and if we’re going to need to get guys with great grades, we’re not going to find all of them here, and dare I say, I bet we don’t improve much upon the numbers above.

    In other words, I’m willing to bet that this coming year we won’t have more than 25% of the top local guys commit to Cal. And I’m fine with that, if it’s the right guys who fit our program. And if we’re recruiting elite guys from the rest of CA, TX or any other state. Realistically I don’t care if the next Cal star that takes us to a Rose Bowl is from the Pittsburg, CA or Pittsburg, PA. I just want to win.


    #26 Joe Mixon from Oakley. Now that we have two running backs signed – I can’t help but think this is a huge long shot now.

    #36 DE Nife Lealao from Sacramento.

    #51 QB Keller Chryst from Palo Alto.

    #153 LB DJ Calhoun from El Cerrito.

    #197 CB Adarius Pickett from El Cerrito.

    #229 WR Alex Van Dyke from Elk Grove.

    #255 QB Manny Wilkins from Novato, committed to ASU.

    #283 LB Mike Lazarus from Berkeley.

    #290 QB KJ Carta-Samuels from San Jose, committed to Vandy.

  • ScottyBear

    Juancho, OK, now you are starting to scare me. Stellar post with lots to think about. I agree with the local recruiting angle being overplayed. These kids from Texas and midwest humid states come here in the summer and feel that nice cool afternoon breeze in Berkeley. Same with those freezing cold winters back east and a kid comes here in Janaury when it’s sunny and 60 degrees. Guys like DeSean want to get away from the congestion and homeboys of LA but not go too far away. Throw in Cal’s new stadium and our demographics are there. Now with Sonny here and his folksy persona and exciting brand of football and you have a tempting recruiting package to consider, more so if you are out of state than local. The only thing missing now is Cal brandiong itself as a completely new team and program under Sonny. Tedford did it with exactly one play – the flea flicker on the first play against Baylor. Even if we lose against Northwestern, if we display a new attitude and an exciting new hugh flying offense, the recruiting will promote itself. In Juancho’s name we hail to Kline almighty, amen!

  • 1brsfan

    Good work Juancho. It looks like Tosh or no Tosh we hover around the 25% of local guys. That seems about right considering that academics may/should play a big role in who comes to Cal. I agree that it doesn’t matter where the players come from as long as they’re the right fit for the program and they help us win!

  • rollonubears

    We just need one year to show people how exciting this system is. I hate the word “execute” but that’s what we have to do. This is a simple system. It should be fairly easy to do. It only takes a couple games, a couple upset wins on TV, and bam, the recruiting pipeline is right back in business like it was in 2002. I think we’re going to crush Northwestern. Ohio State could be a disappointment.

  • BlueNGold

    Recruiting should be about getting the players with the most talent ad who best fit in with the program in question. If you make it even somewhat about geographic proximity to the school in question, you are eliminating a lot of candidates from full consideration. Some kids want to go as far away from home as possible for college. Others want to stay home or close to it. That is part of finding prospects who are a good fit for your program.

  • 1brsfan

    Arizona dual threat QB with 4.3 GPA. Looks like Dykes is looking for guys that fit the system and can succeed academically regardless of proximity to Cal.

  • kotempman

    I agree with the brethren that I don’t care from whence he comes as long as he’s a fit to the program. The first and most critical decision for Sonny is the Quarterback position because as he goes (first 4 games) Cal goes. Sonny has got to get this right in choosing who he feels is going to mature and quickly because as of right now our defense is going to be our achilles heel. If they can’t get three and outs then the pressure on our quarterback is going to mount and it will force things which will spell disaster. Some how if we can squeak 3 wins in first 4 games that will tell us that Sonny made the right choice and our defense is not as bad as we thought. The recruiting will blast off and Cal will be off to the races. BTW another shout out to Juancho for yet another stellar post. Can’t wait to buy that man a beer or two!!!!