Jeff Faraudo

  • LongtimeBlue&Gold

    Have a good break, Jeff. You’ll be missed, because you’re always appreciated here.

  • Juancho

    Longtime are you a new poster ? Havent seen your username before.

    As Jeffs official second in command i welcome you as a brother. And hope you post more frequently.

    Did everyone see the tweet q and a dykes did on youtube ?

  • Juancho
  • BlakeStreetBear

    were is the official list of Beartalk commanders? Am I on it somewhere? Probably near the bottom? I’ll take it…

    Go Bears!

  • ConcordBear
  • rob bear

    With Extreme Prejudice Sonny Boy! With Extreme Prejudice! Go BEARS!

    Summer Vacation! YESSSSSSS! (Napolean Dynamite)

  • wehofx

    Have a great vacation, Jeff! Much deserved.

    Juancho (and Rotfo), that was my question about takkarist mckinley. SD couldn’t pronounce weho. Guess he’s not up on the weho, soma, soho, noho thing yet.

    imo, the TM question and the starting qb question were the only one’s he did the non answer dance. I really like his style.

    If BSB is on the list, I wanna be on it, too!

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Brethren all of us regular posters are the lifeblood. So BSB you and the rest of us are the highest ranking knights in the order of the bear.

    Wehofx thank you for representing us. It was your duty as social media magistrate for this blog.

    Rob bear it had been too long since you had graced us with an extreme prejudice.

    Wehofx weho stands for something?

    By the way this interview was a good example of why i cant stand knbr and radnich in particular. He turned it into something about him like he always does. With the young wife thing over and over.

    Kate scott is an alumni yet they focused on radnich and the other guy.

    Im a 95.7 fm guy. I think they do a million times better job.

  • Juancho

    By the way where did all the regulars go. Were less than 2 months from game 1.

    Boalt my eternal brother
    The easiest of all eds
    The bearister
    Covina me nemesis
    Gb49 official financial analist
    The beloved rope man will
    Esteban “tony g and jason kidd for coaches” in texas
    His cousin esteban w
    What ever happened to shaka ?
    The clone doctor

    We need someone to organize official bear talk blog t shirts with our usernames this season.

  • Juancho

    Bsb wehofx rob concord didnt include you in that roll call bc you brothers are accounted for.

    In klines name.

  • covinared

    thanks Juancho! what about the missing one?

  • discdude

    Wow, I’m honored. Most of the time, people ignore me. LOL. Juancho, even though we had a disagreement on some issue (I honestly can’t even remember what it was about), you’re pleasantries are winning me over.

    Is it football season yet?

  • rob bear

    My favorite was that crazy guy / gal who idolized USC and found every possible fault with CAL, yet posted on this site as much as anyone. The equivalent of swearing off alcohol, yet hanging out at bars. Too funny and too easy.

  • daredevilfan

    Present. And chomping at the bit. We are currently undefeated!

  • Eric

    Has Kline thrown a wheel route to Khalfani yet?

  • BlueNGold

    Well Juancho, I am and have been here, just not a lot to post about lately, but I have been adding my $.02 from time to time.

  • BlueNGold

    You are right about Radnich, Juancho. He is way too full of himself and belittling the others on his show. He is a pain to listen to because he tends to be a long winded blowhard. He should go the way of Ralph Barbieri.

  • CalFan1


    Re post #9, Glad to have made your list – even though I appeared last. Does That make me Mr. Irrelevant?

    My last post was on the Kaufusi news.


  • The Wisdom Cow

    Calfan1, sadly, yes. The order clearly defined both the importance of an individual’s contributions and the accuracy of the sports opinions those posters portend. 😉

  • Will

    Sorry, I was busy twirling the rope for the golf team…but that didn’t go so well.

  • ScottyBear


    I am here brother! Still also hoping Takkarist plays RB !

  • milo


    I’m here but man it’s not even summer/fall camp with many unknowns and a new staff and system. Hard to get worked up until things take shape and there’s a sense of whats up. Once the starter at QB is named and skill positions set, and we get a sense of what the D can/can’t do, the noise will return.

    It’s an unusual year because of the transition, so we sit and wait.

    Go Bears!

    In the mean time, as Mike Silver would say – win the party!

  • Gobears91

    Juancho: present, but keeping my comments to myself until the season starts. Was pulling hard for Cal Golf to bring home the National Championship – tough defeat there but kudos to the guys turning around and qualifying 3 for the US Open.
    Also, like yourself, I coach youth baseball so you know how much time gets taken up during the spring.
    Turning to football, I get a positive vibe from SD and his staff. I also think our team has lots of talent with no pressure from expectations so this could be a surprisingly good year (although the schedule is brutal). I would like to see some results on the recruiting trail, but perhaps the blue chips are taking a “wait and see” approach….probably like most of us are. Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    No “Foolin'” this time.

    Twitter rumor I hope is not true:

    >>>Cal LB Chris McCain is reportedly suspended indefinitely.

    Seems like it’s academic issues. I guess the only good take away is that SD is taking academics seriously. Suspending a future star like CM sends that message to the rest of the team loud and clear.

    I hope CM gets it together in the classroom. I really enjoyed watching him play. Seems like he had the potential to become a star playing DE in 4/3.

  • covinared

    McCain gone. Clear now that Tedford gave little weight to academics when he was hauling in recruits a few years back. Good lesson to learn. There is a price to pay. Poor students tend not to stay long and are prone to mistakes on the field.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Covinared, it’s still on the coaches to instill a duty in the poorer students to get enough work done to remain eligible.

    Has the summer session started yet? If not, the timing of this seems like it would be the stick to get McCain to work in summer classes enough to be eligible come Fall.

  • kotempman

    Juancho, forgive me for non-activity for the railroad has had there way with me for the last few months…counting the days till kickoff is my only sanity when getting through the long hours on the train….I will humbly accept with great honor last position on the sacred Cal list…may the Kline be with you and us!!!!!

  • Calfan1

    Did i miss something or you’ve been left off the list!!

  • rotfogel

    Oh no, Chris McCain gone? That is really bad news if it is true. I hope for his sake it’s not as I think he has an nfl future which he’d really be messing up.

    T. McKinnley should be an OLB/DE hybrid, playing RB requires quick movements and elusiveness which he has never attempted. But on the outside edge or covering a TE, McKinnley should excel at. Too big to be blocked by a RB or WR and too fast for a OT, he could destroy backfields. I want to see him crash in on a QB with blinding speed, that’d be nice.

  • checking in. still wondering about Boehm’s role. usable in the slot?

  • kotempman

    I’m as excited as any year before to start…my only concerns are the defense..must, must have a defense and everything else will be fine…Aug 31st can’t come soon enough!!!!!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Calfan1, oh grasshopper . . . Juancho addresses me as bovine.

  • Calfan1

    I focused more on “Wisdom” and less on “cow” – that’s how i missed it! No wonder you like the order of the list!!

  • LongtimeBlue&Gold

    Juancho, re post #2, I’ve been an occasional poster for years, but for some reason when I try to post from my home computer the comments do not appear. And I prefer to use the computer at work for work. But I’ve been following virtually all Cal sports since Steve Bartkowski was both QB and catcher for the Bears…

  • Juancho

    Brothers it is good to see all the friendly faces again. I figure it would be a good welcome back gift to Jeff if we can keep the conversation going here in the comments.

    I will be doing some research regarding Pac 12 recruiting this evening. Stay tuned.

  • ScottyBear

    Best of all, no more Morencsarecoming!!! Thanks God that POS has disappeared!

  • Dan

    Juancho, mi amigo, I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m here in spirit even when the body is away for while. Just killer busy at work (the dreaded Big Blue), plus truth be told my Aztecs have stepped up in the world so my loyalties are a little more divided as is my rare free time following both my beloved programs. I did watch and quite enjoy the mighty Golden Bear Rugby Team win the Sevens National Championship (finally), a great accomplishment and surprisingly little mention here.

    Great BearTalk roll call tho. I’m starting to get fired up with the unparalleled greatness of college football fall right around the corner. Not sure where the Cal record will end up, but there’s going to be some high powered, aggressive, no fear, go for the gusto Golden Bear
    offense (SADLY lacking for several years) to watch and be thrilled by. The Sonny D O might be enough satisfaction for me in year 1. Anything else, like big/unexpected wins, 9 wins or better, a great bowl win will be gravy for me. Sweet gravy.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Dan, missed you bro.

    You so often beat me to the punch (to post here) over the last 4-5 lean years with your spot-on analyses of Tedford’s failings, whether they were bone/pig-headed tactical errors, personnel/depth-chart head-scratchers or player-chemistry experiments gone awry.

    I look forward to writing some positive posts this season and reading yours too.

    I think the sky is truly the limit for the Cal program with a guy like Dykes at the helm. I think he has winner’s mojo, and we will obviously see, in just a few (long, long) months away… A couple of good, exciting mass-marketed seasons could snowball into a return of recruiting dominance where the Bears can start (re)getting those Cali guys who are now choosing ore/ucla/etc over the Bears.

    The stadium is gonna be so frickin’ gorgeous as the sun sets on Aug 31st. Dang, we be some lucky fans to get to witness that beautiful sight each season…And I think the football is going to once again match its brilliance, well, at least on one side of the ball. 😉

    Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    “The Sonny D O might be enough satisfaction for me in year 1. Anything else, like big/unexpected wins, 9 wins or better, a great bowl win will be gravy for me. Sweet gravy.”

    well said.

  • rollonubears

    Like a lot of folks, I think I’ve been reserving comments because there’s just not a whole lot of negative stuff to say. Things just keep getting better in Strawberry Canyon. Feeling a little bit like James Carville vs. Will Ferrell in the Old School debate. This season should be awesome.

  • kotempman

    To the brethren, may this season be the beginning of a new era of “Cal Football” with the coaches we have now and the different “feel” I can’t help but think how the players will respond to this staff. I have a very good feeling about this group, but also it will take time ( not to much I hope) as the quarterback start’s his first collegian game. We need to be patient and supportive with our right on critiques of course and let things play out. Looking forward to a first ever sponsored party hosted by Juancho pre-season!!!!! What do you think?

  • GldnBear71

    The latest APR shows that Cal is dead last in the Pac 12 and the 6th worst score in the nation.

    Don’t we have a better accountability system? Are our academic advisors that piss poor?

    I am truly embarassed by this.

  • rotfogel

    I was thinking about the 4-3 defense:
    How does this starting lineup sound:
    DE N. Broussard
    DT D. Coleman
    DT M. Jalil
    DE Todd Barr
    starting LB group should be among the best in the Pac 12
    LB K. Fortt
    LB N Forbes
    LB B Scarlett
    Our DBs, our shakiest group
    CB S McClure
    SS A Logan (give D. Drew a shot?)
    FS A Sebastian
    CB K Jackson
    Hey, looks solid on paper.

  • covinared

    Rot: like your group, but am more concerned with the #2 and #3 guys because at least half these guys could miss some significant time during the year. what about that stud east bay db recruit from 2012? Have not heard his name. None of the season forecasts rank our lb’s high. I am hoping for the best, but this could be an ugly year.

  • Eric

    I saw the APR stuff as well. Here’s the admin’s press release:

    “One of the specific reasons behind the hiring of Sonny Dykes as our football coach last fall was his commitment to academic performance,” athletic director Sandy Barbour said in the statement. “From the beginning, he has instituted standards for accountability and expectations for the entire team as it relates to academics. It may take some time for the scores to reflect the progress we are making, but it is clear that we are moving in the right direction.”

    Those who repeatedly defended Tedford as things grew progressively on the field would point to his alleged commitment to academics. Tedford never made academics a priority, but lived off of people like Alex Mack to hide the ugly truth. I am glad the school is finally admitting that Dykes was hired, in part, to fix the problem.

  • rotfogel

    I hear you. There are some 2nd teamers that I like a lot: on the DL Gabe King and V Moala, both of whom have talent. If Chris McCain is really gone that does suck.

    LBs: what about Wilkerson? Is that dude somewhat healthy? I also like Jefferson a lot, I saw him in spring and he looked good. In terms of talent, I’m not sure any of the LBs have as much talent as Jason Gibson, but I’ve never seen him play.

    DBs are thin, I really hope they can stay healthy. Cedric Dozier was a high recruit and apparently Joe Willis is a good athlete. We’ll just have to see.

  • wehofx

    #35 Juancho, ima down.

    #43 Rotfo, like your list. I’m hopeful T Barr will have a breakout year.

    So. To steal topic from blog I check out from time to time.


    Me: I’ll take 6-6. With our brutal schedule, I’ll even take 5-7 esp if we see the team improve over the course of the season.

  • covinared

    Rot: agree we are 2 deep in lb’s.

  • BlakeStreetBear


    I will take 7-6.

    If we finish reg season 6-6, then winning the bowl game will be crucial for the overall positive effect the season will have on the players/fans/recruits; it will not just be icing on the cake.

    But if the team finishes the reg season 7-5!, that will mean that there will have been some upsets and no doubt some very exciting football will have been played again and even if the team loses in the bowl game, I think that the season would still be successful at 7-6. my 2 cents…

  • Will

    Sorry Steve, looks like JKidd is off the market…