Football: Rebenzer, Enwere excited about future

Don’t expect class of 2014 recruits Luke Rebenzer or Vic Enwere to arrive at Berkeley ahead of schedule as did 2013 newcomer Jared Goff, who graduated from high school mid-year in order to enroll at Cal and attend spring workouts.

“It’s not in the cards for me,” said Enwere (pronounced en-WHERE-ee), a running back from Sugar Land, Texas, a Houston suburb. “I have things I want to do at home … I want to graduate with my class from high school.”

Likewise, Rebenzer, a quarterback from Scottsdale, Ariz., said he’s thought about it, but added, “At this point, it’s kind of too late to do anything about it.”

Rebenzer, who gave Cal an oral commitment last week, said offensive coordinator Tony Franklin floated the idea of red-shirting as a freshman or perhaps gray-shirting, meaning Rebenzer would not arrive on campus until the start of the spring semester (January 2015), delaying the start of his eligibility clock.

All that is down the road.

One thing seemed clear in my phone conversations with the two on Wednesday — each is as committed as a 17-year-old who has not signed a binding letter of intent can be.

Rebenzer had planned to take summer trips to check out the Air Force Academy and a couple Ivy League schools. “Now that I committed,” he said, “I’m just laying back the rest of the summer, just chilling.

“As far as recruiting goes, I’ve pretty much wrapped everything up,” Rebenzer said. “It’s a great feeling. A lot of the coaches say, `It’s your senior year, be with your team and cherish every moment you have.’ It’ll be nice to stay in the weight room this summer.”

Enwere expressed no waffling on his commitment. “I love the offense, I love the coaches,” he said. “I’m happy with my decision. It’s it’s early but I feel like I’m going to Cal.”

Both players get high marks from their coaches.

Saguaro High coach Jason Mohns on Rebenzer: “He’s a stud, a phenomenal football player. Everything we’re doing in our offense is going to have a read by Luke. He reads the defense very well. He’s a 4.2 student, scored a 29 on ACT, got 35 of 36 on the math portion. He’s a really high IQ kid, makes great decisions. We put a lot in his hands and he hasn’t let us down.”

Mohns said that Franklin was sold on Rebenzer the first time he watched his film.

“He was highly intrigued by him,” Mohns said. “Franklin visited in spring ball to watch Luke throw and told me after seeing Luke live he liked him more than he did before.

“He and coach Franklin are both perfectionists. I think they’re going to click. I know they already have.”

Austin Fort Bend High coach Daniel Schreiber on Enwere: “He’s a great kid,  makes good grades, loves football. Really doesn’t have a lot of ego about him. The process sometimes makes them think they’re a little better person than they are — he’s not like that. They’re getting a good one.”

Schreiber said Enwere has a great combination of speed and strength. “He runs 4.4 and he’s got good vision. Squats 500 pounds so he breaks tackles. Runs north-south,” Schreiber said. “As a running back, he’s not one that won’t block. He’s done a great job this year working on being able to catch the football. Before he’s done, he’s going to be the total package.”

Like Rebenzer, Enwere is a strong student who had options at high-academic schools. His brother Ike is an engineering student at MIT and his sister Paulyann is studying to become a medical doctor at Texas-Galveston.

“Education was big for me, but I didn’t want it to outweigh everything,” Enwere said. “Cal fit the bill. They had what I wanted.”

Starting with — he stressed — the opportunity to play running back.

“I never understand where they got the different position thing on the internet,” Enwere said, referring to some online discussion that he might be moved to linebacker in college.

“I’m going to play running back. That’s what they want me to play. They want to me to come and carry the football.”

At 6-foot-1, 213 pounds, Enwere said he’s worked to develop his hands and to run crisp pass routes. He said he’s now able to line up in the slot and beat a defensive back for the ball.

As a runner, all he wants is the chance to carry the ball. Even once. “You buy your own carries by your performance.” he said.

Schreiber said reports that Enwere rushed for more than 1,600 yards last season are wrong. He had about 1,350 of the team’s 2,700 rushing yards, accumulated by three backs. Schreiber said it’s possible Enwere could become the school’s first 2,000-yard runner next fall.

Rebenzer’s numbers already are impressive. He has started 26 consecutive games, his coach said, completing 70 percent of his career attempts, with 70 touchdowns and just 10 intercetions.

The number that apparently scared off some recruiters is 6-feet — his height.

Mohns said Rebenzer is able to compensate with his speed, accuracy and athleticism.

“He’s a fast-twitch muscle fiber kid,” Mohns said. “He’s about 190 pounds, but when he spends a good year or two in a college football program, he’ll add some muscle mass to his frame. He can easily carry 205 pounds.

“Coach Franklin from the very beginning told Luke that being 6-4 wasn’t that important in their system.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • Crawford

    Luke Rebenzer is a Elite 11 QB correct? Like both signings. Keep em coming Cal! Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    I have an itch to be negative on here. Its been too long.

    Jeff what did you mean by theyre as committed as a 17 year old who hasnt signed anything. Reading between the lines are you saying they told you theyre decommitting and using cal to build their brand?

    Bring tedford and the sunglasses back.

  • Juancho

    Tosh a year later.

    If Dykes pulledthe shocker of shockers and hired tosh back. And tosh said he made a mistake the way he left.

    Would you welcome him and the elite recruiting back?

    Im a yes vote.

  • Bigdruid

    Nope. Tosh burnt that bridge. You don’t use negative recruiting against your alma mater. I don’t care how good of a recruiter he is or how much you hate Tedford, that’s a line you don’t cross.

  • Eric

    I’ve always reserved judgment on what Tosh said or did with recruits when he left. What is the nature of the negative recruiting?

  • CalBearister

    F-Tosh. Persona non grata.

  • Gobears49

    We need to have Tosh back so we can recruit more defensive lineman, which was his specialty. Then maybe our personnel would match our defensive coordinator’s “I only coach the 4 -3” defensive scheme.

  • H8sRed

    We need to bring To$h back so we can bring in more recruits who won’t graduate.

  • Gobears49

    …. so we can make Tedford’s poor graduation rate look better.

  • Mitchie V

    Anybody else see Allen Crabbe at the Combine? He wasn’t the biggest fella there, but he was hitting his shots!

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Juancho —

    Your question: “Jeff what did you mean by theyre as committed as a 17 year old who hasnt signed anything. Reading between the lines are you saying they told you theyre decommitting and using cal to build their brand?”

    No. Not my meaning at all. Simply that many of today’s high school prospects make a “commitment,” then announce they are takikng all their campus visits. These guys aren’t doing that. They seem totally committed to Cal.

    But . . . until the papers are signed, anything is possible. That’s all I meant.

  • Jeff Faraudo

    And Tosh back to Cal? Get real. It’s a new coaching staff in Berkeley, but too many long memories elsewhere in the athletic department. Sonny Dykes has his own guys to recruit; Tosh is not coming back and I cannot imagine he would be welcomed under any circumstance.

  • Juancho

    Good points Jeff. Jeff whats your take on the latest release on the stadium debt issues.

  • Suttree

    Stadium debt is a non issue at this point. Way too many variables in play over a long period of time. The chron article with Barsky was an alarmist piece and nothing more.

  • rollonubears

    stadium issues could be completely ameliorated with a 7-day woodstock type concert.

  • Larry

    Forget about Tosh. That guy is not welcome here.

  • shaka

    Tosh asked me once to get him a comp tee-time here in Hawaii, like he’s doing me a favor talking to me; he’s a taker, not a giver…Juancho, I give you the thread-less joke of the year award (so far).

  • Dan

    Re: Tosh – I agree with Eric, as usual, and wouldnt take a whole lot of arm twisting to agree with Juancho.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’d welcome back Tosh with open arms, as in I’d open my arms and drop him off the Campenile.

  • Calduke

    Would Tosh be welcomed back??

    Why would Dykes prevent one of the top 5 Div I recruiters from joining the team? Sonny is probably going to experience difficulty with in-state recruiting and Tosh would take care of that problem.
    Tosh saw Tedford’s sinking ship and was vulnerable to Washington’s, or other, temptations. Gould kept the faith with Cal and was run out of town a few months after the season ended. Tosh didn’t stick around to experience that.

    I feel Tosh’s reactions upon leaving Cal was more directed at Tedford than the Cal Program. Tedford is gone. Tosh would bring in some top Defensive studs that will now go other places.

    Perhaps my observations are just a result of summer frustrations; but, recruiting is important.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Calduke, Tedford’s ship wasn’t sinking until Tosh left with that top 10 recruiting class.

  • Jan K Oski

    Cow – nice revisionist history. Tedford lost his way years before Tosh jumped ship: Lackluster performance (players do give up coaches), highly conservative play calling, poor clock management, playing an injured Nate Longshore, coaching carousel, and paranoia resulting in closing practices which didn’t nothing to improve production. End of story.

    Juancho – Tosh ain’t coming back ever. End of story.

    Go BEARS!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The ship was taking on water, no doubt, but it wasn’t sinking. JT doesn’t get fired if that recruiting class came in in the top ten. Hardly revisionist history.

    That doesn’t mean a change was not needed. It just means a change was not going to happen. The loss of Tosh and his recruits was the tipping point.

  • clonedoc

    Yes he would have because in all likelihood we would have had the same crappy performances on the field with said recruits, only to lament how well they ultimately performed at the next level. Then we would have tried to provide solace to ourselves by proclaiming how we breed NFL talent.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Clonedoc, get rid of the first 5 words, and you are right on it.

    He would have gotten at least one more year(and a few of those top prospects, like Shaq, might have been enough to add a few wins to the record).

    There is simply no way the buy out and new hire would have taken place when there was evidence (misplaced or not) that the new facilities had helped JT’s recruiting (when it was mostly Tosh), and the argument that he “earned” another year, from his past success, would have been used to justify not spending so much for a change. Barbour would have spun the recruiting as the primary reason to come out and watch Cal Football, and when you factor in how much money would not have been spent to fire him and hire a new staff, it would have been fiscally prudent.

  • Juancho

    No way we would have had the same crappy performance with those recruits. I don’t buy that AT ALL.

    I absolutely believe Tedford would not have been fired if we kept that class. No way in bell. He would have gotten one more year.

    Cal guys, including what I would consider “Tosh losses”. We will never know for sure, but the Tosh losses are guys we thought were probably coming to Cal, but after Tosh gate did not.

    Shaq Thompson was probably good enough for +2 wins. DJ Foster too.

    Arik Armstead # 2, went to Oregon – Tosh Gate
    Shaq Thompson # 3, went to Washington – Tosh Gate
    Stefon Diggs # 6, went to Maryland – Tosh Gate
    Darius Hamilton # 20, went to Rutgers – Tosh Gate
    Ellis McCarthy # 23, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    Bryce Treggs # 43
    Ishmael Adams # 81, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    Jordan Payton # 95, went to UCLA – Tosh Gate
    DJ Foster # 104, went to ASU – Tosh Gate
    Aziz Shittu # 191 went to Stanford – Tosh Gate
    Michael Barton # 194
    Christo Kourtsidiz # 258 went to Florida State – Tosh Gate
    Kenny the Jet Lawler # 277
    Cedric Dozier # 293

  • Calduke


    Respect your spirit and observations, but, the 2012 offense stunk and Shaq couldn’t have changed that? AND
    could Foster? Bad QB, bad OL. None of those Tosh boys could have altered 2012

  • Juancho

    Duke you might be right. You are my brother.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Yet, +2 wins is not ridiculous, if only with the shaq addition. There were several close games and games where one more turnover recovery by the D could have changed the results.

    The main point, however, is that JT would not have been given the axe. Not only would that class have been top 10, but the momentum in recruiting only would have continued. It would have been enough to keep the status quo, not paying JT to leave.


    It’s not like this matters, but when a “revisionist history” is dropped on me, I don’t let it go. Granted, the definition of a “sinking ship” may mean different things to different people, but IMO, the ship ain’t sinking until it’s clear the HC is on his way out.

  • Calduke

    Another year of JT’s play-calling and decision-making?
    Tosh was more important to the Cal Bears than JT.
    The wrong coach left the program.

  • Dan

    To any saying Tedford wouldn’t have been fired, 2 things- 1) it’s not like Cal would have had more than 1-2 more wins even if all those recruits came- still another bad winning season and grounds for firing for the dismal Tedford, and 2) what about the even more dismal academic performance that had been on a downward spiral for a few years or more? The facade of academic success was the only thing propping Tedford up at the end- oh, that and way too many millions of dollars Cal donors were on the hook for.

    Sorry, but I don’t buy that Tedford would have been back with a slightly better losing season and the beyond embarrassing academic situation. He was gone, SB just needed that one more season of failure on and off the field, and needed one more season to reduce the ridiculous remaining contract she needlessly offered Tedford.

  • Calduke


    These are my off-the-wall observations and opinions.
    They probably run counter to most opinions, etc.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dan, go back in time. http://www.ibabuzz.com/beartalk/2012/11/18/football-tedfords-status-remains-in-limbo/#comments

    Now, consider a top ten class PRIOR to that season, with the likelihood of another top class on the horizon. It would have totally changed the way people looked at the situation, optimism would have remained on one front – the front that was the very justification for the upgraded facilities in the first place.

  • BlueNGold

    WisCow I do not know how you can state things which are nothing more than assumptions and speculation as if they are obvious fact. I have no reason to believe that JT’s teams would have performed any better with the Tosh recruits they did not get than they did with all the good recruits that they did get during his tenure. It almost pains me to do so, but I have to agree with JKOski’s assessment, except he forgot to mention the embarrassing graduation and academic rankings. It would have taken an historic turnaround for JT to save his job, and with Maynard as your starting QB, who turned out to be a poster boy for academic as well as athletic failure, there was never any chance of that.

    Juancho, for you to claim JT would not have been fired if all those recruits had stayed with Cal is nothing but bullcrap. His academic record stunk, his team performances were on a downward trajectory, and you think getting the recruits who got away would have won him another year? Even if he got another year, the results would have been more of the same and would have only delayed the inevitable. So why even bring it up?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    LOL. A change on the field would not have mattered last season. Barbour would have come down on him for the academic issues, and “changes” within JT’s program would have been made, but JT would not have gone anywhere.

    They did not fire him the previous 3 seasons as things got worse each year! Had Tosh brought in top ten recruiting classes, that would have been seen as the beginnings of a turn around on the field, or at least argued as such so they would not have had to do the buy-out.

    And I write it because it’s what would have happened.

    It’s all of these, “no, they would have fired him anyway” people that cannot separate what has happened from a situation with a few altered variables.

    Just think for a moment what it would have been like on the Cal Web Community had that top ten class come in. “OMG we’re gonna be so good in a year or two!” And then, prior to this year ending, there would have been another highly thought of class lined up as verbals. The discussion would have been completely different.

    The idea that the academic record got him fired is bullcrap. As if they would have fired him with a winning record because of it?

    His contract was the only thing making it hard to pull the trigger (and people were beginning to believe that alone would keep him around if you go look in the archives). Had there been any significant excuse to keep him and save that money, like a top ten class with the potential for more to follow, justifying the money spent on facilities, he would have had at least one more year.

    Now, would he have deserved another year is an entirely different matter . . .

  • BlueNGold

    My recollection is that Tosh did (assuming he deserves all the credit laid upon him) bring in some highly rated recruiting classes. I also recall that the team’s performance continued to decline despite the quality of the recruiting. My recollection is that both the O and D lines continued to be porous and lacking in depth. WisCow makes a lot of assumptions about what might have happened. I look at what actually did happen and cannot buy them.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    List my assumptions. You don’t understand the arguent.

    What happened when Tosh left? Fact.

    My only assumptions are that a tremendous amount of buzz over a top ten class would have existed, and the prospects for another from verbals before the end of last season would have also been in the mix.

    On the first – just read the buzz over the current 3 star prospects! Imagine classes with 3-5 Keenan Allen type recruits (Shaq Thompson type recruits). You really want to pretend there would not be buzz, blog entries and commercials up the wazzoo?

    The second, IMO, is also a safe bet. After a top class, after bringing in a more highly ranked class year after year, it’s hard to imagine Tosh would not have been in the mix on another top class when the decision on whether to fire JT would have been taking place.

    Remember – I’m the negative poster that has tasken crap from all the optimists ever since Longshore’s leg altered his mechanics. I’ve wanted JT gone longer than most, by far, noting his offense went to crap since he brought in Dunbar and expanded it with spread aspects he never needed.

    I’m not arguing the ship would have been righted. I’m arguing that JT would have gotten one more year had Tosh and those classes remained. There would have been enough optimism and promotable players to avoid a buy-out and new hire.

    Any other assumptions I’m missing?

  • kotempman

    Out with the old in with the new my Brethren! I think we’ve beat this dead horse enough…I respect all your opinions and you are entitled to them but let’s move on to the “Sonny Era”. Is it Aug 31st yet????? The first big decision for Sonny is who’s going to be the quarterback…what do ya think brethren?

  • BlueNGold

    You want a list of your assumptions, Wis? In Message #23 you wrote:
    “The ship was taking on water, no doubt, but it wasn’t sinking. JT doesn’t get fired if that recruiting class came in in the top ten.”
    Message #25 is all assumptions. In message #29, you wrote:
    “The main point, however, is that JT would not have been given the axe. Not only would that class have been top 10, but the momentum in recruiting only would have
    continued. It would have been enough to keep the status quo, not paying JT to leave.”
    In #35 you wrote: “They did not fire him the previous 3 seasons as things got worse each year! Had Tosh brought in top ten recruiting classes, that would have been seen as the beginnings of a turn around on the field, or at least argued as such so they would not have had to do the buy-out.

    And I write it because it’s what would have happened.”
    And, finally, your #37 is assumption-heavy as well.
    But, even if you are correct, which I do not believe, what difference would one more year of JT, with or without Tosh, would have bought us? Better teams? No evidence of that. Better performance on the field? Certainly no reason to believe that. More fans in the stands? The trend was already going in the other direction! So, all in all, WisCow, your opinions on this subject simply do not make a lot of sense.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Assertion vs. assumption

    The assumptions are that which one relies upon for the assertion.

    Re-read #37 if you want to try to comprehend the argument.