Ex-Cal rower adds to `You can play’ movement

Former Cal rower Heather Hargreaves has contributed to the “You Can Play” movement by helping to create a video that demonstrates the campus’ support for athletes of any sexual orientation.

Click here to see the video.

Hargreaves, who co-founded Cal’s Student-Athlete Gay-Straight Alliance (SAGSA), put together a video featuring Cal administrators, coaches and student-athletes expressing their support for an open environment for LGBT student-athletes.

The message is that if an athlete is good enough to play a sport, that’s all that should matter – the watchwords of You Can Play’s mission.

“It was very touching to see everyone that stepped up for this,” Hargreaves said. “This is not just for student-athletes at Cal right now, but for student-athletes next year and the year after that. Seeing all these people stand up that have won national championships or Pac-12 titles makes a huge statement.”

Among those speaking out in the video are chancellor Nicholas Dirks, athletic director Sandy Barbour, football coach Sonny Dykes, men’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery, women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb, men’s soccer coach Kevin Grimes, lacrosse coach Ginger Miles, rugby coach Jack Clark and Olympic swimmer Caitlin Leverenz.

Jeff Faraudo