Football: Bears get O-line commitment

Michael Trani, a 6-foot-4, 285-pound center from La Mirada HS, has given an oral commitment to the Bears.

The three-star prospect is Cal’s eighth commitment for the Class of 2014.

According to Scout.com, Trani also had offers from Arizona, Boise State, Colorado State, Frenso State, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Washington State and Wyoming.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Raf

    So far this class is nothing to write home about.

  • CalBearister

    Not like Coach Dykes has anything to recruit with this year that he didn’t have for the last recruiting class.

    If he can put a quality product on the field come Labor Day weekend, things will improve.

  • ConcordBear

    This kid is good and has a lot of potential.
    Regardless of the rankings, this is a great start to OL recruiting for this class.
    Love this commit!!!

  • CamHand

    I agree with CalBearister. The key to success is not how much is in this recruiting class… it’s how much class is on the field. Dykes generally never got 4 star guys before, why should he need them now? (Well, he needs better guys to compete in the PAC12 than he had before… that’s one reason.) He only needs to get good guys for his system now so he can get recruits excited and they will come… Even if things crash and burn we won’t know for a couple of years so nobody get too excited just yet. Besides, the best guys are least likely to commit early to CAL right now. Let’s see if he can sneak some in come signing day.

  • Juancho

    So far the class is solid. Three stars this early in the process end up being 4 stars after the summer and fall camps.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    “So far the class is so-SO. Three stars this early in the process CAN end up being 4 stars after the summer and fall camps.”

    Fixed it for you, Juancho. 😉

  • jabes

    Good Wisdom. Look, there’s nothing here to compare to the pitch at ‘furd/Oregon/SC/UCLA (to name a few) where the kid can already visualize that team playing in a BCS bowl game. What are the best optics Cal has to offer, now compare them to:
    * SC legitimately treating the Rose Bowl as a consolation prize
    * Andrew Luck dominating the Orange Bowl, and ‘furd physically dominating Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl
    * Oregon being Oregon
    * UCLA with momentum, and playing the THE FREAKIN’ ROSE BOWL

    A few years ago, it was Cal with momentum. That plus facilities gets Cal in the door with the 5-star kids, with neither fuggetaboutit.

    Dykes, et. al. know their path to success is getting program guys, but their 4- and 5-stat program guys will fit higher profile programs, so they have to win (and graduate kids) with 3-star program guys until they either get momentum or go bust. That’s what Harbaugh did, now Shaw can get program guys with 4- and 5-stars.

  • Juancho

    Jim mora came in and immediately recruited stud classes at ucla. None of these “wait until they perform on the field” excuses for him.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Exactly, Juancho, and Sonny has selling points that are not just Cal and the facilities. He can put L. Tech’s numbers and systems in front of recruits.

    I am not at all disappointed in the recruits that have given verbals so far, but I had been under the impression Sonny was going to aim high this class, his own words if I recall correclty.

  • discdude

    Juancho #5: you like the class, i.e. solid?
    Juancho #8: you don’t like the class, or was that sarcasm?

    I think Mora had (and still has) a huge advantage over Dykes…people know his name and he’s ex-NFL. And let’s be honest, historically UCLA is a much bigger name. That trumps anything Dykes brings to the table right now. I don’t think a 5-star is even thinking Cal right now, not until some wins happen on the field. Dykes isn’t even Harbaugh, he was an ex-NFL player, Dykes is relatively unknown to west coast recruits.

    So far, I think he’s doing exactly what he can do, aiming high, probably missing on the big ones, but hitting the 3-stars with good grades.

    How can I complain? We won all of 3 games last year.

  • Juancho

    Discdude. I do think this class is solid. None of these players are guys i think are non contributors. But at the same time my expectations for the sonny money man are higher. I think hell recruit a top 20 class next year. If we land any of the guys announcing at the opening tomorrow this class moves from solid to the road to being elite.

  • discdude

    Yeah, I think if they can put up the wins and show improvement, he has a much stronger message to sell next year. More wins, better coaching, kids making grades and graduating, best facilities…it will improve.

    What’s tomorrow?

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    #7 Jabes- I’ll agree with you on 85%. But Harbaugh did two things with those kids he had when he came in at Furd: 1) the staff coached them up, 2) They bought in to what he was selling- hard nosed kick your ass football.

    The offensive squad all say they love the Dykes-Franklin system. The “new” 4-3 should get pressure on the QB, but we need quality, and healthy, D-lineman.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Nor-Cal Scott, I am not convinced at all about the 4-3 helping the D, especially against spread offenses.

  • kotempman

    I think right now most are asking ” Sonny who?” Time will answer that question by the end of the season. Go Bears!!!!

  • Juancho

    Disc this week is a big recruit camp called the opening. Nike runs it. Its the top 160 recruits in the country. A few guys are announcing their commitments tomorrow. Two of which are former teammates of bryce treggs. Naijiel hale who is the son of late rap artist nate dogg. And jaleel wadood who decommitted from asu. Im not going to type who theyre expected to commit too bc i dont want to jinx it. Both are safeties. 4 star guys. Theyre a package deal.

    Dj calhoun a stud linebacker and teammate of jalen harvey in el cerrito may also commit.

  • wehofx

    Recruiting is evaluation first and foremost.

    Saban and petey recruit(ed) the best 4/5 stars who delivered! Lame and – to this point – sark are recruiting 4/5 stars who are, for the most part, NOT delivering.

    Harbaugh, riley and peterson correctly (past, present and past tense) evaluated the high school talent of under the radar 2/3 stars players. (harbaugh did the nfl equivalent w his pick of kapernick.)

    EVALUATION! Rubenzer(sp?) is now a finalist in Elite 11 qb’s. When he committed to us, I’m pretty sure he was a 2/3 star.

  • rollonubears

    Three stars that commit to Cal today with offers to San Jose State and Fresno State, commit somewhere else if/when they get to 4 star status and the offers start coming in. I’ve given up on caring about a commit this early, unless he’s an elite athlete with Cal connections. Been disappointed too many times, and it’s way too early. I hope this guy keeps developing, and I hope that he still decides to come here.

  • BlueNGold

    Its sort of a chicken and egg argument, isn’t it? Which comes first? Better performance or better recruiting? I think the argument can be made that JT’s recruiting declined over time because he was not only getting poor results on the field, but his teams were looking uglier and uglier in getting what results there were.
    The other day someone on this blog dissed the fans and students for not supporting the team better during the 2011 season at AT&T. I have to believe that the poor performances on the field that season were a major contributor to the lack of fan support. If SD and Co. can start getting a better quality performance at the start of the season, and continues to build on it through the schedule, I believe its going to have a significant, positive impact on both recruiting and fan support. With the tough schedule Cal has this year he is going to need all the momentum and positive buzz he can get.

  • Oldcalfan

    If the 2 and 3 stars play together as a team with a goal (BCS, RoseBowl, etc.) then anything is possible. However, judging by Cal’s football history (and past performances), it’s not very likely that Cal will have much success anytime soon. But anything is possible if Sonny can motivate and coach the TEAM to play together. I hope the Bear will not die nor quit.