Football: Rubenzer earns spot on final Elite 11 list

Cal 2014 commit Luke Rubenzer made the cut as a final Elite 11 quarterback following this week’s competition at The Opening in Beaverton, Ore.

Rubenzer was ranked No. 10 among the 18 quarterbacks who participated in the Elite 11 event in rankings determined by ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer and his staff of coaches at the event.

“It was awesome to see that I made the cut,” Rubenzer said in a phone interview. “Just a great feeling to know other people are finally recognizing that I can compete with the best.”

The rising senior from Scottsdale, Ariz., was the only Pac-12 recruit and the only quarterback unranked among Scout.com’s top 63 prospects who made the list.

Two top Bay Area prospects at the event — including Stanford-bound Keller Chryst of Palo Alto — failed to earn positions among the final Elite 11. Also bypassed was Oregon commit Morgan Mahalic of Marin Catholic-Kentfield.

Topping the Elite 11 rankings was Sean White from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., who still hasn’t settled on a college destination. But while White’s performance was a surprise, at least he is ranked No. 60 among Scout’s national prospects at the position.

Ten of the quarterbacks on the Elite 11 list are ranked by Scout, seven of them in the top-20.

The exception is Rubenzer, listed as a three-star prospect by Scout but  unranked, perhaps because he stands just 6-feet tall. But Rubenzer completed nearly 69 percent of his passes last season, throwing 36 touchdowns.

In its final evaluations at the Elite 11 camp, ESPN.com wrote, “Rubenzer turned on his play in the second day of 7-on-7 play. … He isn’t the biggest prospect on the field, but he never let his limitations get in the way.”

Rubenzer said he rarely pays attention to the rankings.

“When I do look at them, it’s more motivation to prove people wrong,” he said. “It’s not a matter of me knowing I can do it. It’s just a matter of other people knowing.

“I’ve known for a long time I’m able to compete with the best and out-perform the higher-ranked kids.”

For ESPN’s full story, click here.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Gobears49

    Before Jeff wrote this article, I finally started working on my long-promised total number of Elite 11 QB’s who attended each college from 1999, when it started, through 2013. Tentatively, it looks like Cal is tied with USC with ten high school Elite 11 QB’s who attended those schools at one time during the time they attended college. Florida is second with nine. But Cal’s quality of Elite 11’s was much lower than that of USC’s, as I believe none of Cal’s Elite 11 QB’s were ever drafted by the NFC, whereas USC has several.

    For those interested in seeing the entire list of Elite 11 QB’s, which shows what awards each QB received while in college and what round they were drafted in the NFL, here’s the link I am looking at —


    More to come on this topic from me, probably by Monday.

  • ScottyBear

    Pretty amazing stats. Thanks for posting. Cal has certainly had its share of Elite 11 QB’s and certainly had very little to show for it. Different this year!!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Beat Miami on a last second Hail Mary and your set, Luke.

  • wehofx

    I woulda never guessed we had some many Elite 11. Good research.

    With Z Kline, J Goff and, in a year, Z Rubenzer getting coached up by SD and TF, I am optimistic!

    Hot off twitter: (Don’t know what to make of this. Trevor Davis: 2/3 star wr transferring from Hawaii.)


    Avery Sebastian ‏@Cali_Showtime4

    @trevordavis89 welcome to the team bro

    @trevordavis89 when you get here?

    @Cali_Showtime4 ima start going to 7 on 7s as soon as I can. But I officially come in August


    Welcome to Cal, Trevor.

  • Gobears49


    Thanks. But I’ve known about Cal’s top number of Elite 11 QB’s for years. I have compiled more data about this subject and should have time to write about it on this blog tomorrow.

  • Gobears49

    As a follow-up to my July 5th comment about the number of Elite 11 players (which were first selected in 1999) who have attended each college, here is a more complete list –

    Cal — 10
    USC – 10
    Florida – 9
    Georgia – 8
    Alabama – 7
    Miami (Fla), UCLA, and Tennessee – 6
    Notre Dame, Florida St., Penn St., Texas, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, LSU, and Oklahoma – 5 (Washington would have had six but one Elite 11 selectee who was going to attend that school decided to immediately pursue a pro baseball career).
    Stanford has had four selectees.

    Here’s the link showing the Elite 11 QB’s by year along with some stats about them.

    If you subtract Elite 11 selectees who began their college careers at another school and later transferred into Cal and USC, each had nine Elite 11’s and Florida stayed the same at nine because they didn’t get any QB’s as transfers who were Elite 11 selectees. I did not take the time compile this type of data for other schools.

    A few interesting facts about the data that is on the ESPN Elite 11 website –

    1. Ever heard of Zac Wasserman? He was a 1999 Elite 11 selectee, who initially enrolled at Penn St. and later transferred to L.A. Valley Junior College before enrolling at Cal. Probably never played a down there. But he is counted in the ten total Elite 11 QB’s for Cal listed above.

    2. It seems to me that the percentage of Elite 11 QB’s that were never drafted by the NFL is very high, given that there are seven rounds in an NFL draft, allowing for 224 draft selections. From 1999 through 2006 (the last year in which all Elite 11 QB’s were not in school), the number of Elite 11 QB’s who were not drafted by the NFL was sixty-six, out of ninety-five Elite 11 selections (all Elite 11 sections totaled twelve during each of those years except for 1999), resulting in 66% Elite 11 selections not drafted. But that is better than the percentage of Cal’s five Elite 11 selections for those years who were drafted, which was zero. Clearly being selected as an Elite 11 QB is not a good predictor of being drafted by an NFL team.

    3. What is remarkable about Cal’s record of Elite 11 quarterbacks is that, except for Wasserman, all of its Elite 11 QB’s enrolled at Cal after Tedford arrived at Cal (2001 or 2002) and that during Tedford’s eleven years at Cal, he brought in eight Elite 11 QB’s, though most probably indicated they were going to Cal before they were selected as Elite 11 QB’s.

    4. I have not researched it (and it would have been difficult to do), but if Allan Bridgford had stayed at Cal (he will not be playing football at Cal next season, and I believe he is transferring to play Southern Mississippi), next year Cal would have had five Elite 11 players in school who were eligible to play football, most likely the most ever for any school.

    In the past eleven years, Cal clearly has been a mecca for Elite 11 QB’s to go to school at. While there has not been great production from them at Cal (with the exception of Longshore and, to some extent, Riley), hopefully Cal’s Elite 11 QB’s will be more productive in future years.

  • Juancho

    Wow. Gb49 this is excellent work. Im inspired to produce that bball recruiting research i promised.

    Gb49 so who of the elite 11s have had the most stellar nfl careers ?

  • Gobears49

    Thanks, Juancho. I may rattle off a few later today.

    But I think a more interesting idea, and my next big Elite 11 project, would be to see how many Elite 11 QB’s were picked each year within the top 5 NFL QB selections, starting four or five years after the Elite 11 selections started. I have done zero work on this so far, but you would think that at least one Elite 11 QB would be in the top 5 NFL quarterback draftees close to every year. If not, it could be argued that the Elite 11 selections are a bit of a joke in terms of selecting potentially great college QB’s (though one can argue the Elite 11 just represent an opinion of who are the best QB’s at the time of selection and not who are the QB’s with the best future potential).

    Actually, this study would be in line with your excellent study, which I think I suggested, of the correlation between the round that players were selected in the NFL and their high school star ratings.

  • Gobears49

    With regard to my prior post above, I forgot that the Elite 11 link shows the round that each player was drafted, which would provide some evidence of their potential pro ability at the time they graduated from college, though that data would not indicate whether they were drafted within the top 5 quarterbacks selected.

  • Gobears49


    Here’s a list of what the Elite 11 website were of the notable QB’s that were selected — Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez, Matthew Stafford and Troy Smith. Not a great list, and a bit off, as they should have listed Andrew Luck.

    I’m a college football fan and don’t watch the pro’s much. But from a quick review of the QB’s on the Elite 11 list from ’99 on, the only two that I think now start in the NFL are Andrew Luck (Stanford) and Mark Sanchez (USC). LIke I said, I will be checking out stats like that soon. I doubt many are on the two and three deep roster, but I need to check that out.

  • Jai

    He has a little Johnny Football in him


  • ScottyBear

    Fantastic highlight video. What a great get for Cal! Go Bears! Have a great senior season Luke.

  • Gobears49

    Looks like he can run as well as he can pass, and maybe better. That’s what’s needed these days to be a great college QB, and being able to do that in the pro’s is becoming increasing important (think Colin Kaepernick). Out of our QB’s, I think Hinder is the only really good runner we have.

  • BlueNGold

    Hinder is not just a good runner, he can scramble. I have concerns about Klein’s ability to scramble effectively. Hopefully he can be coached to be better.

  • ScottyBear

    Kline can scramble just fine and most of his high school passing stats were with him running around since his O-Line was weak. Saw him play several times and he makes all the throws. Sonny’s offense is more geared to quick passes or play action misdirection, which Kline is quite good at. Hinder may be a good runner & scrambler, but he supposedly doesn’t have the quick finess to run this offense or the passing talent. Think Tebow – great runner, so what. Rumor has it the Goff also is very much in the mix to start. Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Can this frickin season start ALREADY!!! The anticipation of a football season is horribly torturous, especially with the Giants back to their 2007 form. uggh.

  • kotempman

    So the wife comes up to me and says she has a surprise; and I said what is it? She is very excited when she tells me she has booked a weekend romantic getaway at a very seclusive spot with no outside distractions and no signal for any communication so we can just be together. I said, ” great honey, when is it?” She said, ” August 31st!” I still haven’t stopped throwing up!

  • ScottyBear


    Very much know the feeling brutha!How did she take it when you changed the date on her??

  • kotempman

    If you never hear of me again you’ll know it didn’t go quite well…Thanks for asking ScottyBear, I knew you guys would understand!!!!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Absolutely brutal Kotemp! Ouch.

  • ScottyBear

    I blew off my wife’s birthday to go to the Cal-Maryland opener a few years back. Still paying for that one.

  • kotempman

    Hmmmmm….3 years….hmmm…..might be worth it to see the Sonny era begin…hmmmmmm????

  • wehofx

    Kontempman, I’m feeling your pain! (i’ve done almost the equivalent of ScottyBear. imo, it’s worth the pain and suffering.)

    Hot off Twitter:

    >>>Nam Le ‏@OneLifeOneMic

    McCain is practicing. >>>

  • wehofx

    Vegas U/O on Cal’s record is 4.5 – as reported by Nam Le.

    I agree w Rope man, the Over is a GREAT bet!