Football: Dykes reaching out to Tedford

Among the resources new Cal football coach Sonny Dykes has tried to cultivate in his first eight months on the job is a relationship with his predecessor.

Dykes said during Monday’s Bay Area college football media day that he phoned ex-Cal coach Jeff Tedford about a week after he took the job in December, and intends to talk with him again during the upcoming season.

The purpose of the conversation, Dykes said, was “more just to let him know, `I know you recruited these guys and I’m going to do everything I can to put them in a situation to be successful,’ ” Dykes said. “Because he cares deeply about his players and wants them to do well.

“I wanted him to know I appreciated the job he did at Cal and appreciate the kind of players he recruited. We had a great conversation. Jeff was super, Jeff was awesome.

“He wants to see the players do well. He loves Cal and loves the players and wants to see everyone do well.”

Tedford, the winningest coach in Cal history, was fired after the Bears went 3-9 last season.

— Dykes said everything about the Bay Area so far has been “better than I anticipated,” and that even includes dealing with the media.

He joked during the well-attended local media day at a San Francisco hotel that he never got this level of attention while coaching at Louisiana Tech in rural Ruston, La.

“I was the only guy who covered my team,” Dykes said. “We had a beat writer who never came to practice. Literally never. He was a great guy, but he never came to practice the whole time I was there.

“I suppose this is a little different.”

— Senior offensive tackle Bill Tyndall, who broke an ankle during spring ball, should be ready for the Bears’ Aug. 31 opener vs. Northwestern, Dykes said.

A starter in five games last season, Tyndall is running and will practice on a limited basis at first when training camp begins next Monday, Dykes said.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ScottyBear

    Sonny, please don’t absorb too many Tedfordism’s such as we won the 2nd half. Hopefully we will see some Sonny is God tie-died t-shirts in the stands soon.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’m thinking more, “children of the Son begin to wake” type shirts. God is dead.

  • covinared

    Bear Dikes t shirts.

  • Larry

    31 days until kickoff! fa-yeah!

  • Larry

    Or T-shirts with the headline from the paper when Sonny was first hired, “Cal(and Sandy)likes Dykes”

  • GldnBear71

    Instead of reaching out to Teddy, Dykes should fire all of those involved with academics for the deplorable results.

    My theory is that the more one lowers the standards then eventually the results come in lower. I would take some of those programs off of the list of what is acceptable for athletes. Raise up the bar. Athletes focused on their studies will mean more committed athletes who are prouder of their accomplishments on and off the field.

  • ScottyBear

    Can’t wait for my Sonny bobblehead. He has interesting facial characteristics that will be quite animated when bobbing up and down. Ironically, my Tedford bobblehead never moved.

  • daredevilfan

    Scotty, put your JT bobblehead in front of any other Pac12 coach bobblehead. One version bends over, the other version slips on kneepads.

  • Larry

    I wonder what my autographed Jeff Tedford bobblehead will fetch on Ebay?

  • 707 Bear

    Concerning those Tedford bobbleheads:

    For those older than 40, perhaps you remember how you sent your GI Joe to Valhalla. Yes, we sometimes set ourselves on fire—and we liked it!

    As we prepare for a new era of Cal football, perhaps a creative end to our Ted bobbleheads is in order.

    Go Bears!

  • BlueNGold

    All the people who are still holding onto their Tedford bobbleheads should arrange to meet outside CMH and hold a ceremonial mass burial to symbolize the beginning of a new and hopefully stellar era of Cal football.

  • BlueNGold

    Dear Jeff Faraudo- Please let the powers that be at the CCTimes know that Bear Talk is not included in the list of sports blog links that come up when you click on “blogs” after opening the Opinion page on the web site. Was this an oversight, or are we trying to be exclusive?

  • Ced ” MF” May

    I liked Tedford and wish him well. A lot of these fans are nothing but band wagon riders, when the man was winning they were all on his jock, then a few bad seasons and they were throwing him to the wolves. C’mon people, you have to let the man build the program. There are bound to be some bad years. Joe Paterno did not build Death Valley over night, he natured it and watched it grow to what it is today. Now watch Dykes start off mediocre, then get hot, only to sizzle down….majority of the so call it fans who will praise him at the begining will turn.