Basketball: Asst coach DeCuire heads to China

Cal basketball associate head coach Travis DeCuire left the Bay Area on Thursday for Shanghai, China, where he will participate in a 12-day coaching clinic that is part of the Pac-12 Conference’s Globalization Initiative.

DeCuire, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson and former Oregon coach Ernie Kent will partner with the Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) to teach the sport to 150 coaches from Chinese universities in the world’s largest city.

“It’s an incredible opportunity,” DeCuire said in a news release. “It is important for our program to be an influential piece in the conference’s Globalization Initiative. I am thankful to represent the Cal brand in China and be a part of a great educational experience for Chinese athletics.

“As a coach who has aspirations to one day be a head coach, it is an opportunity to do things that typically only head coaches do,” DeCuire said. “It gives me an opportunity to interact with other head coaches on the road and hear other coaches speak outside of our program. It will be a great experience for me to grow as well.”

The Pac-12 Globalization Initiative began in 2011 and features the Arizona State basketball team visiting China this month for a three-game tour.

Alyssa Jensen, a freshman on the Cal volleyball team, represented the Golden Bears on the Pac-12 All-Star Team that traveled to China this past June, and the Cal women’s basketball program will play three exhibition games in Beijing and Shanghai Aug. 17-26.

“It is perfect for us,” DeCuire said. “It goes along the lines of us being a Jordan Brand school and being a part of a select group to experience this opportunity. Cal is a recognized brand worldwide, and we will continue to grow globally.”

Jeff Faraudo