Football: Bears’ schedule looking very tough

Need more evidence that Cal is about to embark on one of the nation’s most rigorous schedules?

The USA Today’s coaches poll was released Thursday, and Cal faces three teams ranked in the top four and seven in the top-25.


Previously, Phil Steele ranked Cal’s schedule the nation’s third-toughest and The Sporting News placed it as No. 4.

Here’s how the gauntlet unfolds:

— Aug. 31: vs. No. 22 Northwestern

— Sept. 14 vs. No. 2 Ohio State

— Sept. 28 at No. 3 Oregon

— Oct. 12 at No. 21 UCLA

— Oct. 19 vs. No. 25 Oregon State

— Nov. 9 vs. No. 24 USC

— Nov. 23 at No. 4 Stanford



Jeff Faraudo


  1. after we kick their asses, they won’t be ranked as high.

  2. The upside of the rigorous schedule is that it will bring spectators to the home games and garner a lot of media attention. The downside is what happens if Cal falls flat. The first group of games at home should be very telling.

  3. With EXTREME PREJUDICE Sonny Boy! Put the fear of God in them and their preseason rankings! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Furd at 4 is a joke. They will flop. We have a crazy schedule, but we can win any of these games, and will likely take a few.

  5. We can turn the program around the slow painful way, or we can make a shocking statement and catch lightning in a bottle and turn things around quickly. I hope Sonny has some great speeches and can bring his innovation to the Pac12 and get everyone’s attention. We’ve got this unique opportunity, now we’ve just got to force our way through the door and announce to the world that we have arrived. Go Bears!

  6. If we can win 3 or 4 of those games that would be a good indication that we’re headed in the right direction.

  7. If we beat Northwestern & Ohio State we will be ranked in the top 10!

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