Football: Elite running back recruit Joe Mixon cuts his list to 10 schools — Cal still in the mix

Cal is still in the hunt for five-star running back Joe Mixon of Freedom HS in Oakley, who has cut his list of potential schools to 10, according to the recruiting websites Scout.com and Rivals.com.

Mixon said he also still will consider Oregon, Oregon State and Washington from the Pac-12, but has eliminated Arizona State, UCLA and USC.

Others still in the mix are Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Ohio State and Wisconsin. In providing his list of 10 finalists to Scout.com, Mixon said they were in no particular order.

Both Scout and Rivals list Mixon as a five-star prospect, each ranking the 6-foot-2, 210-pounder among the nation’s top five tailbacks.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    U$C gone, very nice!

  • Rollonubears
  • BlueNGold

    Looking at his final 10 list, I would be surprised if he chose Cal over some of the others, especially is his primary interest is in preparing for the NFL. The fact that Cal is close to home for him and his other choices are not also makes me think he will go elsewhere. I really hope I am wrong, and only time will tell, I guess.

    BTW, can we assume that each of these schools has already made an offer to Mixon, since its his ‘final’ list? If so, are the terms of these offers ever disclosed publicly or is that kept private?

  • ConcordBear

    Mixon is a tremendous talent and I hope he decides to go to the University of California.
    Wherever he decides to go he will be successful.
    He can reach all his goals at Cal and no school in his top 10 is better academically than UC, going to Cal opens doors for the rest of your life. Marshawn and Jahvid are the most recent RB studs from the Bay Area that were stars at Cal and were top draft picks. Best would still be going strong in NFL like Lynch if not for injury.
    Hope Mixon is the next in line and becomes a Bear.
    The future of Cal football is bright and top talent like Mixon will make it even better!
    Go Bears

  • ScottyBear

    He was supposedly an early USC lean, so good news they are out.

    BlueNGold, Cal is a perfect fit if his primary interest is the NFL, not sure why you would say otherwise. Lynch, Forsett, Best, Vereen! Also don’t understand your logic about Cal being close to home so he will go elsewhere. It was the main reason Jahvid came to Cal.

    Cal has a chance to make a huge recruiting statement by playing exciting football against the highly ranked opponents on our schedule. Sonny will play to win. Teford would have played to win the 2nd half. Can’t wait for Sonny to go for it on 4th and 2 on our own 48 yard line. Go Bears!

  • kotempman

    Oh boy, Joe if you happen to read this, think about close to home, that means family…there will be nothing closer to you than your blood..time and time again we have seen good young men fall between the cracks of pride, lust, money, and the draw to immorality….your family will be the only ones telling you the truth in everything that will be coming at you…remember everyone will become your best friend now that you have arrived in the big time….if you were from Kansas I would say the same thing….food for thought my young man….

  • BlueNGold

    Scotty and Concord-

    My earlier comments were based on what I have seen in years past and what I am seeing from Mixon and other top recruits this year. I did not say that Cal could not provide the same type or level of experience; my point was that those highly sought recruits who are seeking to position themselves for a successful NFL career generally have not selected Cal as their first choice school. Looking at Mixon’s final list, you can read it as him leaning in the same direction.

    As far as attending school close to home or not, that is really an individual preference and choice. I made the comment I did about Mixon because Cal was the only close to home school on his list, while all of the others are out of state. That leads me to believe that he may have a preference to get a bit further away from the nest.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    BnG, I can see that argument for many positions, but RB is simply not one of them. You can choose to give Tedford credit for the RBs being well prepared for the NFL (which I do in large part because of his pro-set RB responsibilities), but the school has always grabbed the eye of NFL scouts.

    It’s just as arguable that some of those other schools can even hurt your chances to develope in the face of any setbacks. One small injury can put you on the bottom of the depth chart, where here you are more likely to return to the top once healthy.

    My personal belief is that Mixon is going to have a watchful eye on Dykes’ offense in the first few weeks. If he likes what he sees, Cal will remain on his list and have a good chance to land him.

  • Daniel

    Khalfani Mohammed can help recruit Mixon by showing that the play book is easy to learn and you can get meaningful reps at Cal early. The only real threat for a stud like Mixon is not getting a chance. The Bear Raid should give lots of chances because we will run more plays and need more fresh bodies at skill positions.
    None of the other schools can prepare him for life with or without football like Cal.

  • rotfogel

    Fight Off! Ha!

    I hope he comes to Cal, he’s the best RB from the Bay I’ve seen in a while.

  • BlueNGold

    Cow- I hope your personal belief is correct, just as I wished my earlier assessment turned out to be wrong.