Football: Andy Buh impressed by Sina, McCain

Two days into Cal’s fall camp, defensive coordinator Andy Buh said that defensive ends Sione Sina and Chris McCain have caught his eye for their early efforts. Both sat out the spring while rehabbing injuries.

Buh on Sina: “He’s a big athletic guy. He’s 275 pounds plus, who still moves somewhat like a linebacker. We’re still transitioning him from playing up to down. There’s going to be some growing pains there, but he looks pretty good out there.”

On McCain: “We’re looking at film and he almost looks like a natural with his hand down. He did some of that in high school. There’s a lot of recall there. He’s got a lot of speed. I’m just happy that he’s out here and doing well. He’s growing up.”

Buh is getting a limited look at Brennan Scarlett, another linebacker-turned-end in the Bears’ new 4-3 alignment. Scarlett, who had hand surgery last spring, continues to wear a red jersey in practice, signifying he’s in a non-contact mode for now.

“We’re all really optimistic about the end result,” Buh said. “He’ll be an unbelievable addition once he’s back.”

Safety Alex Logan continues to be on the shelf with a foot injury that kept him out of spring ball. Buh expects him back sometime during fall camp.

Logan’s status was one reason Buh assented when linebacker Jason Gibson approached him toward the end of spring ball about moving to safety.

“Since I hadn’t seen him at linebacker — and I knew he played (safety) in high school — I was open to it because of our depth issues,” Buh said of Gibson. “He’s doing good. He plays fast — got some speed.”

Buh said players on his side of the ball have made a favorable impression through two practices.

“Obviously I’m seeing a group that’s really energized, playing really hard and enthusiastic. It looked after the first two days that they’re pretty well-conditioned,” he said. “They had a good summer, came back with a lot of recall from what we did in the spring, which was really awesome to see.

“I was just concerned to see how much they retained from what we taught ’em in the spring. A lot of it was retained and a lot of the early mistakes we saw in the spring aren’t here right now.”

Jeff Faraudo