Football: Dykes OK with practice skirmishes

Coach Sonny Dykes called Day 3 of Cal’s fall camp “a good, competitive, physical practice,” adding that the offense and defense were “trading blows.”

And that wasn’t even a reference to several brief skirmishes that broke out.

“The thing is, they’re not getting out of hand,” Dykes said of the incidents. “You want guys competeting against each other. Guys might get in a shoving match, then it’s over.

“That’s football. That happens at every level.”

No problem there, Dykes said.

“I’ve been places where I was begging ’em to fgight and nobody cared enough to fight. Nobody was competitive enough to fight,” he said. “Luckily we’re not dealing with those issues because those are much bigger issues than a couple guys shoving each other.”

Jeff Faraudo