Football: Ex-Cal star Marshawn Lynch looking proud to be `an Oakland school kid’

Check out Marshawn Lynch in this new video promoting classroom attendance by Oakland school kids.

This is the kind of thing every big-time pro athlete ought to be doing to help others, especially kids.

Nice job, Marshawn!

Click here for the video:  http://youtu.be/gcH6kBNH2FQ


Jeff Faraudo

  • SF Bear

    Good job Marshawn, indeed. Seems like he’s matured quite a bit the last few years. Hopefully he continues to stay out of trouble.

    While I totally support the OUSD’s message, it probably should be noted that $$$ is probably the primary reason this campaign exists — schools lose money when their students aren’t there:


  • Darryl

    My favorite RB of all time. M. Lynch is awesome.

    I hope Cal lands the second coming of M. Lynch, Joe Mixon.

    If Joe ever reads this site, he is the perfect fit with Cal’s new pass happy offense. He’s the best receiving RB since…well…since Lynch.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Lynch, most entertaining (big sport) Cal athlete since Kidd, imho.

    His love for his home community, and not just in a “I’m reppin’ Oakland!!’ kinda way, but genuine LOVE AND INTERACTION, is exactly how modern athletes should portend themselves. Beast Mode, its a way of life, not just a hashtag.

  • María Axtle

    Marshawn Lynch you rock …this RB is one of a kind..im glad you havnt forgotten your roots..especially been a product of OUSD..Oakland kids need this kind incentive.. More RBs in the future..keep up the good work…