Football: Golden Bears can exhale as teammate Avery Sebastian checks out of hospital

As expected, Cal junior safety Avery Sebastian was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

That’s good news, obviously for Sebastian but also for his Golden Bears teammates.

We don’t yet know the timetable for Sebastian’s return to practice — may not be for days or more — or the nature of the injury he suffered during Monday’s scrimmage when he collided with running back Jeffrey Coprich and collapsed motionless on the Memorial Stadium turf.

Avery was whole and healthy enough that after tests and observation overnight, he was sent home.

The news will provide an emotional lift to his teammates, who seemed appropriately unnerved by the incident on Monday afternoon. Many of them appeared emotional minutes after their teammate was taken by ambulance to Highland Hospital in Oakland, known as a top trauma center.

Many of them — reportedly as many as 20 — jumped in their cars and went to Highland to provide support.

That Sebastian is OK will allow his teammates to exhale, smile and return to practice Tuesday afternoon without questions about his health weighing on their minds.

While the Bears’ starting safety from McDonough, Ga., recovers, redshirt freshman Damariay Drew is expected to get first-team reps. He is talented but young and will benefit from the extra time.

The Bears, of course, need Sebastian back as soon as he is able. He is a big hitter and brings experience to a secondary that has limited depth.

But for now the headline is that Sebastian is out of the hospital and apparently OK. The rest of it can wait.

Jeff Faraudo

  • H8sRed

    Great news! Go Bears!

  • ScottyBear

    More of a stud than thought of before! What a tough Bear! Hurry back!!

  • 66Bear

    Thanks, Jeff, for getting out the good word so quickly. We are all thankful and relieved to hear that Avery Sebastian is whole and well. 🙂

  • Daredevil fan

    Great to hear that teammates followed him for support. Gel Bears!

  • Raf

    Glad to hear.

  • Eric

    Yes. Needs to take at least a week to confirm no concussion or delayed effects. Not worth rushing back.

    Makes me extremely happy that early in the preseason the teammates rallied to him.