Basketball: A sad day for Ryan Anderson

Gia Allemand, a model and former contestant on “The Bachelor” and the girlfriend of ex-Cal star Ryan Anderson, died Wednesday of an apparent suicide.

Anderson, who plays for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, found Allemand in her New Orleans Monday night and called 911, according to media reports. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and placed on life support.

The family released a statement on Wednesday after Allemand, 29, was taken off life support.

“Due to a critical loss of brain and organ function, life support was withdrawn (Wednesday),” the family’s statement read. “Ms. Allemand passed away peacefully with her mother, boyfriend and other life-long friends by her side.”

Cal assistant coach Gregg Gottlieb tweeted: “Prayers go out to @ryananderson33. We are thinking of you”

A sad day for one of Cal’s finest and nicest former players.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rob bear

    Tragic, tragic news. One of Cal’s best. Would have broken the PAC 10 / 12 scoring record had he stayed. Moved on to bigger and better. Our condolences to both families.

  • Drizzlyboy

    Sad day. Prayers to the Allemand family and Ryan Anderson.