Football: Bears cancel Wednesday practice

Cal announced it has canceled Wednesday’s scheduled 4:30 p.m. practice, the first day off the Bears have had since fall camp began on Aug. 5.

“We’ve had a great training camp and got a tremendous amount of work done to this point,” head coach Sonny Dykes said. “We felt like this was an excellent opportunity to give our players a day off both to give them extra time to focus on academics and get their bodies a little bit of rest.”

Cal’s final summer school session ends Friday.

The Bears will resume workouts on Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    Good decision, Sonny.

    In other news, Ryan Anderson’s girlfriend hung herself. Very sad day for one of my favorite Cal players, one of our most successful NBA stars, and reality tv fans.

  • Rollonubears

    Lordy, that comes off as insensitive. My apologies on the horribly written post.

  • covinared

    Rollon: I did not think your post was so bad. I also don’t think sensitivity is a requirement to be a Bear fan.