Football: Are you surprised by the decision?

When spring ball began months ago, Zach Kline seemed a lock to eventually win the starting quarterback  job.

Even when Sonny Dykes put off the decision until fall camp, it seemed mostly to make sure everyone felt he got a fair shake.

But the longer this process stretched out since camp began on Aug. 5, the more clear it became that Jared Goff was a real contestant in the battle.

Ultimately, his accuracy, consistency and ability to limit mistakes won him the job over Kline’s bigger arm and extra year on the planet.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch this season unfold and chart Goff’s development, especially given the enormous challenge of a schedule that features three Top-25 teams in the first four games.

I don’t expect Kline to go stand in a corner and sob. He will compete, knowing there are plenty of second chances in a long college season.

So tell me, what do you guys think about how this plays out?

Jeff Faraudo

  • Kevin

    Awesome, congrats to Jared! After watching him play numerous times in high level games in high school, he will not be fazed by the pressure.

  • calfanz


    who would know better than the coaches.

    <3 Kline, never no how this story will end there.

    GOOD LUCK Jered

  • Eric

    Congrats to Jared! Speaks wonders for the confidence Sonny and staff have in Jared. Also shows other recruits that if you can play, you WILL play right away. You’d never see Tedford do this.

  • Juancho

    I’ll get this started.

    1. What do you think Cal’s record will be this year?

    2. Will Goff be the starter at the end of the year?

    3. Will the Dykes honey-moon come crashing down?

    4. Will Cal be substantially better in 2014?
    Yes – if Bigelow comes back for his senior year we are a top 25 team again. Assuming Goff continues to progress.

  • Eric

    1. 6-6 would be a tremendous success, given our schedule and returning talent. I’m thinking 5-7.

    2. Hard to say. If on track for 6-6 with an upset or two, then yes.

    3. At 6-6, no. Even though 5-7 is a realistic outcome, that would cause the honeymoon balloon to deflate.

    4. Definitely, regardless who is the QB. Schedule and talent suggests 8-4.

  • Tom

    A true freshman at quarterback usually is a disaster. I hope nobody makes a rash decision to transfer. Cal should play all three quarterbacks against Portland State and see how Goff does against Northwestern. I would like to think Cal can win 6 games, but it could be even worse. If they only win 2 or 3 games I would not be surprised. The WSU game in early October will be a key game to win. If they lose …Oh no!

  • Suttree

    Neither of these kids have even taken a snap in college yet. Will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. Unless Goff is absolutely next level they will both see time.

  • CamHand

    1. What do you think Cal’s record will be this year?
    4 – 8
    Not pessimistic just a frosh QB, every new system, and a tough as nails schedule

    2. Will Goff be the starter at the end of the year?
    Yes but we will see time from Kline, as the lack of success against tough teams builds during the season he will get shots at seeing if a mobile qb can shake things up

    3. Will the Dykes honey-moon come crashing down?
    No, I think a number of people will be disappointed in the second year results but things will right in year 3 just in time prevent boil over

    4. Will Cal be substantially better in 2014?
    Yes, no ifs ands or buts… and 2015 will be really good

    Considering the emphasis on execution in this system, I think a frosh qb in a situation where no one else has their part down 100% yet is going to struggle more than usual. It will be entertaining. Yay! It will show promise. It will get better. I was a Tedhead but he’s gone and did not leave the cupboard bare. This season will feel like things are looking up, which Ted did not give us recently, and this very young team will go from sporadically egregious to most excellent!

  • wehofx

    Sonny D and Co have BIG brass b’s.

    1) 6-6

    2) Yes (But I gotta feeling ZK is going to get substantial playing time esp since O Line looks shaky up to this point in camp.)

    3) Not crashing down but alums being alums – esp Cal alums – after second or third loss, there will be a Sonny D backlash.

    4) YES! Esp since SD & Co are proving to be excellent recruiters.

  • daredevilfan

    1) 6-6 new system and control and stronger D will surprise some folks. Gotta hold together at O line and secondary depth tho.
    2) Yes. ZK will play some but I think JG is a better fit for Sonny and coaches
    3)Only if we stink this year. If we seem innovative, we’ll get recruits and we’ll hang around in top 1/2 – 1/3 for a year or two. Then we can see if these guys can do anything really special.
    4) Yes. Need to draft strong and still put best players on the field

  • ScottyBear

    why is it that when i click “comment” it is showing ScottyBear’s name and email address? same thing happened on the post about goff. it showed Ryan’s name and email address. both were yahoo. something’s amiss with this site, or yahoo.

  • ScottyBear

    O-line was a factor. Good run blocking, poor pass protection means a better fit for the Joe Montana style guy. If Cal had Stanford’s line Kline might be the starter. But the strong arm does no good if the QB is on his back.

  • ScottyBear

    In all honesty, I expect good/great things, starting August 31st. I think 7-5, and a crappy but oh so awesome bowl is in the works. We could win 8 games.


    There is simply TOO much talent in almost every position – even if that talent is “untested” or “young”. Jared Goff was #4 in the elite eleven, think about that. He has the physical tools and head to play on Sundays. Bigelow and Lasco are going to shock us with their talent and SPEED. Not to mention, Treggs, Harper, Muhammad, Rogers, Lawler… If the O-line steps up, then I can see more than 7 regular season wins.

    The defense needs to play serviceably, of course, and there is evidence that that will be the case considering that there are NFL scouts eyeballing our starting NT and there are a host of legitimate pass-rushers and LBs. Hopefully Sebastian is ok to go soon – he is a difference maker in the secondary and they need him back there.

    Also, regarding what many assume will be a rocky transition to the “new system”: Sonny and co are not trying to teach these guys rocket science – and the majority will have had 8 weeks of practice (spring/fall) in the new system before game 1. It is more like teaching them the periodic table. Yes, there is a lot to learn and at first it seems tricky, but once you understand the basics, it becomes second nature. Not at all the 10-pound playbook of JT. So the first couple games could be rocky in that sense, but I think by game 3 this offense will begin to REALLY ROLL. And if the defense has a spine…well, who knows?!

    Optimism about Cal football, what a great thing for a change. 😉 Go BEARS!

  • Juancho

    This is Juancho. The name said “Wehofx” when I went to put in this comment.

    Jeff are we being hacked!?

  • ScottyBear

    I did not submit #9 – #11 either. Hacked!

  • covinared

    Now that this has been resolved, on to running back. Bigelow shows signs of being a fumbler. His intellectual shortcomings are less a concern in the new scheme, but I would not be surprised if Lasco is the primary back.

  • Calduke

    This Calduke;

    When I click ‘leave a reply’ I get Ryan’s name and yahoo address.

  • Calduke


    Agree. I don’t think Bigelow will be the answer to the RB situation

  • Bigdruid

    1. 6-6. We still have lots of talent but the offense will struggle at times.
    2. Yes. Barring injury. But I doubt he’ll play every meaningful down so Kline will have chances.
    3. No, honeymoon continues. It’s gonna be fun to watch and the defense will be solid so that will keep the fans happy.
    4. Yep better next year for sure.

  • ScottyBear

    I don’t like it. Why waste a precious red shirt on a season that has little chance of success? The O line is simply not very good.

    I like it. Sends a message to HS recruites. Come to CAL and you can play right away.

    I feel strong both ways.

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Gentlemen — Not sure what is going on and why you are having troubles. But I will direct an inquiry to the proper authorities so we can get it resolved. Apologies.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I posted #11. Frickin’ weird about the wrong post authors. it showed ScottyBear and his email in my browser? wtf?

  • rotfogel

    I’m actually kinda sad that Kline didn’t win, I really thought he was ultra talented, at least from what I’ve seen.

    Having said that, Dykes isn’t a dummy. I’m betting that Goff is going to play pretty darn well.

  • BlakeStreetBear
  • ScottyBear
  • SacraBlue

    I’d put the over/under at 4 given the tough schedule and new system. 6-6 is doable but about the best possible outcome. If we hit it, though, woe to the team who draws the Bears in a minor bowl.

    No idea is Goff will still be the starter at the end of the year. Too many variables. But I certainly agree with all the posts that say Kline will get meaningful snaps during the season.

    As long as the Bears are entertaining the Dykes honeymoon will continue regardless of the WL record.

    Cal will be better in 2014 and will go to the Rose Bowl in 2015 (1/1/16)

  • Jan K Oski

    Jeez, can I get Amy’s address?

    I’m not surprised by this selection, since I didn’t pretend to know better than the coaches. I’ll reserve my critique, when the games come.

    Go(ff) Bears!
    Go BEARS!

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Tech folks are investigating the issue. Hopefully resolved soon.

  • calbearclaw

    When I try to post I’m seeing Mike Pawlawski’s Social Security Number and fifth grade school transcripts.

  • kotempman

    1. 7-5 ( great teaching, simplicity, togetherness, leadership )
    2. Yes ( barring injury, all high school coaches praise their former players, but something tells me this kid is the real deal )
    3. No ( Sonny is also the real deal, personable, likable, and great teacher )
    4. Yes ( Recruiting will take off when kid”s see this style of play and listening to Sonny’s interviews )

    And now to to our beloved Juancho….I know I speak for the Bear Blog family when I say we wish to express our sincere sympathy for your disappointment in the quarterback announcement. Kline will be a factor because it is his destiny at Cal!!!!!