Football: Jared Goff wins QB job

Coach Sonny Dykes announced Friday morning that freshman Jared Goff has won starting quarterback job for the Cal football team.

Goff, from Marin Catholic High, beat out redshirt freshman Zach Kline for the assignment.

“We have had a fiercely-contested competition for our starting quarterback position,” Dykes said. “It’s important to name a starter and give them the reps they need to be prepared to play. We feel that right now Jared Goff gives us the best chance to be successful as a team, but we are very fortunate to have three outstanding quarterbacks we feel we can be successful with.”

“I’m honored to get the chance to start for Cal and am looking forward to going out and helping the team win,” Goff said. “I’m super excited and ready to get rolling. My competitors are great quarterbacks as well. It was a tremendous competition that has helped all us become better quarterbacks.”

Goff passed for 7,687 yards and 93 touchdowns with 18 interceptions in three varsity seasons at Marin Catholic, completing 477-of-767 passes (62.2%) for teams that combined to post a 39-4 overall record and 20-1 Marin County League mark.
Cal opens its season Aug. 31 at home against Northwestern.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Well, time to get on the Goff bandwagon. I was obviously rooting for Kline.

    But this situation is similar to the firing of Ron Gould. It makes sense that Dykes is moving forward in all his key decisions with non-Tedford guys.

    Kline was supposed to be Tedford’s knight in shining armor. And like I complained all last year – I felt that Kline was going to devalue by not playing at all. Goff on the other hand is a young thoroughbred who hasn’t gotten slow by sitting in the stable.

    Everyone please pray for me.

  • Juancho

    Crystal ball musings…

    brought to you by Juancho

    When coach Sonny Dykes named true freshman Jared Goff the starter, few imagined it could go this well. With the team returning to bowl play, and landing a top 10 recruiting class after sending the message to top recruits such as Joe Mixon that true freshmen are counted on to contribute immediately at Cal. The gamble paid off for Dykes, who has the Golden Bears a concensus top 10 pre-season team in 2014, thanks to the return of All-American Brendan Bigelow.

    Coach Sonny Dykes did the riskiest thing he could have done during fall camp. He chose the true freshman, Jared Goff, over redshirt freshman Kline & Junior Hinder to be the new starting quarterback for the Bear Raid. The gamble did not pay off. With Goff being benched at half-time of the Ohio State game, the remainder of the season became a Longshore-Riley like carousel that Cal fans and alumni thought would only happen under Tedford’s watchful sunglasses covered eye. As we prepare for 2014, and Cal once again goes bowl-less and is not a pre-season top 25 team there are a lot of issues Dykes will need to address.

  • covinared

    Juancho: you promised to leave along with Kline if Goff were named starter. I hope you both stay.

  • Eric

    Wow. I admire the balls on the decision. Dykes is definitely comfortable being bold.

    That being said, if that it was that close a call, the safer decision is to name Kline the starter and redshirt Goff.

  • ScottyBear

    Oh wow!! Goff must be not only be a great player but must be a great leader. Yes, time to jump on the Goff bandwagon. Feedback was that he was much more adept at handling the offense whereas Kline was more of gunslinger. Goff must be something special. Either way, it’s great to have a potential 3 or hopefully 4 year starter to build with. Go Bears!!

  • calbearclaw

    Eric I think you’re right that if the competition were that close they would go with Kline. I’m thinking Goff did something – perhaps not tangible to the rest of us – that clearly separated him from Kline in the eyes of the coaching staff. This would never have happened under JT and I admire Dykes’s boldness here. The man is not fooling around and the tone around this program couldn’t be more detached from last year.

    Also, let’s not forget that a string of Tedford savior QBs turned sour. Perhaps Kline was simply a continuance of his poor talent appraisal skills. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case but it’s a possibility.

  • Kevin

    Best of luck, Jared! Great work by all of the QB’s in camp as they made this incredibly exciting to watch (thanks to California Golden Blogs as well for the great coverage). Goff has all of the tools – keep in mind that he was also a very highly rated recruit with the arm strength necessary to be the #4 ranked QB at last year’s Elite 11, so can make all the throws. Can’t wait for Northwestern on 8/31.

  • covinared

    Dykes said all along he was looking for accuracy and consistency. this is a ball control offense. big play ability and a cannon arm are less important than consistently putting the ball exactly where it should be.

  • Eric

    @Covina – great point. That plus running ability.

    @Calbearclaw – agreed, there must have been something. But nothing tells me Kline has anything but excellent talent. This wasn’t a Riley/Ayoob situation.

    I am really thrilled Sonny D is willing to take the risk of hindsight criticism by putting what he believes is the best talent on the field right away. My guy Khalfani is a good example (if he is starting kick returner and gets opportunities to be play with the offense).

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I’ll take a Montana (Goff) over an Elway (Kline) every time – and not just cuz Elway went to ‘furd.

    What I am willing to bet is that over the course of evaluating the film they saw that Goff was consistently getting rid of the ball more quickly to the OPEN MAN and with greater accuracy than Kline.

    All in all, I have faith in Sonny and co. to get the BEST offensive players on the field. Something that’s been lacking in Berkeley for some time. Bigelow’s talent >> Sofele’s talent was so obvious it was sickening last year. No more of that crapola. Go Bears!

  • Crawford

    The O-Line I hate to say is terrible, Goff will get beat up, Kline will get plenty of opportunities

  • Ryan

    Throwing a true Freshman into the fire with arguably the toughest schedule in the country sends a message to the team as a whole….the best players will play, regardless of senority….I like the cojones and the message….breeds competition, which brings out the best. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an interesting first month of the season. As for Kline, he seems like a good solid kid with a lot of talent and I hope he doesn’t pull the ripcord and transfer

  • daredevilfan

    Time for me to starting writing a new ballad…Sonny turn your head and cough, you’ve got big balls for starting Goff….

  • rollonubears

    Giving the nod to a frosh does wonders for recruiting. Expect big things, if not this year, than next. Something his narrow-minded predecessor simply refused to acknowledge.

  • calbearister

    Not a surprising decision at all. The Bear Raid offense requires a consistent QB – it doesn’t work if you can’t complete a high, high percentage of passes. From what I’ve read, Kline had more big-play upside, but Goff didn’t make mistakes. Thus Goff is the guy.

    Exhibit A:

    Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech QB under Spike Dykes and Mike Leach):

    Junior season: 365-529 (69%), 3,502 yards, 25 TD, 9 INT.
    Senior season: 479-712 (67%), 5,017 yards, 45 TD, 13 INT.

    Lots of completions, not many mistakes.

  • The Ghost of Joe Roth

    Love the guts of Sonny D. Three good QBs is not a bad place to be. Goff may have had a head start since he ran similar system in HS.

    Go Bears!

  • ConcordBear

    Congrats to Goff.
    He was very impressive in the few times I’ve seen him.
    Like his make up, believe he is a winner. Sonny has big balls putting the freshman QB out there but Goff has even bigger ones winning the job.
    Excited to see him develop, he has great size and feet. Will be a good QB, has great bloodlines too with Dad being a former Cal baseball and MLB player.
    Kline, huge fan of him, would not be surprised to see him get a shot too later this year.
    Whatever happens we have big time talent at the QB position.
    Go Bears!!!

  • The Wisdom Cow



  • 66Bear

    What’s great to see is that most everybody has already seen enough of Coach Dykes to believe that he made the QB decision for the right reasons. I suspect that the team has also seen enough of the Coach and his staff to trust that this and all his decisions are reasonable and just and in the interests of the team. That’s a winning combination, IMO. Go Bears!