Football: Thursday practice wrapup

I wasn’t at practice Thursday, but here are some highlights from coach Sonny Dykes’ visit with reporters:

On how the team performed after a day off Wednesday: “We looked fast today. That’s what you want to see when you give a day off, is you want to see them come back and take advantage of it, let the bodies heal up a little bit and play fast, and we played fast.

“I’m very pleased with where we are this many practices in and our ability to move fast and play fast. I think it speaks volumes about our summer conditioning.”


Dykes said MLB Nick Forbes missed practice to see a doctor about his back, which has bothered him for more than a week. “We expect him to be out there more and more as we progress,” Dykes said.


There is no concrete update on safety Avery Sebastian, injured during Monday’s scrimmage. “Nothing new,” Dykes said. “He was out here at practice today and I think he’s feeling much better. We will just kind of see how he progresses. No timetable on his return.”

Dykes declined to cite a specific diagnosis and, when asked if Sebastian suffered a concission, said, “I don’t know. We’ll see … I think they’re still trying to get all that stuff diagnosed.”


Junior DL Vili Moala, who has been dealing with academic issues and a shoulder problem, saw his most substantial practice time and performed well, Dykes said.


The right side of the Bears’ offensive line remains unsettled. “We’re stressing those guys right now with a lot of dropback passes. We’re just trying to figure out who the best one’s are,” Dykes said. “The good thing is that all those guys have looked pretty good at times. We just have to sit down and go through that evaluation process.”


Senior reserve DL Austin Clark had an ACL surgery and will miss the season. Dykes said it’s likely they will apply for a sixth year of eligibility for Clark.


RB Khalfani Muhammad, LB Johnny Ragin and DL Jacobi Hinter are virtually certain to play this season as true freshmen, Dykes said. Muhammad is looking like the starting kickoff return man.


And on the daily inquiry about the quarterback battle between Jared Goff and Zach Kline, Dykes said neither took a big step Thursday toward winning the job.

Jeff Faraudo

  • GldnBear71

    The article said – “Junior DL Vili Moala, who has been dealing with academic issues and a shoulder problem,”

    I just cannot understand the academic issues. Moala as it is with many of his fellow footballers isn’t taking Electrical Engineering course work.

    Big F for whoever is responsible from the athletic side and the academic side. It has happened way too much.

  • rollonubears

    You either didn’t go to Cal or are taking your academic prowess for granted. There are a few easy classes, but even the easy ones require time management skills and the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Mix in a ridiculously rigorous football schedule, little rest, and not too much time to eat (and he needs a lot), and you’ve got a recipe for academic struggle. Cal is hard, plain and simple. These guys need all the help they can get, and even that’s not always enough.

  • Eric

    Khalfani handling kick-off returns? That would be freakin awesome.

  • wehofx

    Wow! Juancho, call in sick, get your tequila and zanax ready.

    JF will be posting soon.

  • Will

    Juancho, we’re here for you man.

  • Will

    I’ll still be swinging the rope.

  • Oaktown Bear

    Goff called starter! If you’ve been paying attention…then you saw this coming! I love the Sonny-D philosophy…putting in the best players that give us the best chance to win today & not being afraid to start a true Freshman!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Gldn, give the 20 year-old 350-pound kid a break. Cal is HARD – EECS or not.

    I once thought I could get away with never going to section in a Cal geography class that I was taking pass/fail. WRONG. Moral: NO class at Cal can be taken lightly.

    Now I also went to uw-seattle for a couple of years – different story there. Skating through upper division math classes was the norm – even the CS wasn’t very rigorous there – not compared to Cal at least. Coming back to Cal to finish my last 2 years in Applied Math was VERY VERY HARD after being at udumb for 2 years. Cal is HARD, the fact the Vili has made it to his junior year is something to be applauded. Go Vili, Go Bears!

  • BlueNGold

    BSB- Nice way to put it in perspective.