Football: Kline handles a tough day well

The guy facing the toughest circumstances on Friday at Memorial Stadium handled himself with the kind of grace and confidence any coach would want in his quarterback.

Zach Kline didn’t get the starting call from first-year coach Sonny Dykes. That went to true freshman Jared Goff, who did just enough in the areas that matter to win the assignment.

But with video cameras and tape recorders rolling, Kline faced the media after practice, projected a winner’s attitude and said all the right things.

“Definitely, it’s disappointing. I know I’m a good quarterback. I know I can win games and I can lead this team to where we want to go,” Kline said without bitterness. “In the same breath, I’m going to support Jared because that’s what a good teammate is going to do. At any moment, I could get in the game.”

If and when that happens, Kline said he will be ready to “be the best quarterback in the nation” because “that’s what a backup has to do.”

“This competition is not over. That’s how I have to keep my mentality,” he said. “It was definitely tough, but it’s just another challenge. In challenges you become better.”

Presumed since last November to be the heir to the quarterback job, Kline got the news early in the day, then came out and delivered what the coaches called one of his best practices of fall camp.

“You could tell he was raised good. He’s a team guy and he wants to win and he wants to win at Cal,” offensive coordinator Tony Franklin said. “We told him this is a funny business. There’s lot of quarterback stuff that goes on. He’s got to be ready and I think he will.

“Today showed you that. He came out and he performed well. He had great attitude and great vibe. I think he’ll be Jared’s supporter and at the same time he’ll be ready if anything happens to come in to play.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • rob bear

    With a murderous schedule on the horizon, Kline is exactly right when he states, “The competition is not over.” For whatever reason, a blowout win or a tough loss, Sonny Boy & Co. will get to see what Kline and Hinder can do too. This is a good problem, being that all three QB’s have at least two years with us, perhaps as many as four. Chin up, Hinder & Kline. There’s lots of football left and scoff with EXTREME PREJUDICE at those morons that ask you if you are transferring because you did not start game 1.

  • 66Bear

    Hats off to Kline and Goff for their competitive and team spirit. There is no good time to announce such a tough call, but I don’t think that anyone believes that Coach Dykes made the decision for any reason/s other the the right reason/s–namely his and his staff’s fair assessment and best judgment on what was best for the team based on all the data available to this point. In the short and long run, that’s how you build a great team spirit and a great team, IMO. Go Bears! Beat Northwestern!

  • Eric

    What I think is clear is that Dykes didn’t pick because he owed anything to any kid, and he wasn’t playing favorites. That was a Tedford problem over the last few years, and it cost us dearly. As Juancho foresaw, had Tedford played Kline from the beginning, as a true freshman, the world might have been very different.

  • SacraBlue

    It’s a good day to be a Bear.