Football: Offense sharper in scrimmage No. 2

The Cal offense was much more efficient — and faster — in Saturday’s second scrimmage than it was five days earlier.

“I liked what I saw today,” Dykes said. “We were a lot cleaner, a lot less penalties. Tempo was much better. Still got a long way to go.”

Newly installed starting quarterback Jared Goff was 12 for 19 for 113 yards with two touchdowns and an interception — his first of fall camp. Zach Kline was 14 for 17 for 156 yards and one TD.

Dykes was happy with both players, as he was with third-stringer Austin Hinder.

The tempo was noticeably faster . . . but 80 snaps in 60 minutes was not fast enough for Dykes’ liking.

“That was kind of slow, honestly,” he said with a completely straight face. “Typically, it’s about 30 minutes for 80 plays. We have some special teams in the middle there that slowed us down.”

Junior running back Brendan Bigelow, coming off a knee injury that kept him out of spring ball, rushed five times for 51 yards.

“I thought he was good,” Dykes said. “We wanted to get him the ball some, see how he reacts. Anytime you suffer a knee injury like that you want to come back and be comfortable. I think he gets more comfortable every practice.

“He looked a lot more dynamic today than he did a week ago. I think his comfort level is part of that. We’ve got to be smart about how much he gets, but at the same time we’ve got to get him ready for the 31st.”


Less than two weeks before the Aug. 31 opener, and defensive end Brennan Scarlett continues to wear a bulky wrap on his left hand and a red jersey in practice. Mostly, be waits.

Scarlett broke the hand twice last season, then developed an infection that was bad enough he needed surgery to clean it out. “My horror story,” Scarlett calls it.

The complications finally were gone by late April, but neither his doctors nor coaches are taking any chances. He still is not cleared to participate in contact drills.

“It was a pretty intense experience I went through,” Scarlett said. “I kind of want this hand for the rest of my life.”

Dykes said he expects Scarlett to see a doctor this week.  Defensive coordinator Andy Buh said, “We’re all optimistic. Don’t think I don’t wake up every day wondering if Brennan Scarlett’s coming back.”


Dykes said safety Avery Sebastian, injured in Monday’s scrimmage, could begin to resume practicing next week. He said Sebastian is going through concussion protocols but stopped short of confirming the junior suffered a concussion.


Among other defensive players who didn’t play Saturday was defensive end Sione Sina, a JC transfer who arrived with a knee injury and was limping along the sideline during the scrimmage. Dykes said he hopes to play Sina but wouldn’t rule out redshirting him.


The Bears’ starting offensive line isn’t set in stone, but Dykes said he’s pleased with the five players who now have worked together for more than a week: LT Freddie Tagaloa, LG Jordan Rigsbee, C Chris Adcock, RG Matt Cochran, RT Steven Moore.

“There’s still some battles for some starts, but the line you saw today certainly has the lead right now,” Dykes said. “We feel pretty good about it.”


Linebacker Nathan Broussard injured his left knee late in the scrimmage. Dykes said he didn’t know the nature or severity of the injury yet.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve W

    Start Kline!

  • Steve W

    Hey JF,

    Do you think Dykes will switch Goff out with Kline if Kline proves to be the better QB in Camp? Didn’t he say that he might make that kind of decision?

  • Juancho

    I think the way Kline and I have taken this news should make us all proud.

    But I couldn’t help but start thinking two things to myself over the past couple of days.

    1. Had Tedford given Kline just a little taste of playing time each game during the year last season, Kline wouldn’t have rusted to the point he lost out to a true freshman.

    2. What if Dykes named the starter this early in Fall Camp to light a fire in Kline, because they feel like Kline has taken the job for granted a bit, and long term they see him as the guy for the year?

    And C) – if it’s Goff I’m okay. He’s a two-sport stud (shortstop, but won’t play baseball b/c of injury concerns) that has a great head on his shoulders, has size, can move in and out of the pocket, and looks like Eminem.

  • Juancho

    On a more serious note. I find it strange that Dykes continue to say he doesn’t know what Sebastian has been diagnosed with. Including whether he received a concussion or not.

    Pretty much all reports say Sebastian was knocked out cold and was motionless for 10-15 minutes. How can that not be a concussion.

    If you look at the post-scrimmage comments from Dykes on Youtube – at first he says there is no diagnosis on Sebastian and he doesn’t know what the deal is. Then he says he expects him back next week to start “the recovery process” and how the recovery process for concussions is so long.

    I’m a believer in the Sonny Money Man. But I do also feel like he’s being a little weird with the Sebastian injury. Like he’s going out of his way to not say he has a concussion. Just a little strange.

    I’ve never seen a player get knocked out cold, be motionless for 10-15 minutes – and them not be diagnosed with a concussion for almost a week.

  • Bigdruid

    Yeah the Sebastian thing is weird. I just wonder if maybe there’s a chance that there’s something more serious going on, although if they think he can practice next week then that seems unlikely.

    Dykes has been pretty transparent about things so far which makes it doubly odd.

  • Rollonubears

    I think most likely it’s that he doesn’t buy into the whole “concussion” thing and thinks “all the hullabaloo is blown out of proportion.” For someone who places academics over a silly game, that would be sad, but not a shocker.

  • southseasbear

    Under HIPPA, the players have privacy rights to their medical information. Without Sebastian’s permission, they cannot disclose a medical diagnosis.

  • ConcordBear

    Bear Raid was moving yesterday, really fun to watch.
    The top 2 QB’s looked very promising too.
    The good thing is this offense just gets better each week.
    Fired up