Football: Scarlett still dressed in red

The good news: DE Brennan Scarlett went to the doctor Tuesday to have his surgically repaired hand checked.

The bad news: Scarlett still wasn’t cleared for contact and was wearing a red jersey at practice.

“Still kind of waiting to get cleared . . . for the doctor to sign off,” Cal coach Sonny Dykes said. “He didn’t get cleared.”

Time is getting short — the Bears’ opener vs. Northwestern was just 11 days away on Tuesday. Could Scarlett actually be ready to play if, say, he were cleared late this week or early next?

“I think he probably could because he’s done everything but non-contact,” Dykes said. “It’s different for a guy coming off an injury that hasn’t practiced or participated at all.

“The fact that he’s in condition, the fact that he knows what’s going on, I think will allow him probably to come back faster.”

Also still out at the position is JC transfer Sione Sina, who had knee surgery last spring.

Even so, Dykes said he is comfortable with the Bears’ numbers at the position.

“We have five of six guys that are competing. I think they’re all playing pretty well,” he said. “I think that’s going to be a position of strength for us. We’re going to play with five or six different guys because they all do something different.”

Chris McCain, who is listed on an out-dated depth chart at the left end, was practicing some Tuesday at right end, as well.

In fact, despite the seemingly long list of ailing players each day, Dykes isn’t fretting.

“I read the other day USC had 27 guys out. I think we’re 20 guys better than that. I think that’s just the nature of camp this time of year,” he said. “I’m not that concerned about it. I think we’ll have the guys that we need.

“I’m disappointed about Broussard — that’s the one that’s going to be a year-long process,” he said of LB Nathan Broussard, who will have ACL surgery. “The rest of them, I anticipate will come back.”


Safety Avery Sebastian was doing wind sprints and climbing stadium steps during part of Tuesday’s practice. It was his first practice activity since suffering a concussion eight days earlier during a team scrimmage.

Dykes said Sebastian passed tests with “flying colors,” allowing him to get on the field.

“Starting the process,” Dykes said. “He looks good. We’re going to continue to follow up and make sure he follows the protocol.”


LBs Khairi Fortt (bruised knee) and Nick Forbes (back) both are beginning to practice more.

“Fortt, especially, did some good things today, looked like his old self,” Dykes said.


RT Bill Tyndall, who missed the start of fall camp while rehabbing the ankle he broke at the start of spring ball in March, is making progress. But Dykes said he won’t simply take the starting job away from Steven Moore.

“He’s competing right now for a job. He’s practicing, he’s back. I wouldn’t say he’s 100 percent back. He’s rusty,” Tyndall said. “Moore has played so well that he deserves to be the starter right now.

“Tyndall’s going to have to continue to compete and then we’ll see what happens.”


Safety Jason Gibson missed practice with a hamstring injury that is not considered serious. Cornerback Adrian Lee (ankle) was in a boot, but could be back Wednesday.




Jeff Faraudo

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    Were ready for kline. Apology accepted sonny b

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    Khairi Fortt will be a beast is healthy this year.

  • Larry

    Perhaps they will play Goff in the first few games, then redshirt him? I don’t know exactly how that works, but I think he can play in up to 30% of the games for the season. It may only work if he is injured.

    Then play Kline.

  • Jim

    Kline was again playing pitch/catch with DBs, not WRs.
    Despite the lip locks by some on Kline’s butt, some should realize soon that he is showing why he played himself into the backup role

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    But seriously, wtf?

    Sebastian coming back would be huge for the secondary and defense in general as he is an upperclassman leader. But only if he’s 100% healthy and able to go at 100% at SS without hesitation like his old self. Going to the hospital ended Best’s Cal career – although he was already a 1/2 round pick by then so he had nothing to gain by playing; and it ultimately has ended his NFL career early – too many concussions – yet he was able to at least ca$h in – let’s hope he lives into old age…

    Sebastian, imho, has a chance to play on Sundays and I think he knows it. So he has gotta play, and soon, to get his name on the map, etc, etc. Head injuries are so freakin scary…he is literally gambling for the big bucks by continuing to go out there and smash heads for 2-3 hours a day. Yet, who of us had a chance at 22 to sign a contract for ~$1M?

    Football is a crazy sport. Gladiatorial. Professional gladiators, sure, I’m fine with that, this is the U$ after all. But wow!, we’ve got some people making some SERIOUS $$ off of college AMATEUR gladiators and people like Sebastian, but there are so many others with absolutely NO chance to make a dime off of the game. Once again, football is a crazy sport.

    And for the ultimate irony for this pacifist, never been in a fight, played only 1 year of high school football, raised by hippie parents in Berkeley in the 70’s, etc.: I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE GAMES TO START AND I HOPE LIKE HECK THAT AVERY IS OUT THERE STUFFING THE RUN AND BRUTALIZING THE OPPOSITION LIKE THE MONSTER NFL-BOUND SS HE KNOWS HE IS!!


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    Blake: I like Sebastian but think he’s undersized for the pro’s for his style of play. He’s a hitter and good against the run, but don’t recall him doing much against the pass. It seems more and more that once someone gets a knock out concussion, they get another and give up football. UCLA lost a linebacker that way last year.

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