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Football: Cal releases updated depth chart

By Jeff Faraudo
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 8:52 pm in Football.

Cal released its updated depth chart on Thursday.

Lots of names listed at the receiver spots, running back and defensive line because the Bears plan to rotate people through those spots. Absent from chart: Khalfani Muhammad at KR.

Note: Friday’s practice has been moved from to 7 p.m. in order to help the Bears become accustomed to playing under the lights prior to their Aug. 31 opener against Northwestern. Likewise, Monday’s practice will start at 7 p.m.


X  Bryce Treggs (5-11, 180, So)
    Drake Whitehurst (6-6, 215, Jr)
    Maurice Harris (6-3, 200, So*)

H  Jackson Bouza (6-0, 180, Sr*)
    Darius Powe (6-3, 210, So)
    Maximo Espitia (6-2, 210, So)

LT Freddie Tagaloa (6-8, 330, So)
     Brian Farley (6-7, 290, So*)

LG Jordan Rigsbee (6-4, 310, So*)
     Chris Borrayo (6-5, 290, Fr)

C  Chris Adcock (6-3, 305, Jr*)
    Mark Brazinski (6-3, 305, Sr*)

RG Matt Cochran (6-2, 300, Fr*)
     Alejandro Crossthwaite (6-4, 290, Jr*)

RT Steven Moore (6-6, 285, Fr*)
     Christian Okafor (6-6, 315, Fr*)
     Bill Tyndall (6-4, 280, Sr*)

Y  Richard Rodgers (6-4, 245, Jr)
    Steven Anderson (6-2, 210, So*)
    Bryce McGovern (5-10, 204, Jr)

Z  Chris Harper (6-0, 180, So)
    Kenny Lawler (6-3, 185, Fr*)
    James Grisom (5-11, 180, Jr*)

QB Jared Goff (6-4, 205, Fr)
     Zach Kline (6-2, 200, Fr*)
     Austin Hinder (6-4, 200, Jr*)

RB Brendan Bigelow (5-10, 180, Jr)
     Daniel Lasco (6-1, 200, So*)
     Khalfani Muhammad (5-8, 175, Fr)
     Darren Ervin (5-10, 195, So*)

Bone  Lucas Gingold (6-0, 235, Jr*)
          Jacob Wark (6-4, 250, Jr*)


DE Brennan Scarlett (6-4, 260, Jr)
     Dan Camporeale (6-3, 250, Sr*)
     Kyle Kragen (6-3, 255, Jr)
     Todd Barr (6-3, 255, So*)

NT Deandre Coleman (6-5, 315, Sr*)
     Gabe King (6-5, 295, Jr*)

DT Viliami Moala (6-2, 315, Jr)
     Mustafa Jalil (6-2, 295, Jr)
     Jacobi Hunter (6-1, 300, Fr)
     Harrison Wilfley (6-5, 280, Sr)

RUSH  Chris McCain 96-6, 250, Jr)
          Puka Lopa (6-1, 240, So*)

SAM  Jalen Jefferson (6-2, 230, So*)
         Lucas King (6-3, 230, Jr*)

MIKE  Hardy Nickerson (6-1, 230, Fr*)
          Nick Forbes (6-1, 230, Jr*)

WILL  Khairi Fortt (6-2, 240, Jr*)
           Michael Barton (6-1, 225, Fr*)

CB  Stefan McClure (5-11, 200, So*)
       Adrian Lee (5-11, 200, Jr*)
      Cedric Dozier (5-11, 175, Fr*)

SS  Avery Sebastian (5-10, 195, Jr)
      Damariay Drew (6-0, 205, Fr*)

FS  Michael Lowe (5-11, 215, Jr*)
      Alex Logan (6-2, 210, Sr*)
      Jason Gibson (6-2, 205, So*)

CB  Kameron Jackson (5-9, 175, Jr)
       Isaac Lapite (5-9, 190, Jr*)
       Joel Willis (5-10, 190, So*)


P  Cole Leininger (6-1, 200, So)
     Steffan Mos (6-0, 190, Jr)

PK  Vincenzo D’Amato (6-1, 205, Sr*)
       Noah Bieto (6-0, 180, Fr*)

LS  John Sheperdson (6-3, 220, Jr)
      Bradley Northnagel (6-3, 250, Fr*)

Hold  Jackson Bouza (6-0, 180, Sr*)
         Bruce McGovern (5-10, 205, Jr)

PR  Chris Harper (6-0, 180, So)
       Bryce Treggs (5-11, 180, So)

KR  Bryce Treggs (5-11, 180, So)

* Has used redshirt year

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  • covinared

    young team. let’s hope we win and rebuild concurrently.

  • Jan K Oski

    Cov- I’m optimistic. This coaching staff will never play favorites, and I think that translates in the players pushing themselves above and beyond. It might take two or three years due to youth, but I’m thinking we’re in for a fun ride.

    Goff Bears!

  • rollonubears

    Can someone please address the security issue with the blogs….IT staff at CalBears blog, could you PLEASE check how the web server is serving out the pages and how it is attempting to match the correct cookies in our local browser to the page? Then, I’d appreciate a response in this blog that you are actually working to resolve this issue. Your effort is an embarrassment.

    BTW this is NOT rollonubears!

  • Crawford

    Young, dumb and full of fun…Goff Bears!

  • Eric

    Little surprised we would use Treggs as KR when he is the starting X receiver. That means after he runs hard (and potentially gets hit hard on returns) he immediately goes into the lineup on an up-tempo offense. If Khalfani is the third string RB, it makes FAR more sense to use him. Of course, not that I am biased or anything.

    This is Eric.

  • BlueNGold

    I like the depth. Looks like ongoing competition at most positions.

    Not BlueNGold

  • jabes

    It has been reported that Khalfani will return kicks.

  • Stay Golden

    I’m shocked to see Todd Barr so low on the depth chart.
    He showed such promise last year coming off the edge.

  • Juancho

    Todd Barr is really undersized for his position. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of those guys that gets passed up by younger guys each year.