Football: Running back Brendan Bigelow feeling comfortable and fast in new Cal offense

The week after gaining more yards than any opposing running back in the 90-year history of Ohio State’s home stadium last season, Cal’s Brendan Bigelow didn’t get the ball until the second half at USC.

A week after that, zero carries against Arizona State.

“It was challenging and frustrating at times,” Bigelow said.

For Cal fans, too, who wondered why the Bears were not utilizing their most dynamic weapon in a season that spiraled to a 3-9 final record.

The formula should change beginning Saturday night when the Golden Bears open their first season under coach Sonny Dykes against No. 22 Northwestern.

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Want another look at Bigelow’s spectacular 81-yard touchdown run last season at Ohio State, click here.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Tedford was such an idiot when it came to Bigelow’s playing time last year. There is simply no other word to use. If the most explosive offensive player doesn’t know the pass protections you spend every ounce of energy getting him up to speed, you don’t just relegate that player to the bench. I think that is the big difference between Sonny and JT, the ability to mold the program to the players’ strengths.

    I guarantee you that Sonny and co. are ready to Unleash the Beasts that are the Cal skill position players.

    Go Bears!

  • its because tedford was a stubborn moron. The amount of talent he wasted was unbelievable.

    All these talented guys (rodgers, marshawn, best, vereen, bigelow, the allen brother fiasco, etc) and all he has to show for it is 1 holiday bowl win.

  • add desean jackson and hawkins to the list as well…and thats just some OFFENSIVE guys.

  • wehofx

    At least 15 carries for 100 + yards for Bigs and we win.

    Put $ on Cal + 8.5

    Go Bears!

  • covinared

    I predict Lasco gets more yards this year.

  • Eric

    Add Marvin Jones, now starting at Cinci.

  • CalBearister

    @BlakeStreet – you cuold have stopped as “Tedford was such an idiot.” Anything after that is just stating the obvious 🙂