Football: Survey indicates optimistic buzz

As promised, here are results of our little unscientific survey on how Cal will fare in Year 1 of the Sonny Dykes era.

It’s a given that those of you who voted are Cal fans, and yet I a bit surprised that 70 percent (21 of 30) expect the Bears to beat Northwestern tonight, and that 60 percent (18 of 30) predict a bowl appearance.

Thanks for participating. Here are the results:

1) 70 percent (21 of 30) predict Cal will beat Northwestern.

2) 41.4 percent (12 of 29) believe Cal will average at least 35 points this season.

3) 58.6 percent (17 of 29) expect Cal to score at least 50 points in one game (not counting Portland State).

4) Just 10.3 percent (3 of 29) believe Cal will be held without an offensive touchdown in a game this season.

5) 58.6 percent (17 of 29) expect the Bears to change quarterbacks before season’s end for a reason other than injury.

6) A whopping 63.3 percent (19 of 30) predict Cal will beat USC in Berkeley.

7) Just 23.3 percent (7 of 30) were bold enough to suggest Cal will beat Stanford on the road.

8) Only 20 percent (6 of 30) believe the Bears will win four games or fewer.

9) 30 percent (9 of 30) are confident Cal will win eight games or more.

10) And 60 percent (18 of 30) predict the Bears will play in a bowl game.

Jeff Faraudo

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  • Heteroscedastic Bear

    #1 – And yours bursted last year. At least we have something to look forward to.

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