Football: Dykes updates Bears’ injuries

Defensive end Chris McCain is back, but it looks like the Bears could be without running back Brendan Bigelow and safety Avery Sebastian, along with linebacker Nick Forbes and defensive end Brennan Scarlett on Saturday against Portland State.

Coach Sonny Dykes said after Monday night’s practice that Bigelow and linebacker Khairi Fortt were going through concussion protocols after taking hits Saturday against Northwestern. He expects Fortt to be cleared in time for practice Tuesday and believes Bigelow will be slowly integragted into practice during the week.

Sebastian will undergo an MRI on Tuesday for an ankle sprain. His status for this week is unclear.

Forbes (back) and Scarlett (hand) — both of whom missed the opener — may not be ready anytime soon, Dykes said.

“Nothing new. Forbes is going to be a deal that we’re just going to have to see how he’s doing and if he’s not getting better sit down and see if there’s some long-term ways to address the issue,” Dykes said.

“Same thing with Scarlett. At some point, they’ve either got to get cleared or get put on the shelf. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Sure didn’t sound optimistic.

Wide receiver Chris Harper, who banged up his shoulder in practice last Wednesday, then caught 11 passes on Saturday, sat out practice. He will be given every opportunity to rest up, Dykes said.

Defensive tackle Mustafa Jalil, who did not play Saturday, had his knee “flare up” during camp and has not been able to compete. It’s not a new injury, Dykes said, but Jalil has experienced “a decline in play” due to pain.

Dykes called Monday night’s practice “the best practice we’ve had. That’s very encouraging.”

He said he doesn’t expect backup quarterbacks Zach Kline or Austin Hinder will get the chance to play Saturday, citing Portland State as a legitimate threat.

“There were seven FBS teams that beat FCS teams on Saturday,” Dykes said. “Anybody who thinks this game is not going to be a dogfight has lost their mind.”

Portland State opened its season with a 57-17 win over Eastern Washington.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Will

    Didn’t Eastern Washington beat Oregon State on Saturday? You must mean another directional team…

  • Kevin

    They beat Eastern Oregon, a Div II team.

  • Eric

    If we are doing very well against Portland State, we definitely should get Kline and Hinder reps.

  • Drizzlyboy

    This defense is already significantly hampered by injuries. Hopefully the list won’t grow this week and we’ll see better participation for OSU.

  • Robert

    Bigelow’s injury was caused by a helmet-to-helmet hit on the sideline that wasn’t called a penalty by the refs. One of many mistakes the refs made that game.

  • rollonubears

    i’d be willing to bet kline gets the 4th quarter, if we have a 28+pt lead, otherwise he doesn’t get a single snap. i could go either way, but i think goff proved himself last week and sonny will probably want him to get as much action as possible to prep for ohio state. it’s going to be an interesting game. i really hope it’s not as close as sonny thinks it will be. we’re in trouble if it is.

  • covinared

    better get healthy soon on defense. lucas king is not a pac 12 linebacker and he was in for that last drive. missed an easy tackle and the runner went for 40-50 yards.

  • jonny c

    AV out for the season, will medical redshirt

  • Gobears49

    If we don’t get ahead enough for Kline and Hinder to play, then if Goff continues to perform well throughout the season, having a big enough lead for Kline and Hinder to play probably won’t happen again this season. Too bad, as I think they deserve to play, especially Kline, who Dykes admitted wasn’t much behind Goff in terms of performance in practice.

    Looked at the stats for Portland State’s last game. Eastern Oregon moved the ball well, getting 26 first downs and well over 400 total yards, though that could be because Portland State had a very comfortable lead at halftime and could have used their subs a lot in the second half. Interestingly (at least to me), Eastern Oregon, while playing 11 games, plays two teams TWICE — Montana Tech and University of Montana Western. Must not be many D2 teams in that sparsely populated area of the country that play football.

  • rollonubears

    bearinsider reporting sebastian tore his achilles tendon and is out for the season. our defense just got a whole lot softer.

  • clonedoc

    There has been a fair amount of optimism on this board since Sat. night’s loss and I certainly hope all of this is warranted as the season progresses. I do believe the offense will become more crisp and Goff (who looked great for his first start as a true frosh) will only improve as time goes on. Love his guts and the 2nd half coaching adjustments. However, my concern when Dykes was first hired was 1) will there be proper attention paid to the defensive side of the ball, and 2) is this type of football going to win anybody a conference or national championship at any point? I know, we went 3-9 last year, so greed is unwarranted but I think it’s reasonable to state that if these are not the ultimate goals to which a program should aspire than what the hell’s the point? I can’t say I’m thrilled about us playing the type of football that has us chucking the ball 50-60 times/game and results in scores of 44-30, 50-40, or the like. It’s not just running the football that was the issue Sat night but the style of running, i.e. everything stretched to the outside, east-west as opposed to north-south movement. This will never work against fast, quality opponents. Solution? Don’t know if there is one as the team/O-line may not be built to mix in the latter style and we certainly don’t use a fullback or true tight end. Furthermore, defense is what wins championships. Offense draws short-term cheers from the crowd. Enough said.
    I certainly am not being nostalgic for Tedford by voicing these concerns, as I had been wanting him gone for at least 2 years prior to his firing but I think it should be stated that the style of ball we now play, while acknowledging that it’s execution will improve, leaves some trepidation in my mind. Oregon and Clemson (these teams come immediately to mind) win but use spread attacks that (particularly in the case of the Ducks) are more run-oriented in their execution but are simply sped up such that plays are run at warp speed. Using an analogy that I think may be appropriate, how many championships did the Phoenix Suns or the G.S. Warriors in the Don Nelson years win? I don’t want to be too negative though and certainly hope that I’m wrong on a number of these fronts.

    GO BEARS!!!!

  • covinared

    Too bad about Avery S. He’ll be missed. impressed me with that pick. I was impressed with the db’s against the run. these guys like to hit. let’s hope no one else gets hurt.

  • milo

    The offense will put up points and looks good all things considered but the defense looks problematic and porous.

    The injuries on D paired with the lack of depth in the backfield, inability to stop the run or rush the passer just add up to poorly. Won’t be an issue with Portland State but it will be an issue against the ranked teams.

    Hold on to your hats, at least it will be entertaining on the offensive side.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Sobering news about Avery Sebastian. But, maybe it was not meant to be for him THIS season. He will medical redshirt and lead this potentially monstrous (when fully-healthy) defense for the NEXT 2 seasons. I am ok with that, and in the big picture, I’d rather have him play the 2015 season as a bigger/baster/stronger 23/24 year old when we may have legit NC aspirations, yes, I said it. Let the concussion heal too, nothing wrong with that. I have recovered from an Achilles rupture at 35, he will do fine.

    With that being said, this offense is REALLY gonna have to roll for the bears to win. Unless the (hopeful) addition of Forbes/Scarlett/Jalil can really get a push on the opposing QBs, the young DBs are going to have their work cut out for them and risk being exposed regularly. We knew all this coming in though.

    Let’s hope we can rest-up the regulars this Saturday after mounting a huge first half lead, no disrespect to any of our PSU fans…

    Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear


  • BlakeStreetBear

    Clonedoc, well said and I respect your opinion.

    Just because the plays and formations look different does not mean that an NC is a secondary goal. We ran 99 plays on Saturday and the other team had to fake injuries to slow us down, without which I seriously believe that Cal would have won. That is the *new* football. And that was in week 1. Imagine when the machine is fine-tuned and the massive O-line has some time to gel, then Bigelow gets free on some of those weird stretch runs! Yes, the defense is a work in progress, but there were some encouraging signs I think you cannot ignore. Give Dykes/Buh and co. some time to get that depleted side figured out – the TALENT is there but maybe we don’t see it mature until mid/late season. I trust that these guys seriously intend to change the college landscape out West, and why not? They’ve done it over on the farm, and they’ve done it in Eugene! It can be done at Cal too, there are NO excuses. I personally am glad it is Mr. Dykes leading the program.

    Go Bears!

  • clonedoc

    BSB, well put and I hope you’re right. However, they’re not playing this style on the farm. I may be a little bit “old school” in the type of ball I think will take a team to the top but as with many things, there is certainly more than one approach that may work.