Football: How Bears pulled off fake field goal

How cool was Cal’s fake field goal for a touchdown against Northwestern?

Obviously, the play required substantial practice and precision in its execution. Right?

Placekicker Vincenzo D’Amato said the Bears had only once or twice practiced the fake field goal he turned into a 10-yard touchdown pass to holder Jackson Bouza.

And when they did practice it?

“We used a volleyball,” he said.

When the play came from the sideline Saturday to fake the field goal, D’Amato said he was totally surprised. “It happened so fast I kind of don’t remember what happened,” he said.

A soccer player growing up, D’Amato said he’d never played quarterback at any level of football. He took some teasing from his coaches about his passing form and a friend texted him, “Good job, Tom Brady.”

But D’Amato got the last laugh. He’s 1 for 1 with an off-the-charts passer efficiency rating of 445.0.


Jeff Faraudo

  • John Resso

    That play was absolutely amazing! I was on the verge of tears that Sonny Dykes had the guts to call that play. In the stands for Saturday’s game, we were just pleased to see that the offense could move the ball and get a chance for a field goal. Yes, what did the Bears have to lose by calling for the fake FG, but the fact that they did made a huge statement about Dykes – did JT ever make that kind of call during his entire coaching tenure?

  • Jim Fischer

    Excellent brand of exciting football that I haven’t seen since the ’07 and early ”08 teams. If the coach can keep his players in check if they have success, they might be able to make a run in a few years. Tedford’s downfall was that he couldn’t control the massive who’s of Hawkins and Jackson and he let the inmates run the asylum!