Football: Portland State game thread

HALFTIME: Cal 27, Portland St. 23. The Vikings have the stunning total of 434 yards in the first half, but Cal’s defense squeezed two turnovers from them to prevent further damage.

Goff is 17 for 22 for 231 yards with 1 TD, no ints and one sack. He has 681 yards in his first six quarters as a college quarterback. Bears have 309 total yards. Cal’s defense still looking for its first sack of the season.

No word from Cal on status of safety Michael Lowe, who went off the field and hasn’t return after recovering fumble in the second quarter. Likewise, no report on LB Khairi Fortt, who hasn’t played since early in the game.

END 1ST QTR: Portland State leads 14-10. Vikings have 269 yards on 18 snaps = 14.9 yards per play. Redshirt sophomore Demariay Drew has replaced Alex Logan at free safety.

WELCOME: Here at Memorial Stadium for Cal (0-1) vs. Portland State (1-0). Kickoff is 2:07 p.m.

I will try to post updates at halftime, then will return after filing my newspaper story to provide post-game notes, etc.

Cal’s game-day depth chart shows a couple curious changes: Stephen Anderson, a sophomore from Piedmont Hils HS in San Jose, is listed as the starter at the “Y” slot in place of Richard Rodgers.

And DE Chris McCain, supposed to be out with a head injury, is listed as the starter.

We’ll see if both things are true.


Jeff Faraudo