Football: Will quarterback Braxton Miller face Cal? Ohio State’s Meyer says he’s day-to-day

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said quarterback Braxton Miller, who sprained his left knee on Saturday, is “day to day” heading into this week’s game at Cal.

Meyer said during his Monday press conference that he’d just met with Miller and the team trainer and reported that the junior quarterback still was feeling a little stiff.

He called Miller a “fearless player,” and said he has no durability concerns about him.

Meyer said Miller already has told him he wants to play at Cal and the coach expects to have a more definitive answer by Tuesday.

Here’s an assessment of Ohio State’s trip to Cal by a couple of Buckeyes beat writers from the Columbus Dispatch.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I love Cal Football. You won’t find a bigger fan than me. Having said, that I have to be honest and critical about the team that I love. It doesn’t matter who plays QB for OSU. Even if they get a walk-on, their O will plow through our Defense. Goodness gracious, a no named QB led his FCS team to over 500 yards this past saturday. I felt like I was watching a 2012 Tedford team. Yes we won, but I had a hard time being happy on Saturday.

    This is a shout out to Sonny & Co! Win or Lose, make us proud!


  • BlueNGold

    I would not give too much credence to Meyer’s public statements on this issue. Would not be surprised if its all a bluff.

  • wehofx

    Yes the D was bad. Really bad. 2 things to remember:

    1) Buh and Co did make effective half time adjustments. 120 yards and 6 PS punts in second half.

    2) This is a really, really young team esp w the 5 subs starting. They got cocky and assumed they could phone it in against an fcs school.

    The D will improve. They will be jacked up to 11. My hope is they will play “Up” to the level of their competition and – this is college FB, crazy stuff happens all the time – shock the football world.

  • Josh

    Having McCain back will do wonders

  • 707 Bears

    This is Lee Grossscup saying, “Run and stop the run.”

    Our only hope this year is to bring up the safeties, play man-to-man on the outside, and hope for the best.

    Can’t wait for a sold out Memorial on Saturday.

    Go Bears!

  • edg

    With or without McCain; I have plenty of wonders

  • Will

    Ohio State will put up 40+ points regardless of who their QB is; the question is whether our offense can keep up to give ourselves a shot.

  • Eric

    In case anyone is interested, Northwestern gained 581 yards against Syracuse.

  • Rob Bear

    WE WILL WIN WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! I am personally bringing U. of Michigan fans with me to pull out all of the kharma stops. The upset of the week will go down in Berkeley. GO BEARS!

  • 93BearInOregon

    I appreciate the optimism, but brace yourselves Bear fans: this week is where it really starts to get rough!

    I flew down from Portland for the PSU game and I loved seeing the new stadium, a (very ugly) Bear victory, and shaking Sonny’s hand on a chance encounter 90 minutes before kickoff (really nice, classy guy). I think he is on the right track and I’m excited about the future of Cal football!

    The future. Not the present. 🙂 The youth of this team, the schedule, and the newness of the schemes all had me predicting 3-9 before the season started. These first two games plus the defensive injuries have done nothing to alter that prediction. Wazzu and Colorado are not gimmes (nothing is at this point) but there’s our remaining 2 W’s, with a “puncher’s chance” at OSU and maybe Arizona.

    Enjoy the spark and the creativity, but don’t go all negabear as the losses mount this year! It’s a rebuilding year if I’ve ever seen one, but if built right this team can make some serious noise next season.


  • al

    He will do whatever is necessary to play against Cal – it’ll be a game to put up fat stats!

  • BlakeStreetBear


    those are my sentiments exactly about this season. Enjoy the good and hope for the best! No need for hand-wringing about the defense – yet. Sonny and co are not miracle workers. There are some glaring personnel issues on the defensive side – we know this. I am hoping for respectable showings the next 2 games. And then I hope for some wins, but they are going to be VERY DIFFICULT. This season, as long as this team competes, I am going to go home from the games happy.

    Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Oh yeah, one more thing. A true freshman is the leading offensive player in the nation and he goes to Cal. Thanks Sonny.

    Go Bears!

  • rotfogel

    There only a 100% chance that Braxton Miller will play.

  • Daredevilfan

    Bend but don’t break defense. Stop the run play deep avoid the big play. Then hold them to field goals. If we score touchdowns while they score field goals we can keep up. No big plays and hold em to field goals. Our offense will do the rest.

  • Juancho

    In fairness to Tedford, we’re using the same excuses that his supporters made last year.

    1. We won the second half
    2. The team is young
    3. Injuries

  • BlueNGold

    Juancho- This IS a young team. They have made and will continue to make mistakes. They have a lot of injuries without a lot of depth. I do not understand what you were expecting to be different? But, consider where the team was this time last year. We were not even winning the second half. There are things that are positive and indicate better years to come.

  • Rob Bear

    I’d rather face Braxton Miller than his replacement who will be a better college player and actually play pro ball under center in the not so distant future.

    Unfortunately our squad is young and injured and that is the reality regardless of who is coaching the team. What is different and a welcome of fresh air is the attack mode and mindset. So far, so good Sonny Boy. Keep attacking and keep learning with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

    How ’bout them Trojans from downtown LA? No shame. No shame.

  • Eric


    You know I have great respect for you brother, but really? If Kline was the QB, would you be saying that? If Tedford was the coach, we would have been blown out by NW (and no chance we would have gone for a fake FG or a hook and ladder) and we would have lost to Portland State. That’s Tedford the last 5 years. But what was Tedford when he took over a 1-11 team? That’s the better analysis. We went 7-5, beating crappy Baylor and NM State teams, pulling off an upset or two, and losing a couple of games we shouldn’t have lost. The schedule this year is leaps and bounds harder. If we go 5-7, that is a successful year. If in 5 years we go 5-7 and we haven’t been to the Rose Bowl in between, then we have massive problems.

  • Aaron

    What 2nd half did Cal win last year? Other than UCLA, WASU and Southern Utah (barely. The team was not nearly as young as a whole last year as it is this year. You can’t be serious about injuries last year compared to this year so far. Half the defensive starters are out already. Tedford’s time had come and gone. It was time for a fresh start. Dykes and the D will get it right. If anything at least this team is fun to watch on Offense and can actually find the endzone. Go Bears!

  • Eric

    I was thinking more about this brewing difference of opinion.

    No one is saying we “won the second half” like Tedford idiotically said when we were blown out at U$C. We actually won the game because of what happened in the second half. Totally different.

    Last year’s team was not young. We had a senior QB, senior back QB, three year starting WR, and veteran RBs. We had veterans on defense. Several of these guys are now in the NFL. If someone was making the excuse of “young” last year, they were foolish.

    There were injuries last year, but there must be some leeway when this year, implementing a new defensive scheme, we had 5 starters out and more injured during the game. We are playing guys who hardly had reps during the Fall camp. That there were adjustments in the second halves of both games says to me we should be optimistic of the payoff – whether at the end of this season or next.

    Please don’t expect ANYTHING the next two games. if Miller plays (and is healthy) Ohio State is going score a lot. And then there is Oregon. I said it last year, and believe it this year – Mariota is the best college QB right now. The only reason why he didn’t have Manziel stats is because he played maybe 66.66% of the games, whereas Manziel played until the end of each game. Oregon is a BCS championship caliber team and it will score on us at will.

    I recall postings saying we should have hired MacIntyre. As my oldest now goes to Colorado and I am rooting for the Buffs (when they are not playing Cal) I think he is a great coach. But Colorado almost lost at home to Central Arkansas. That the Buffs didn’t actually lose tells MacIntyre is turning that ship around, but it is no different than our win over Portland State.

  • BlueNGold

    Eric- re your last point, everyone from coach Dykes down has been saying that there are no pushover games ( I think SD referred to them as ‘layups’) in college football anymore. Maybe the sleazy cheaters learned the same lesson in their loss to WSU.