Football: Bigelow has fans in Columbus

Cal running back Brendan Bigelow has at least two fans in Columbus, Ohio.

One of them is the man who mailed him a handwritten letter last year after Bigelow ran for 160 yards, including touchdowns of 81 and 59 yards, in the Bears’ 35-28 loss at Ohio State.

“He said, ‘Good game. You almost beat us.’ It was a pretty good letter, from a fan of Ohio State,” Bigelow said. “It’s on my wall.”

Bigelow also has an admirer in Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer, who would prefer not to see a repeat performance by the Cal junior when No. 4 Ohio State visits Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

“I certainly do remember Bigelow. He had incredible speed when he got in the open field, made us look silly as far as missed tackles,” Meyer said. “We’ve tackled every day since then because of our (poor) tackling on him that day.”

Bigelow understands he won’t sneak up on the Buckeyes this time.

“I’m pretty sure they know who I am now,” he said. “I like the challenge. It’s definitely going to be a lot more difficult.”

Through Cal’s first two games, Bigelow has rushed for 136 yards on 4.1 yards per attempt, without a touchdown. Still developing confidence in his right knee, which underwent surgery last spring to repair a torn meniscus, Bigelow gives himself a D-minus grade so far.

“I expect more of myself,” he said.

Bigelow stopped short of predicting an individual splash Saturday but said the Bears will be revved up a year after their near-miss on the road.

“We’re so excited, ready to go,” he said. “We have a chip on our shoulder. We’re coming after them.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Greg

    Classy move by that Ohio State fan.

  • CalBear79

    My family and I were at the Cal vs. OSU game last year. We were quite impressed in general at how friendly and complimentary their fans were. Very classy.

  • al

    In ’07 Cal hosted Tennessee. Memorial was packed! There were several thousand vols’ fans. I gave them a lot of credit. They were diehards & very knowledgeable football fans. They were gracious in defeat. I talked with many & didn’t see a single problem between rival fans in the stands. For some reason I’m kinda expecting the same thing tomorrow – only with Cal losing.
    The WORST fans are quack fans!! It’s not even close. They’re drunk, high or both. They are loud & obnoxious & never seem to sit in the seat on their ticket. They’re even worse when they’re good which they are. Ugh!