Football: Most prolific freshmen after 2

Here’s a list of freshmen quarterbacks who passed for the most yards in their team’s first two games (ranked by total yards):

Name, school Year PA-PC Yards TD-Int
Jared Goff, Cal 2013 72-115 935 4-3
Philip Rivers, N.C. St. 2000 60-109 798 8-1
Baker Mayfield, Tx Tech 2013 64-90 780 7-0
Ryan Lindley, San Diego St. 2008 56-104 626 4-3
C. Hackenberg, Penn St. 2013 45-64 589 3-3
Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 2007 40-48 568 8-0
Larry Robinson, Troy 2010 53-76 524 4-2
Brett Hundley, UCLA 2012 42-61 507 6-1
Andrew Luck, Stanford 2009 34-57 479 3-1
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M 2012 43-76 467 4-0
Kellen Moore, Boise St. 2008 32-42 454 2-0
Timmy Chang, Hawaii 2000 40-70 443 1-4
Matt Barkley, USC 2009 30-50 428 1-1
Robert Griffin III, Baylor 2008 26-38 419 3-0
Andy Dalton, TCU 2007 41-67 413 1-1
Ben Roethlisberger, Miami-O 2008 27-53 366 4-5
Marcus Mariota, Oregon 2012 37-49 366 4-0
Case Keenum, Houston 2007 27-48 364 2-3
Andre Ware, Houston 1987 31-44 337 3-1
Landry Jones, Oklahoma 2009 24-44 337 3-1
Kevin Kolb, Houston 2003 72-115 310 2-0

The above names are not the only ones I researched.

Here are others I checked who might reasonably have joined the list, but did not make the cut: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Terrelle Pryor, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Braxton Miller, Tommy Kramer, Drew Brees, Byron Leftwich, Brady Quinn, Chase Holbrook, Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, Tim Rattay, Luke McCown, Chase Daniel, Kliff Klingsbury, Graham Harrell, Tim Couch, Colt Brennan, Ty Detmer and Michael Vick.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Stay Golden

    Thank you Jeff for the effort you put into compiling this list.


  • A-Dubble

    That TD-INT ration should be 4-1 but oh well. The guy from Texas Tech seems like a beast also. No picks at all.

  • wehofx

    Great research, JF!

    See all y’all tmrw at the chat.

    Don’t forget to watch “The Drive” tonight on Pac 12 net.

  • milo

    Excellent stuff. The offense looks good…the defense, not so much.

  • Steve W

    Nice stats, to be sure. But Cal is in for a long season because it cannot rush the passer and cannot run the ball. College football has been loaded with 5-7 teams over the years that could throw the ball over the field and couldn’t win any big games. Some of those pitiful Oregon State teams before the Riley era were like that. A lot of the Hawaii teams have been like that. And maybe a few of those Arizona teams with an O cordinator named Dykes were like that.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I’m sure Goff and the entire team would trade all of these stats for Ws. Go Bears!

  • Mallrat92204

    I think at this point we should be seeing how this ranks for yards in two games among quarterbacks of all years…

  • dgreen75

    I’m not concerned about how may yards he throws, that’s not the most important. The main thing is that he can lead the team offensively and manage the game. They have to play better and not barely beat a Portland State Team. Just as last year with Southern Utah. They have to be better on Defense.

  • dgreen75

    With that said I think he has done a good job for a freshman.