Football: Pre-game notes

A few random notes on the Bears . . .

Coach Sonny Dykes, when asked if he watched Wednesday night’s debut of “The Drive,” featuring the Bears and Arizona State on the Pac-12 Networks: “I didn’t watch it. I got home at 11 and the last thing I wanted to do was watch myself on TV.”


Offensive coordinator Tony Franklin said he’s almost certain he will be in the booth on Saturday, rather that remain on the sidelines as he did the first the games. “I call better plays up there,” he said.


Dykes said Thursday afternoon he expects both DE Chris McCain (head) and MLB Nick Forbes (back) to see at least some action. When told that a few minutes later, defensive coordinator Andy Buh said he wasn’t sure that will happen.”


Dykes on whether it even matters that the Buckeyes start Braxton Miller at quarterback over senior backup Kenny Guiton: “Sure it does. Braxton Miller’s a pretty special player. The backup’s a good player as well. But Braxton Miller, guys like him don’t come around all the time.”


While the Bears have been susceptible to big plays — allowing 35 of gains of 10 yards or more through two games — they are surrendering an average of just 2.3 yards on the other 103 defensive snaps. 


Just how confident do Cal’s defensive players remain? Here’s a response from sophomore CB Stefan McClure: “I think this is still going to be a good defense. We’re going to be a great defense in the Pac.  We’re going to see leaps and bounds of growth over the next couple weeks.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    sonny did this with sebastian, too, saying he was going to play when even sebastian said he wasn’t sure. strange.

  • rotfogel

    Did anyone read that at Ohio St, they’re not happy that this is their marquee game because it’s Cal, and Cal sucks (basically is what they’re saying).

    If anyone actually reads that article, it’s saying we’re not big time enough for them, not even close.

    Bears, there is your bulletin board material if ever. There are more NFL players on this Bears team than there are on Ohio St, but we’re not good enough for them?

    Make them eat crow, big time: Cal 45, Ohio St 28.

    Do IT!

  • kotempman

    Thanks for posting that info Rotfogel…now it needs to be actually put on the bulletin board in Bear locker room….after watching both games again and studying every play I have come to the conclusion that we are potentially great with or without starters because there were so many times a particular play could have gone the other way that it leaves you with the impression that if coaches are as good as they are suppose to be then we will get better each game. Coaches are correct, young team stupid penalties happen, but not to continue, so let’s go kick some Buckeye ass!!!!!!!

  • wehofx

    Rotfogel, GREAT FIND!

    Just tweeted A Sebastian, T Cheek and Nam Le your link. Ran outta characters to give you your well deserved credit.

    Hope it makes the bulletin board!

    Gotta good feeling the D is going to play better. They’re not going to stop the Ohio State Rock Star O but I think our D will slow them down enough to give our O a chance to win.

    Go Bears!

  • kotempman

    Good job Wehofx…I owe ya a beer if we ever meet!!!!

  • Re Forbes and McCain. If they are reasonably healed and ready then yes, play them. If you think another week off will set them for UO and you think you have a better chance (and reasonable>50%) to beat UO with them than over OSU with them, then hold them. If you think UO is too much of a long shot (road and ranking) and that playing them now will not significantly risk them for the rest of the season (and would not otherwise be redshirting him (Forbes) given current medical prognosis) then play them( assuming you think you can get reasonable time and contribution from them)…. Yeah, so this is all really an unclear decision in my mind. Given that, do a Clint Eastwood gut check and if you’re feeling lucky go for it now at home before the national platform. A win here would be ever so much better than in Eugene, for all variety of reasons.

  • Josh

    It’s gameday Go Bears!!!

  • BlueNGold

    Obviously, the folks in Columbus, OH do not have a lot to talk (or write) about other than OSU football.

  • SteveNTexas

    This is the chance for us to do something special, to win a game we are not supposed to -to perform better than expectations.

    I want to read about victory not excuses or poor refs.