Football: Bears get some live action in scrimmage, ready for two-day break from bye week

The Bears wrapped up three days of workouts this week with a scrimmage on Thursday, giving them some live action during a bye week.

“We wanted some of our starting defensive players to tackle live. That’s obviously something we’ve got to work on,” Cal coach Sonny Dykes said. “Feel like we need to stay fresh, so that was good. Saw lots of positive things from that.”

In particular, the Bears continued the process of mixing in freshmen. Linebacker Edward Tandy had an interception for a touchdown, and Chad Whitener earned praise from Dykes. Both will play more and more, he said.

“That’s something we’ll continue to do with the young players, now that they know what they’re doing to an extent,” Dykes said.

The team will take Friday and Saturday off, then return to practice Sunday in preparation for its Sept. 28 road game vs. No. 2 Oregon.

Dykes said the past three days of practice have been sharp and productive.

“I’ve been really pleased. The players have worked hard,” he said. “The open week, especially after a tough loss, can sometimes be a little bit of a mixed blessing. Guys sometimes don’t respond well to open weeks.

“I’ve been really, really pleased with how the guys have prepared this week. We’ve definitely gotten better. And it’s allowed us to get a little bit healthier.”

Dykes said once more that he’s encouraged by his team’s resiliency after a loss to Ohio State, and pleased with their work ethic. More than that, he’s seeing a team that beginning to understand how to approach practice.

“They’ve got to continue to learn how to work, pay attention to details. You’re starting to see some guys not only know what to do now, but use some technique, which will help us to get better,” he said.

Although defense has been a priority, Dykes sees continued development on the other side of the ball.

“Our offense to me is starting to get close to operating at full speed,” he said. “There have been times when our tempo has been decent, but the execution hasn’t been maybe as crisp as it needed to be.

“I saw some signs where I was really pleased with the speed at which guys were playing. Routes were crisp, throws were on time and in the right spot. Looked to me like the offense is really starting to come around.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • 707 Bear

    For those needing a blue and gold football fix this bye week….

    UC Davis will host Portland State—yes that Portland State—-at 6 PM in Davis.

    Go Bears…Go Ags

  • Lefty12

    Unfortunately the Bears might not win another game this year because of the schedule.the question is is Sony to blame or the previous staff ?

  • Dan

    Hey Moron-

    Where are you today? Not blathering on as usual, as I see the Toejams are struggling mightily with the powerhouse that is Utah State. Quite pathetic.

    But what’s really pathetic is the more than half empty stadium, and that coming on the heels of their last game which was the smallest crowd in 10 years. Great “fans”.

    Werent you just putting down Cal fans for their weak showing vs. Portland St? And now 2 straight SC “crowds” that are clearly less than Cal had for Portland State. You really should just be quiet as you too are quite pathetic.

    Hey, 2 real tough non-conference games – Hawaii and Utah State. Even more pathetic.

    It is sure going to be fun beating the Cheater$ this season in a packed Memorial Stadium.

  • BlueNGold

    Moron has been stalking Cal fans on this blog and elsewhere for 10+ years and shows no signs of getting a real life and letting go of all the anger. Pitiful existence.

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    Jeff youve got to tell your tech staff if they require we enter our info each time this blog will never have the same engagement level it had. If theyre worth their salt they can fix the glitch without us needing to reenter our info each time.

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  • Steve W

    The biggest underdog in college football this weekend is not Duke or Louisiana Monroe. It’s Cal at 36.5 points. Dare I say that’s the biggest spread against Cal in its history? Cal likely will be an underdog in the rest of its games and has a good chance of being the best 1-11 team in the country at the end of the season.

    Tedford would have struggled to be a .500 coach every year if he had come into the conference when it was this good. The recruiting has just got to get better, and Sonny better be looking for some mean and quick defensive linemen if he hopes to hang around.