Football: Want points? Cal @ Oregon has promise


The betting line on the Cal at Oregon game on Saturday — Ducks by 36 or 36.5 — isn’t the real news. The spread already is inching higher: Betonline.ag and SportsBetting.ag now have the Ducks as 37-point favorites, and Bovada and Fantasy911.com set the line at 38 points.

Then there’s this: The over/under total for the game, as set by those four sites along with¬†5Dimes.eu, is now 84 points. ¬†

That’s the third-highest in college football since 2000, according to the website OddsShark.com.

Will the Bears and Ducks exceed that total or not? Over or under?

Jeff Faraudo

  • Gobears49

    Thanks for running this, Jeff.

    I say over and easily over.

    To start another contest, I think everyone writing in should guess the exact total points scored and we’ll see who is closest. No repeats on total points guessed allowed between 60 and 120.

    I say 105 but, if anything, I’m thinking I’m too low. But just want to get a bit “conservative.”

  • Gobears49

    Changed my mind. Duplicates on total points scored guesses are allowed. Possible multiple winners is fine.

  • Eric

    I think the final total score will be 91.

    And, as I wrote before the Ohio State game, we should have virtually zero expectations to win this game. Oregon is playing at home on the march for the NC, and Mariota is the best college QB. If we keep Oregon under 50, and Mariota is playing into the 4th quarter, it will be good.

    On two related notes, did anyone see what Kenny Guiton did this past weekend? Is Braxton Miller the new Wally Pipp?

    And Portland State crushed UC Davis (Ron Gould). It is averaging 47 points in the three games excluding Cal. I know there is no excuse when playing a FCS team, but perhaps Portland State is a very good FCS team and will compete for the FCS NC.

  • CalBearister

    I like the Cal +36.5/Over 83.5 on a parlay.

    Final Score:

    Oregon 63
    California 35

  • 1brsfan

    We will score points but not nearly enough to keep pace with the Ducks. Oregon has to put up more points on us than tOSU simply because voters will use that game as a measuring stick as to who deserves to be No. 2 if they’re both undefeated.

    Oregon 59
    Cal 31

    Total 90

  • gsc

    i say 115. final oregon 70, cal 45

  • 707 Bear


    Was at the UC Davis game and their running back–a transfer from Maryland–rushed for over 200 yards. Portland State had over 600 yards.

    The UC Davis defense is the strength of the team.

    The offense, under Kevin Daft, looks a lot like Tedford’s; not a good thing.

    Go Bears!

  • Michael

    end of 3rd

    End of game


    Back door cover! total points 112!

  • Don’tDance


  • milo

    +1 on the over

    Cal and OSU scored 86

  • rollonubears

    12-9 bears. this time, we make the field goal.

  • Steve W

    Bet the under. Oregon is going to score 60 plus, but Jerod Goff is going to find out what life is like outside of the confides of Memorial. He will get rattled into throwing some early picks en route to a 10-point performance. Remember that 35-3 rout at Autzen in 2009? it will feel the same except Oregon is going to score a lot more points. My gut says Oregon calls off the dogs in the middle of the third, hence my call for the under.

  • Josh

    9-6 Oregon

  • Larry

    Oregon 77
    Cal 24
    101 total.

    Our D sucks. Oregon still has it out for us. They’ll run up the score to 77 in the 3rd qtr, then put in their 3-4th stringers and we will score a TD or two in the 4th qtr.

    Kline and Hinder will get some playing time. Kline gets a TD or two in garbage time.

  • Pasadena Dave

    Over. 70-21 Oregon.

  • covinared

    my, we have fallen far.

  • wehofx

    pku 65
    Cal 38

    Over/Under on the game finishing on 9/28: Over

  • Crawford

    56-53 Oregon

  • Steve W

    I still remember the last Cal win in the series at Memorial in 2008, when it was raining so hard that seams were popping open in the field like some cheap carpet in a seedy liquor store. It was Cal’s second consecutive win in the series, and my how the two programs have diverged since. Oregon is gearing up for the national championship game while Cal is now on the lowest rung of the West Coast D-1 football ladder. I think it would be a pick ’em game on a neutral site between the other two West Coast bottom feeders, San Jose State and San Diego State.

  • ondal

    52-24 Oregon = 76 = under

  • Rob Bear

    CAL: 45

    Oregon: 38


  • Austinbear

    Oregon 59
    Cal 27

  • PoohBear

    Oregon won’t let Cal score more than 17 and I don’t see them running up the score past 60 points so I’m going with the under and a 77 point total!

  • Ed

    Oregons D is better than its O this year. And that is saying something. Score when Oregon pulls their starters in the late 3rd and early 4th (Oregon 55 Cal 10) Final Score Oregon 69 Cal 17. Oregon is truly a dominant team this year. The most talented Oregon team ever. And that is also saying a lot considering the last 5 years. Yes I am a Duck Fan… but the truth is the truth. Lets both hope for no injuries!
    Go Ducks!

  • Although it would appear to most Cal fan’s that this game would be an under,, the Duck’s have a great defense too,, as Cal fan’s will soon understand better,, This game will be under, because Cal will find it hard to move the ball let alone score,, Agree with the one Cal fan who guessed under, and the correct rationale,,Ducks will score at will, sorry…Oregon 63 – Cal 13

  • CamHand

    OR = 64 (they go easy on us)
    CAL = 27 (surprisingly able to score something)
    Total = 91 OVER

    Based on how the timeouts were used late in THE Ohio State game to get the ball back one last time, I’m guessing something similar here. This time Dykes will use it to set up the final field goal. Yes, RollOn, you are right. THIS time the Bears make the field goal…for what it’s worth…