Football: RB Daniel Lasco predicts Golden Bears are ready to ‘shock the world’ at Oregon

Running back Daniel Lasco said the Golden Bears are more than excited about this weekend’s first road trip of the season.

He said they are confident they can play with the No. 2 Oregon Ducks.

Asked after practice Monday about the Ducks’ defense, Lasco said, “They’re fast, they swarm to the ball. Other than that, they’re just another football team. Nothing special, nothing we can’t handle.

“In my mind, I know we’re going to go in there and we’re going to win.”

Lasco, told by the coaching staff he could get more opportunity to play on Saturday night, said the Bears feel good about their Pac-12 schedule opener.

“If we’re trying to go to the Rose Bowl, this is the game we have to win,” he said. “I feel this team is focused and we’re about to go in there and shock the world.”

Oregon, averaging 61.3 points per game this season and a winner in 33 of its past 36 home games, is favored by more than five touchdowns.

Both teams are coming off bye weeks, so they’ve had extra time to prepare. Cal is 1-2 after a nonconference schedule that featured games against Northwestern and Ohio State, both Top-25 teams.

“We had the first three games to figure out what kind of team we are,” Lasco said. “We understand the offense, understand what the coaches are going to do. We’re more comfortable.”

Lasco’s solid performance in the Bears’ 52-34 loss to Ohio State — 10 carries for 64 yards and a touchdown — have apparently earned the 6-foot-1, 200-pound sophomore the chance to play more this week.

“Honestly I kind of give the RBs a different persona. We have a bunch of speed in the RBs,” he said, referring to backfield mates Brendan Bigelow and Khalfani Muhammad.

“Toward the end of the game, a lot of things weren’t working for us. We kind of threw me in and I had to lower my pads and do when I’m taught to do. When they threw me in, I just had to be that bruising back.”

He said there is much he still need to work on, but added, “It’s exciting to know they believe in me.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • CalBearister

    I hope Lasco can back it up. If you’re going to give the other team bulletin board material, you’ve got to back it up.

    Go Bears.

  • Rollonubears

    Shock the world first. Then run your mouth. Not wise.

  • rotfogel

    Well, I like the enthusiasm. But if they Bears couldn’t stop Ohio St…AT ALL…then what about Oregon who is vastly superior to Ohio St?

    Lasco may very well be correct on offense. I really do see the Bear Raid as being an elite offense, we’ll have to wait and see about the defense, it’s the worst secondary since the Holmoe years.

  • califgoldenbear

    Why even say something like that? If you want respect, earn it on the field. Especially now when our defense is likely to get embarrassed for the third straight game. At this point we have lost 7 straight to FBS opponents. No player on this team should have any right to talk. Start winning some games first

  • Josh

    Great attitude… Hardly consider that to be “running his mouth”

  • Yeah, like this is going to “motivate” a team that is #2 in the nation and has a 36 pt spread. DL didn’t dismiss UO, he said in his mind the bears were going to win. What did you want him to say–that in his mind there was no way they were going to win? I’m happy he has a positive attitude.

  • bigdruid

    To be fair, giving up 100 pts to Oregon *would* be shocking…

  • ScottyBear

    Love his style of running and attitude on the field – he pounds the line and keep churning after contact. Why not go up to Oregon and expect to win? It all starts with attitude and expectation. Go Bears!

  • Gobears49

    Not a wise move by Lasco. Still, i like his moxie.

    I especially like how Lasco played in the fourth quarter against Ohio St. He should be our starting tailback. Has some power and is pretty fast. Shows lots of determination when he runs.

    I think the jury is still out on our offensive line, but at all of the skill positions (especially QB and receivers), we are very talented.

  • John

    I don’t know…I feel like a 36 point spread is an awful lot. I don’t bet the Bears, but even with our pourus secondary, I feel like we will keep it closer than 5 TD’s…am I crazy?

    And Lasco wasn’t running his mouth. He said ih his mind he feels like their going to win. If he said anything different I’d be upset.

  • unbearable

    Thanks for jinxing Cal, Lasco.

  • BlueNGold

    Lasco has the right attitude. Why shouldn’t he express it? Lets hope the entire team has the same mindset going into the game Saturday. Otherwise, they might as well all stay home.

    (Moderators-Sorry for the duplicate post but I screwed up my screen name on the first one.)

  • Juancho

    The positive is you would never have heard any one on the team say that last year.

    But then again, this kid’s got to be realistic. Our defense has been piss poor against every single opponent. From Portland State to Ohio State, it’s been the same issues.

    So I just don’t see how we don’t get blown out by Oregon.

  • stay golden

    Good to hear from Lasco but wrong week to make the “shock the world” statement. This game should be over by halftime.

  • CalBearister

    I wouldn’t say he “jinxed” anything – it’s a game we’re supposed to lose, and lose badly. What’s he going to do, make us lose more badly?

    I’d rather have that confidence kept within our locker room before gametime. But I also like the confidence. If you as a player believe you’re going to lose, don’t put on the pads. It was like a couple I heard telling an Ohio State fan “Oh, I hope you guys don’t beat us up too badly.” That’s a Stanfurd Rugby attitude. Play to win. But at the same time, let the scoreboard, not your mouth, do your talking for you (I call that the Johnny Football Rule).

  • milo

    Good for Lasco. It’ll be a tough row but at least he’s a gamer.

  • Steve W

    It really doesn’t matter what a guy who got 64 yards rushing in garbage time has to say. Oregon hung 59 points on a SEC defense the last time it played. Does anyone think that Cal’s defense is as good as Tennessee? The scary thing is that Cal’s hurry-up offense is going to give Oregon more time on the field to score.

  • CalBearister

    Let’s not get crazy about “SEC defense.” Tennessee is not scary good. They gave up 31 to a dismal Florida offense playing with a backup QB that only scored 24 against Toledo. Tennessee is pretty putrid.

    That said, I think our defense isn’t all that great either.

  • LostBoy

    Actually, they are something special. Number #2 in the country, easily #1 caliber, and full of weapons on both sides of the ball and special teams. Confidence is nice. I wonder why your defensive teammates aren’t chirping?

    Oh yeah…

    The Bears (1-2) rank 119th nationally in scoring defense (42.0 ppg) and 121st in total defense (556.3 ypg) out of 123 FBS teams.

    It’s gonna be ugly.

  • CamHand

    Like some others, I think it’s a positive, but not really important because the game is not going to be close anyway.

    My only reply is to CalBearister… I think you mean, “make us lose even more badlier.”

  • GoDucks

    As a Ducks fan, I don’t see anything wrong with his comments. If the roles were reversed I’d rather have our guys going into a contest thinking they will win as opposed to the other way around.

    Here is to an entertaining and injury free contest this weekend.

  • Ko

    Quack, quack! How many push up’s will puddles do? And how many fake injuries will Cal’s defense do? Oh yes that was Tedfords team! As a O fan I just hope this team shows more class and is less concerned with the score differential…. It’s a game though and hopefully all stay healthy. Good luck Cal, but not too much! Quack! I’m out.

  • Lasco’s comments make little difference to the Ducks. We take all opponents seriously its one of the keys to our success. I appreciate his swagger. When you stop expecting to win you should hang up your cleats. That being said Cal fans are under estimating our defense. I would be surprised to see Cal get any more than 17.

  • Kwgonnascore

    Please, no fake injuries this time Cal! Plus, the Cal defense won’t be on the field that much anyway as the Ducks score on average within 2 minutes for each possession!

  • NorCalDuck

    Lasso has moxie, I give him that. But as a lifelong Duck fan this might not be the year to give any material to our D in the locker room. We rotate 24 guys. Our D line is big, strong, & deep. Every other aspect of our scheme is based on what the beasts up front can do. Arik Armstead, 6’8″, 290 DE. Goff does not want to meet him up close & personal. Our DBS are as a group recognized as among the best in the nation. We rotate like shifts in hockey. While we haven’t seen any offense as potent as Bear Raid, lest we forget this is your QB’s first road game & the Autzen Zoo ain’t Cardinal Newman stadium in the North Bay.
    I like the Bears. I hope one day you all get to the Rose Bowl in January. But I think Oregon has their best D ever. Time will tell. Here’s to a good, injury free game

  • BlueNGold

    Are the quacker fans so insecure about their own team that they feel compelled to go searching for their team’s opponents’ sports blogs to post their rah rah messages? Are they taking their cues from moron?

  • Rocko at the beach

    Did he say Rose Bowl? I am sure he meant Hosed Bowl.